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Is work from home for women really possible? Or is it difficult to find work as a stay-at-home mom or a new mother. Let's find out!

Are you a mom who craves to be a part of the circle of entrepreneurs? Do you want to get back to work? Would you want to know ways to earn extra money? Is work from home for women possible in the real sense? Well, you can definitely have an online career! So, let us help you enrich it by helping you build your own online business from scratch! 

The world is witnessing an evident boom of mom entrepreneurs worldwide. Most new mothers admit that motherhood has made them a better boss. Finding rewarding work from home for women, can leverage their entrepreneurial side while being a stay at home parent for the benefit of their kids.

Most stay-at-home moms are continually trying to find ways to earn extra money while staying at home. This is mostly to secure their child’s future and give them a better quality of life. Signing up for part-time work from home jobs for women can be the key to unlocking the best of both worlds for the moms looking for a side-hustle. Running a profitable online business is as tough (if not more) as motherhood in itself. This is what makes moms the perfect choice for handling an online business, to earn that additional income!

Why Stay at Home Moms are Best at Nailing the Nitty Gritties of Business?

work from home for women

Women turned into moms can be fierce negotiators, and that is what sharpens their business skills. Their empathetic frame of mind, the way they value time, and their beaming enthusiasm go a long way in motivating them to work towards long-lasting success. They tend to be excellent negotiators, and this plays an essential role in alleviating their online business. Reselling business can bring out the real business acumen of a housewife helping her thrive financially.

But how can a homemaker manage a business and her family all at once? Will it not be too much to handle? Can she find a part-time opportunity that will be easy to access? Let us ask the most common question and that is-

The Question is How?

There are a lot of online platforms available for individuals to start an online business. One such leading platform is Shop 101.  Shop 101  is a unique social commerce platform in India with extensive outreach. The platform allows easy ways to sell on Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp for mom entrepreneurs trying to run an online business. 

Understand the nitty-gritty of online business with Shop101 

Women entrepreneurs can leverage the mobile-first end-to-end ecosystem of Shop101. The easy to set-up account allows businesswomen to enjoy complete control over their business. 

Built keeping in mind the small businesses, Shop 101 allows young moms to be their own boss. They can run a business online while being a stay at home parent. Shop101 business model allows stay at home moms to register as a reseller and choose from over 1 lakh products listed on Shop101 to resell online. Housewives can set up their own margins that they wish to earn from every sale. 

Stay at home moms using Shop 101 mobile platform as resellers can sell a large number of items from this reselling platform by using their social media accounts. They just have to share the product links across their social media and wait for new orders! Shop101 handles functionalities like logistics, online payments, cash-on-delivery services with Shop 101’s platform, for free. 

With easy set-up and high adaptability, any woman using Shop 101 platform can soar to success in a limited timeframe. This is what makes Shop 101 a perfect collaboration for busy moms looking for part-time work from home jobs. It is the simplicity, convenience and cost-effectiveness of Shop 101 that works in favour of moms looking to earn extra money. It is the easiest way to understand the ropes of online business. 

Having said that, if you want to succeed in your online business, you should follow the process below for fruitful results. So let us give you some tips to run a successful online business.

3 Tips to run a successful online business on Shop101

Narrow down your products

Do you believe that you would love to resell anything from dresses to purses and more. The more variety one has, the better, right? 

If you are starting off as a beginner in the field of online selling then try to narrow down the themes and products you want to work with. Choose something that makes your speciality shine through. Decide if you wish to specialise in reselling only one type of product or set up a store for all products of a specific category. 

The more you show off your specialisation, the higher are the chances of you leaving an impression on the buyer’s mind. Once you have a few loyal customers, expand and explore. Remember, you should never limit yourself. But always be careful with selling all kinds of items where nothing shines through to the buyer. 

Nail your brand image

If you look at success stories of new entrepreneurs, you will realise that brand image matters just as much as the quality of your products. Building a brand image is much more than having the perfect logo. 

First of all, identify your customers. Think about the products you are selling and people from which age group, area or interests might like them. Understand the kind of aesthetics your audience would like, and follow suit. Get active on social media and make sure your brand gets heard by collaborating with active members in your field as well as influencers. Remember, with the unique Shop101 name you will have, you already have a feature set you apart! Use that to your advantage and make sure your viewers never forget it. 

Keep experimenting

Nobody likes a dull, boring brand that does not evolve with its practises and products. Even if you have a defined niche, you need to make sure there is a new life growing in all the products you put out. 

So, in order to make money from home, you need to keep your creative brains running. We understand that it might be difficult to find inspiration in times like these. However, there are always sources around. Maybe have a look at your children’s drawing books, read some classics and art magazines to get an idea. You can also cook, or take up something new that helps the left side of your brain up and running. Voila, you may find success! 

How Can Work From Home For Women Help?

Working from home as a business owner can be as empowering as liberating it is. It allows mothers to stay always connected to their loved ones while maintaining the consistency of their work. 

Additionally, part-time work from home jobs allows mothers to save their precious time by averting the need to commute to and from the workplace. Further, signing up for part-time work from home jobs gives women the necessary flexibility to maintain a productive work-life balance. 

Self-employed moms cherish the feeling of controlling their destiny. As they juggle home and work responsibilities they try to gain a sense of balance. The chance to earn with part-time jobs isn’t the only reason for moms to join the bandwagon of working mothers. Even better childcare opportunities it facilitates makes them want to take it up!

Work-life balance for stay at home moms

work from home for women

Balancing healthy family life with a progressing career can be a tricky proposition for most women. Each of these aspects fights for a woman’s time. Working from home presents itself as an opportunity for women who want to work while still taking care of their families.

In addition to that, modern technology comes handy in such context and helps run an online business. If you are a mother looking to put your business acumen to good use and earn extra money, now is the time to start your own business and fulfil your lifelong dreams. 

Other zero investment part-time jobs

The internet has given rise to many types of jobs that can be performed without stepping outside your house. Second, almost everyone today has an internet connection and a smartphone. Desktop or laptop are the only additional gadgets you need to perform these jobs. It’s a great way to boost your family income!

To give you more job options, let us list down some of the most convenient options for at-home mothers.

Online and offline Tutoring

work from home for women

There is always a demand for good tutors to help children perform the best they can at school. With the pandemic on us, more parents are looking for online classes that can be attended from home. The more specialised the classes, the more students you can get. For example, tutors are highly in demand for language classes in French or Spanish, advanced mathematics or even something as specific as essay writing. 

If you have contacts in your area, you can start your own classes. Alternatively, you can sign up as a tutor (at no cost!) in your area of expertise with an existing online portal. If you have a strong academic background and a love for teaching, this could be the solution to your problem of how to earn money online from home without investment.


If you have good typing skills, you really don’t need to be worried about how to earn money from home without investment. Transcribing is the answer you’re looking for! It involves listening to a script and typing it out with accuracy. These can be audio or visual recordings of medical conferences, academic lectures, thesis presentations and more. This task can be done as per your own schedule and you can take on as much or as little as you like.

Make sure you have a good pair of headphones, a good laptop and good internet of course. You can figure out a schedule for yourself. And when there’s a little quiet time for you to decipher the audio, you can convert it to text.

Online Influencer

Influencers are the key to social media marketing today. These are people who spend some time and effort to build up a large social media following on apps like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and then reap the benefits by advertising products on their social media page. It’s not just beauty gurus and fitness freaks who cultivate large audiences. Work from home for women can also include starting a social media page where they share tips on child care, homemaking, gardening and other domestic concerns.

If you can connect with your audience and gain followers, you will soon have advertisers chasing you. Get ready to be hounded by friends and family asking you for tips on how to earn money online without investment!

Reselling Business

work from home for women

While it’s a miracle watching your baby grow up, it can be frustrating to see how quickly children out-grow all the expensive clothes and toys you buy for them. An online reselling business can be the solution that helps you turn waste into money. It’s the perfect option for the young mothers thinking of how to earn money online without investment. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of starting your own business, you can always look for existing reselling businesses and sign up with them.

Telemarketing or Online Marketing

Telemarketing, to put it simply, involves selling products to people via phone calls or messages. This can be done on a part-time basis, from home, though your employer might still give you sales targets which might be a bit restrictive for your schedule. With the internet becoming such a big factor in how people buy and sell products, e-commerce is booming and in the midst of this you can find a more suitable telemarketing answer for how to earn money online without investment. 

There are apps like Shop101 that allow you to select any of their products from an existing online catalogue. You can then share the links to buy them via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other online messaging apps. You earn money for each sale you make and you don’t need to bother about the manufacturing, shipping, accounts etc. 

If you have an online blog or social media account, you can also share links there and any sales from your followers will earn you good money. There’s no mandatory sales targets and the products you want to sell are up to you. You don’t even need a laptop for this! If you’ve got a smartphone, a knack for persuasion and are wondering how to make money online without paying anything, here’s your answer.


These are just some of the most popular ways to meet the challenge of how to earn money online without investment. Identify your strengths, explore your options and you will soon be on your way to minting money!


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



work from home job opportunities
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