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Work from home is slowly becoming the new norm, with a lot of companies now considering shifting to a new work from home model. Work from home tips are essential when it comes to trying to figure out the best work/life balance. 

The current shift has not been easy for a lot of people as not everyone has the best conditions of working from home. This is why for many, working from home has required a little getting used to. 

This is why we have designed a list of work from home tips to help you learn how you can boost your productivity!

tips to work from home

Create a Designated Workspace

The most important thing while working from home is to keep your work life separate from your personal life. This is important because if you don’t fully make this separation, then your productivity at work might suffer and your home life could also take a hit.

On a normal day, you go to the office and separate your work life from your personal life. It is important you recreate that environment by creating a workspace/desk in your home as well.

Avoid sitting on your bed or your sofa, or have any running background noises such as the TV, because it will reduce your productivity. Ensure to keep your workspace a quiet zone and stress-free.

Ensure you have a comfortable chair and a desk to work from, preferably with some natural light. Entering your workspace will help you turn on your work mode and leaving it will hopefully help you disconnect from your work-related stress and enjoy time with your family instead.

Set a work schedule

It is natural to feel that the environment at home lacks that discipline that the work environment needs. When you’re in the office, there is a set time when the work starts and ends, and it is tough to make that schedule at home. 

To help you achieve this, plan specific, achievable and realistic goals to complete within a fixed time. For example, don’t say, ‘I will be productive today”. Instead, say, “I will finish this 6-page report between 12-2 pm and I will complete the 1200-word article from 4-6 pm”. 

Being realistic and time-bound can help you plan your work structure, which is why it is one of the important tips for working from home.

Create clear objectives

It is important to plan what you want to accomplish in the day. Once you have your objective figured out, fix a set of goals that you would like to achieve by the end of your day. These could be monetary or personal goals or even both. 

Tracking your growth from time to time will not only keep you motivated but also inspire you to try new and better things in order to keep growing. If you have decided to set up an online store, for example, you can set a target of how many sales you would like to achieve in a week. 

Once you meet this number, you can increase the target for the next week.

Manage your time wisely

Time management is extremely crucial, especially when you are working from home with a lot of distractions. 

Ensure to divide your day and allot specific hours for your work and the rest for yourself. This helps in maintaining a good work-life balance and will give you enough time to refresh yourself so you can be alert and on top of your game while you work from home. 

Another important reason to have a good work-life balance is to ensure that you do not feel burdened by your work, or feel that it takes up too much of your time. 

With everything going on, it is easy to catch on to negative emotions which will, in turn, lead to reduced productivity. 

tips to work from home

Take short breaks

Taking 10-minute breaks by walking around the house every half an hour or so is necessary to help you remain physically and mentally fit.

Try implementing the Pomodoro technique into your work from home lifestyle. The Pomodoro technique is where you  work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, then work for another 25 minutes and take a 10-minute break and so on. 

Make sure to keep increasing your break after every 25 minutes until your work for the day is done.This is one of the many work from home tips that have been proven to be effective.

Get up and Stretch

Constantly sitting in one place can help lethargy set it. To keep yourself from feeling sleepy or lazy, when you are working from home, try these few tricks:

  • Take a quick 5 minute walk around the house every time you feel lazy, or listen to an upbeat song. 
  • Since you are sitting in the same spot every day, get up every hour, and do a few quick stretches to relax your body. 
  • Set a work spot in your home rather than working from the couch or the bed, so your brain associates it with productivity. Working from the bed or the couch may make you slow, as they are commonly associated with relaxing.

Make time for fun activities

Working from home can be mentally tiring, but there are many ways you can improve your mood. You’re at home after all, and you might as well make the most of this opportunity because working for home gives you a lot more freedom to decide your work hours. 

Now that work from home has become a lifestyle, try to do something fun at home, like playing card games with your family, watching interesting movies, baking a cake, learning how to cook, learning how to paint or anything else that appeals to you. 

Not only are these activities very exciting, but they also give you something to look forward to every day in your daily routine.

Mix up your routine

Following the same routine every day may induce monotony or boredom, so it is good to shake it up once in a while and try things differently. This will not only eradicate the dullness but will also help you figure out what works the best for you. 

However, if you feel that your routine is what works best for you or keeps you going, then there is absolutely no harm in sticking to it!

Dress up for work

One of the most effective tips for working from home is to dress up as you would for office. Try your best not to work in your pajamas or your night dresses. 

Research suggests that when you get out of your pajamas and dress up for work, you tend to be more productive. The best way to determine what to wear is something comfortable and loose, but can also be worn outside. 

Try getting ready for your work by taking an early bath, wearing the clothes that you might usually wear to work and put an effort into your appearance. This will put you in the working mindset and you will be ready for the day.

Plan for distractions and interruptions

Not everything can go according to plan, and you must keep in mind that there will be distractions at home. The most well-planned days can go mismanaged if there are interruptions. 

A small interruption may throw you off track and lead to you not completing your work on time. Let us say you get a call from a friend who wants to check up on you, but you really cannot afford to talk right now. Let them know that you will call them later so that you can finish your work without distractions. This is one of the many work from home tips that you should keep in mind.

Find new interests and income sources

One of the best tips for working from home is to take this time to explore a new interest. During this period, many people are facing financial difficulties due to pay cuts. In this situation, it becomes more important than ever before to find a new source of income. 

Part-time work that requires zero investment is one of the best ways to do so. Online reselling apps like Shop101 allows you to not just earn extra money in the short-term, but also set up a successful business that can help you in the long-term. 

This way, you can use the lockdown period to set up a business that will offer you many benefits in the future. 

Make time for learning and self-growth

Rather than just choosing an option to make money quickly, you should look for something that teaches you valuable skills that will come in use throughout your life. You should feel fulfilled and happy when you are working from home. 

It is important to expand your boundaries and learn things that you didn’t think were possible. Take up a new course or start learning about something you’ve always wanted to. The possibilities here are endless. 

Get some fresh air

The quarantine period has been difficult for most of us as it is difficult to stay indoors for such long periods. 

While we don’t suggest you venture outside, it is important to disconnect and get some fresh air.  Make sure to leave your desk and take a break, here and there. 

Go to your window with your favorite cup of tea or coffee. Alternately, you can also use a balcony or terrace if you have one. These small breaks will help you refresh your mind. 

This will not only help us physically but it will also put us in a good place mentally so we can relax and concentrate on working at the same time.

While the tips above can help you increase productivity, it is important to understand how to actually use your time.

Tips for Managing Your Time Effectively

tips to work from home

Do not Procrastinate

Make sure that you finish off each task in time without procrastination to prevent them from piling up. Adhering to a daily schedule is important to ensure that you have sufficient time left to do other things. 

If you find that remembering the schedule is getting difficult, take the help of a scheduling app. This will help you visualize a busy schedule easily; and remembering the various things will not take up much of your energy.

Turn off Social Media & TV

When working, do not get distracted by social media or TV and try to finish each task in time. Multi-tasking sounds smart, but in the end, you may achieve less while expending a lot of energy by doing that. 

So stick to the schedule and don’t get deviated by distractions that may come in your way. If you really need to take a break, go for it and then come back to the daily schedule.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Stick a note or write your goals somewhere, so that you can always see what they exactly are. Having your goals in front of you ensures you know what you are working towards and can help you actually achieve them.

You can also create a reward system for yourself so that you know what’s waiting for you when you finish working.

Understand Your Limits

While we all want to push ourselves to finish our goals, sometimes that may not be possible. In such cases, if you keep working on it, you will not only waste time but you will also let your productivity waver. 

So, it’s better to know when to disconnect and then come back to it the next day with a fresh mindset.

Work Out or Meditate

Meditation practices can help you relax your mind and can actually increase productivity. You can also work out or do yoga to ensure that your mind and body are actually relaxed.

These work from home tips are bound to help you create a more balanced work environment that is also inclusive of your requirements at home.

If you have any other great tips on how to improve work from home life, please let us know in the comments below!


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Nikita Mirchandani

Nikita is quiet, sometimes too quiet until you get to know her - then she can be pretty loud. Always been a voracious reader, she reads anything she can get her hands on. 12/10 she would read a dictionary if she had nothing else. Loves writing, but hates grammar. She's an enigma in the making.



work from home job opportunities
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