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A huge part of work from home business is social media marketing. In this article, we will help you get started with your business.

Are you thinking about using your social networks to earn some money? Do you sometimes wonder how to start your own work from home business? Do you want to expand your existing business? Well, there can be no perfect time than now to fulfill those aspirations. With the help of social media, we can convert these social hubs into business networks. 

If the internet offers a million opportunities for various things, social media platforms offer more than a thousand ways to earn money without having to do much at all. You don’t even need a heavy investment to start a work from home business of your own. If you are a part of an online social group, you already seem to have a good network. And if you operate a business of selling products through these social groups, then you have already accomplished step one. 

The Age of Influencers

In this digital age, people trust influencers over brands for trying out a product or service. Eventually, when you become influencers, due to your social media presence and promotion of products and services, you will have the power to create, grow, and influence a community. The immediate groups of your followers will be connected, and as the community grows, business doubles up. 

When people don’t have money for investments, the thought that follows is “How to start my own work from home business and keep it running?” If you are a social person who enjoys connecting with people, you can use this to run a successful business. You will tend to influence your circle in a certain way and they will start following you. Gradually, you will become an influencer as their circles of people begin to follow you and the number increases. When that happens, you are ready for business. 

The Key to Building Influence – Promote, Sell, and Craft your Niche

Your interests, craft, or hobbies, can help you make money in a competitive world without involving travel, and by allowing you to do marketing from practically anywhere. You do not have to worry about the competition or even getting out of your homes. Your profile on your social media platforms can help you create a segment for yourself and can easily make you an influencer. If you are creative and can post interesting content around topics of your likes, it can attract relevant brands for you to collaborate and earn big money. If you are a part of a social group and selling products through these, there’s a great opportunity for you to expand it online.

Fitness, food, fashion, music, etc., whatever be your interest or profession, promote it well. However, remember to always be honest with your followers no matter what. The influence becomes stronger if they can trust you for a longer period. Do not mess with their trust or oversell products, as that may drive away your followers who are your potential customers.

Social Commerce

When you sign up on a social commerce platform, they allow you to resell products listed on their app. Just set a margin to earn on the sale of every product and share the links on your social media profiles with your connections! This way, you would be able to reach out to a wider market. Want to know more about how you can grow your business with social commerce? Check out the video below and if you like what you see, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the channel.

How to Generate Revenue From Your Social Media?

Here are a few steps that you can adopt to ensure that your work from home business starts generating revenue.

Encourage Referrals

Referrals are a good way to get business booming and start making money. You can easily put referrals to work by asking members of your current social group to refer your store to their friends and in turn, they would receive a discount or a small free item as a gift. This will increase your audience and also your revenue.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are effective in reaching the right customers. All you have to do is pay a small fee to be promoted on the social media site. Another way to get targeted ads is to sell your products on an online selling app that provides targeted ads to their customers. one such site is  Shop101. Previous users of such apps have seen their revenue increase up to two to three times. 

Promote Your Store

Promoting your store is a sure-shot way of increasing your revenue. This could be through social media or word-of-mouth. Persuade your customers to act and visit your website. This could be done by sending freebies along with their order, opting for a selling platform that promotes your work from home business. Promotion is the key to that box of revenue. Shop101 is the best for this. 

Create Personalized Content

Utilize your social media reach to understand your target audience and create content following your audience’s interest. This will help increase leads, which will, in turn, increase traffic to your website and store. 

During the recent coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing that online work from home businesses are thriving. This brings up the question: Are online work from home businesses the new normal?  Conducting business online using Shop101 has many benefits that cannot be ignored: 

Global Audience

Social media has helped businesses carry out trade regardless of borders. Apart from that, more than half of the world uses social media. That is, customers from all over the world can reach you despite physical borders. 

Fewer Roadblocks to Entry

Online work from home businesses, especially those operating on social media, do not require much investment compared to an offline business. Offline business requires investment for physical space, and the build-up costs are also much higher. Apart from that, an online business can be run from anywhere. One does not require to be in the target location to make the sale. 

Buyers Begin Online

Most buyers begin their journey of purchasing an item online. An online business allows you to meet the buyers where they are, that is, online. It is an effective way to get buyers as most shoppers go online to compare products, prices, shipping costs, estimated time of delivery, etc. Your social network will be the buyer here, and you know enough about them already to alter your promotion and reselling strategy accordingly.

Growing Your Work from Home Business Through Social Media 

You can come up with a brand name and resell online regularly through Shop101. Also, on the other hand, as an influencer, you will have the power to convince people to buy your products online, leading to successful marketing, and sales without any trouble. It involves no middlemen and you can promote your product/ brand in the way you think works best. It works like word-of-mouth. Your brand will appeal to your community who put the word around through theirs, based on your influence or after trying your product.

Connect with your social media community, influence them with quality products, and make the sales. In time, you will learn how to make your posts go viral; and, when you grow as a business, invest just a little (costing as much as a small bar of chocolate) to run paid ads. Promote your posts to a wider audience through your social media profiles. Increase the number of visitors on your affiliate posts gradually to make more sales and earn more.

Increase The Awareness Of The Product

As we all know that there are currently millions of people on social media. Therefore, promoting the product on such platforms will spread the word about your products much faster and in a more convenient manner. It boosts brand awareness by engaging people through comments, likes, shares, and reposts. 

Low Cost

The promotion of social media hardly costs anything. It is incredibly cheap. You just need a device and an internet connection to access social media sites. From there, you can write promotional posts, put up videos, and so on.

Analyse your Competitors 

Social media has also proven to be a handy tool to find competitors.   You can research their products, pricing strategies, etc. This way, you could learn from the competitors regarding the marketing strategies that you should undertake. You will understand what is working for you and what is not. It can surely help in designing the best strategy for your product.

Maintain Relationship With Customers

Social media ensures continuous engagement with current and future customers. This is crucial in learning how to start your own work from home business from home. This ultimately leads to maintaining long-standing relationships with customers. Customers are more likely to buy the products if they know who is producing the product. This increases customer confidence in the product. Also, they are likely to bring more customers to the table by promoting the product on their social media channels. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Work From Home Business

By now, you must have understood that social media has incredible benefits. The benefits are not only in terms of promotion but also in terms of networking. There is no reason for you to stop yourself from doing part-time work from home business. Therefore, now the question is how to design a strategy that can help boost the market for your product. 

There is no universal strategy that will be a perfect fit for all of you. However, certain steps should be followed. These steps will be easy to follow if you are using Shop101 – it allows you to resell within your network and you know your network better than anyone else.  However, these steps can be modified as per your products, needs, and expectations.  They are as follows:

Step 1: Identify The Buyer And Target Audience

The first step in any selling or marketing strategy is to identify the target audience. The target audience means the persons who are going to buy the product you are selling. For example, if you wish to resell school bags, then, mothers should be your target audience as they buy them for their children. Yet, if you sell office jewellery, then working women should be your target audience. 

By identifying your target audience, you will be able to focus on advertising to the right people when thinking about the question “how to start your own work from business ?”. Then, according to the audience, posts can be made, videos can be posted, content can be curated, and so on. 

In this manner, you will be able to engage all the people who are important to you.

Step 2: Choose the Platform

After deciding on the target audience, the next step is to decide on the platform. Many platforms exist, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Each platform is targeting a particular type of audience. For instance, if your target audience is young millennials, then your efforts should be directed towards Instagram or Facebook.

Step 3: Post The Right Content

The next step in the list is to post the right content about the product. Classic marketing tells us that the product goes through several stages in its life cycle. Each message should not only take care of the targeted audience and the platform but should also reflect the life stage of the product. 

For example, if the product is newly introduced in the market, the content must focus more on the benefits and pricing. On the other hand, if the product is well established, you can add the experiences of the people who have used it.

Content includes email campaigns, social media campaigns, contests, quizzes, prices, new schemes, etc. Make sure to use a variety of these Shop101 provides a facility for you to notify customers aware of new products through email and messaging campaigns.

Step 4: Prepare A Schedule

Timing matters in social media. If you are posting about your product too frequently, then the audience will overlook essential announcements. If you are posting once in a while, then the audience might forget about your product altogether. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare a schedule keeping in mind the type of audience, business type, etc. There are various studies and software available that can help you with this regard.

Step 5: Analyze The Performance

Measurement of performance is always an essential step in any strategy. It tells us whether our plan is reaping results or not. Some key parameters to measure performance are  likes, tags, reposts, shares, profile visits, video views, followers for a channel, mentions, etc. 

A close watch on all these parameters defines the performance on social media. The goal must be to score as high as possible on all these parameters. If it is the case, then well and good, otherwise, a change is in order. There are also analytical tools you can use such as Twitter Analytics, Instagram Insights, etc. Of course, actual sales of your resold product on Shop101 is the ultimate parameter.

How to Use Your Social Media to Get the Best Possible Feedback on Your Products?

Work From Home Business

Let us take a closer look at the entire process of how to utilize social media to get effective feedback as a reseller for your online shop.

Use Instagram to Get Customer Feedback

One of the easiest tools that can help your work from home business today is Instagram. Statistics show that over 90 percent of their users follow at least one business account.

With over 500 million accounts accessing Instagram stories every day, it should be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Instagram stories offer feedback through polls, questions, and opinions. 

The best part is, all this is free of cost and easy to set up. Take a look at how you can use Instagram stories for customer feedback.

First, you have to get into story mode and click on the sticker option. Many options appear, such as polls, questions, and quiz. You can use the following steps to engage with your customers:

  • Try posting a poll on your online reseller shop – this could be anything about what most of your customers like, about the product they like, how to resell items online, or anything more specific.
  • You may post a question that invites answers from your customers; this will give you great insights into individual preferences.
  • If you are reselling your items online through platforms such as Shop101, it allows you to share product links to your social media platforms as well. Using this feature you can post product links on your Instagram stories and ask your customers how they feel about that particular product.
  • Finally, the quiz option can be useful for finding user preferences out of four options.

Instagram could give valuable insights into your customer persona too. Ask your customers how they felt about your product; or set new hashtag trends- engage your customers in creative ways. You can also include them in the crafting process by taking their inputs.

Ask Customers to Leave a Review

Did you know that 84% of internet users trust online reviews in the same respect as personal recommendations? Hence, it is ever more important to ensure a constant flow of reviews from customers. Positive reviews will help you grow, while negative ones will show you how to improve your products and services. 

And what better alternative than social media, which has over 2.7 billion users globally? Every platform offers unique review choices. On Facebook, customers have the option to rate a business directly. It is also the easiest platform to get reviews. Further, customers can recommend a business if they like it. These reviews and recommendations add up and display on your business page, giving you more credibility. Do not forget to use this option.

Now, social media platforms offer polls and surveys, which are very effective for idea generation. You can ask what kind of new product they wish to see from you, and based on the polls, get them what they most demand. This way you can make your customers feel like they are an important part of your online reseller shop! 

Engage and Respond to Customer Mentions

Customers that follow brands on social media, also give reviews in comments and in mentions. So, make sure you actively listen to these comments. 

They could contain things like what your customers liked the most, their opinion about your services, and any issues they faced. Businesses can learn a lot about customer preferences from these comments alone.

Above all, make it a point to respond to comments, even if they are negative. Ask them what they disliked and try to offer a better solution. Ultimately, if customers feel that a brand does not listen to their worries, they are bound to look elsewhere for similar services. 

Do not forget to acknowledge them if they leave positive comments. These steps will tell your customers that you care about their opinions and issues, giving them a reason to come back to you.

Run Contests on Social Media 

Who doesn’t love winning a contest? Social media contests are a great way to increase customer engagement. You can convert this engagement into feedback by making your contest an incentive. Here is how it works:

  • Announce a contest that comes with enticing rewards for winners.
  • At the beginning of the contest, provide a simple survey form that the customers would happily fill out.
  • Either let customers fill out the survey before the entry, or provide the form after they enter the contest.

You can use all social media channels for advertising your contest. This will help you reach more customers for your online reseller shop. If you keep the competition running for a long period, you can also reach maximum customers.

Host Live Q&A Sessions

With the number of social media users on the rise, new trends like live sessions are gaining more popularity. Many brands are coming up with live sessions featuring Q&As. 

Such sessions allow users to ask a question through a live chat and get a response instantly. This promotes active customer participation while you get valuable feedback. Above all, customers get a space where their issues and doubts are immediately heard. 

This will help customers feel included and cared for. You can also learn a lot about your customer preferences, especially if you are looking to resell items online.

Create Personas Using Feedbacks

For a work from home business to succeed, it needs to have a specific target group. This way, you can mould and improve your products and services to benefit this group of people. The more you know about the preferences and whereabouts of your customers, the better your products would be. Social media is excellent for creating a user persona using the feedback and engagement you receive.

For instance, a brilliant idea is to post an interesting question on your social media wall. It is better if you target a specific group of users within your customer range, such as teenagers who love to study art. This way, the group feels included and would be happy to respond. Include different groups in this way for more engagement.

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Work From Business and Earn Extra Income?

If you are a college student who wants to replace your pocket money with your own earned money through the skills that you’ve just picked up in or outside the college, you can find a plethora of jobs you can do from home along with your studies. One such platform to help you find your destination in this professional journey is LinkedIn. 

Why LinkedIn?

If you are a college student who needs to make contacts with the right people to support your work from home business idea through investments or collaborations or simply help you to get a job based on your academic qualifications, LinkedIn is a must. 

LinkedIn helps small businesses through its outreach. It gives you visibility by means of its SEO with a PageRank of 9/10. A website with a higher PageRank score is more likely to get featured in the top results of searches made by people on search engines. 

So, Let’s say that a recruiter searches for a person with a skillset of, for example, “Advanced MS-Excel”. Moreover, your profile has this mentioned under your “Skills” or “Certifications” or “Endorsements” sections. Then there is a high probability that the recruiter will find your LinkedIn profile in the search results. 

LinkedIn’s “degrees of connection” feature helps you connect with people with a similar background as yours, sharing similar interests, with homogenous skillset and offerings. You can connect to these people either directly or through the connections of your connections. 

Either way, such people are beneficial to your work from home business needs and help you to find the right audience for your product and services. India stands at no.2 on the list of Leading countries based on LinkedIn audience size as of April 2020 with 65 million users, trailing behind only the US. This gives a fair idea of the importance and acceptability of LinkedIn as a platform of professional networking in the Indian workspace.

How to Go About it?

Create a professional business page for your business on LinkedIn. Take your online business to your official LinkedIn page by embedding its links on your profile. Give your direct contact number and mail id for potential customers, connections and recruiters to reach out to you in case your profile offers what they are looking for. 

You can connect with or follow various people working in and beyond your domain of expertise and reach out to them. Today every company has a LinkedIn page where they post updates about everything from their business revenues, quarterly results, to the new positions open in the firm along with required qualifications and experience. 

You can join several interest groups and exchange information about industry trends, access various researches from trusted sources to enhance your business, contact buyers and sellers directly to expand your home-run business and so on. 

The catch is in tapping the right hashtags and keywords about the skills, products, services etc., which you and your company are looking to sell or acquire. LinkedIn’s authenticity makes it a valuable and trusted sales tool making it an integral part of business sales strategies.

Don’t Get Left Behind

LinkedIn is a site for making professional connections, which is ideal for Lead Generation. People search for associations on LinkedIn which furthers their business-related demands for products, solutions, service providers and connections. It brings businesses and clients face-to-face with each other. Thus, it is ideal for small work from home businesses to help them a target, reach and serve the right client. 

Once you establish yourself as a resource provider on LinkedIn, you can let people know about your business, and strike up professional contracts via the medium itself. It offers you the perfect shot at the jobs you can do from home and earn that extra income you’ve been thinking of!

How To Build Upon Your Already Fruitful Social Media Business?

Identify Your Expertise

Not everything works for everyone so before trying to find out the best work from home business for women, you will have to ascertain your area of expertise. You may have exceptional culinary abilities, or you may be a pro at handling kids. So you may not succeed if you start a business that you know nothing about.

Find the Right Medium to Express and Earn

If you want to start your own work from business and make money, you would be glad to know that work from home is the latest trend. More often than not, you can easily find a platform that builds on your abilities and can help you make money from home. The right platform will help you in finding the specific audience and utilize it to grow.

Leverage Your Social Media Popularity

If you have already amassed some social media popularity, it is time that you utilize it to your benefit. If you are just starting, it would be nice if you post relevant content that suits your target audience. Do not overshare as it may lead to fatigue and subsequent disengagement. If you are looking for the sweet spot, it is around 3-4 posts every week.

How to Migrate Your Social Media Work from Home Business to a More Official Platform?

Here is how you can do so –

Set Your Business Objectives and Goals 

Many of the businesses running on social media were started from a hobby or passion towards something or just a simple opportunity. Due to this, the proper business structure, objectives, and a plan are never put in place. When you decide to take your business on a more structural and dedicated platform, it is necessary to start with setting up your business objectives and devising a plan. Set long and short term goals and discuss them with someone you trust or has experience in online resale business. 

Pick a Reliable and Secure Platform

The next right step is to choose a platform that would help you to set up your store to become a reseller of products online. Whatever platform you pick, make sure to research and get to know everything the platform has to offer. Even if your business is new or small, a secure platform can take your business where you want it to reach.  

Many host platforms can help you with it, including Shop101. If you have a business of reselling products through social groups, you will love Shop101! Here, you can choose from a lakhs of products and share their links on your social media handles to resell them. If you wish to build your business empire, Shop101 equips you with everything you need.

Shop101 is a cost-effective and reliable tech-enabled platform that lets you start your business without any investment. From this platform, you can manage not only consumers but also orders, payment, and delivery without any trouble. All you need to do is register yourself, create an online store, add pictures of the products you would like to sell, and you are good to go! You can even promote your product links online on social media. 

Relaunch Your Business 

Once the platform is all good to go, it’s time for you to relaunch your original business to become a  reseller of products online. This is the time to leverage your community on social media and relaunch by telling your audience you have moved to a ‘bigger online location’. Promoting on social media and adding your product links will help to direct your audience base from platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and others to your store. 

Make sure to keep the social media community alive by giving regular prompts, posts, and news to your connections about your online store and build loyal consumers for your business. You can also add the contacts of your existing customers and create a database that will automatically give updates, newsletters, and other important information to your users. 

Set a Tone 

Give your online social media pages a name and personality. While some brands have a quirky persona and are chic, others are just bold and straightforward. Whatever you may choose, stay consistent. The tone you pick should reflect not only in your words but also your pictures and other assets. This stage is crucial as it will define what you would want to present yourself as in front of your audience. The tone and everything else will play an essential role in communicating with your audience and make an impact. Working on this from the start will help you to streamline communication for the future

Invest Time in Promoting

While it is important to retain the old consumers, it is also necessary to bring in the new ones and make sure your business is growing. Now the question is, how? Well, there are various ways to do it. While word of mouth does the trick, if you want to take your business to the next level, you must invest a little amount of time to promote your business digitally.

Engage and Listen to Your Users

Engage with your audience and keep them updated. While you are talking about your brand on other channels, it is also important to maintain a good rapport with your audience. Regularly check on your audience, answer their queries, and keep them engaged with your content and updates. Make sure they are well informed about any changes that are happening in your store. Keep your consumers informed about the deliveries, new product updates, shipping, and other things. Be transparent! 

Top 5 Free Courses To Understand How To Expand A Work from home Business Over Social Media

Work From Home Business

The business environment in India is becoming more and more favourable for everyone. Presently, about 65% of the Indian women entrepreneurs are engaged in non-agricultural endeavours. This presents ample opportunity and future promise for Indian women to prosper in trading and manufacturing enterprises. With the emergence of the digital age, business ventures have become much more feasible for women. 

This can be gauged by the strong presence of women who engage in trading and business in various online and offline social groups. By taking advantage of networking, women have greatly leveraged their own enterprises. They have been able to improve their products, market them effectively, reach out to a wider audience and engage with their customers in a better way. If you are one of them, this article about various free courses is for you!

Why the online edge is crucial in a work from home business 

As a women entrepreneur who is already a part of social groups, taking advantage of technology and social media is crucial to business expansion and growth. Be it using online earning sites like Shop101 that increases your customer reach or building on your social media profile, online presence and engagement is vital. 

Going about in the online space

If you are running a business through social groups, you may have already considered the online space. The effect of having an online business presence far exceeds a conventional brick and mortar business existence.  

To begin with, the online space is a great equaliser. A woman can safely liaise with her suppliers in popular B2B sites and streamline her procurements. Similarly, she can create her seller profile in various web-based e-commerce sites and social media pages to propagate her sales. 

Take Shop101, for instance – it has offered a user-friendly selling platform to over 60 lakh sellers. Once you register with Shop101 you can browse through its listed products, which are over a lakh in number. You can then leverage your social media presence to resell them with a markup. Many women are amongst the people who have built their brands through these online earning sites. 

Let us assume that you are a woman who sells handcrafted goods through her social groups. In addition to the group, using a WhatsApp group, and creating a Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest page are little steps that you may have already taken to make your online presence. However, these are much more powerful tools that can be used to inform and attract customers online. And social media free courses can help you use these tools effectively.

Turning online baby steps to giant strides

Kick-starting an aggressive social media presence can do wonders to your business. Leveraging from the strong product line on online earning sites like Shop101 also requires optimising your social media reach. 

We hear about women every day who rake millions through their Instagram and Facebook business pages. But, while enlisting in Shop101 can help you develop your business; a strong social media presence requires considerable knowledge and strategy.

Building you social media excellence

While many women entrepreneurs are part of online groups, using technology in a more holistic manner is different. It can completely overhaul your social media presence and online business strategy. You can develop and use this online edge in a better way through online education. And this is possible at a very minimal cost, or even for no cost at all. There are various excellent free courses that educate you about various aspects of social media and online business.

The social media strategies that you can adopt to expand your business and build your brand can be multi-dimensional. You have to choose the options that best suit you. Along with your social media presence, you have to balance between paid advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), email newsletters, etc. to make your presence felt. 

We have already mentioned the importance of your Facebook, Instagram, and such other pages. Newsletters will enable you to keep your customer base informed. SEO will help you to come to the notice of new customers. But, to effectively utilise these social media tools, you need to be aware of the skills and techniques required. Let us look at some free courses that teach you these skills and techniques.

Constant Contact’s Social Media Training for Beginners

Also mentioned as “Social Media 101 – Social Media Quickstarter”, it is one of the most elementary yet essential free courses available. It will teach you how to build a strong and attractive social media presence in all the leading social media platforms. Eight top social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, YouTube, and Snapchat, are covered in this course. 

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google free courses are an exhaustive way of understanding various facets of online space. It covers all aspects of digital marketing, with 26 modules lasting 40 hours. You can complete this course at your own pace to learn more about – building your online presence, developing your online strategy, extensive SEO lessons, building local media, social media and mobile marketing presence, Google analytics, setting up an online store and finally, international expansion.

Hubspot Academy’s Social Media Strategy Certification Course

This course is designed specifically to enhance customer engagement and expand business through effective social media tactics. Apart from social media strategy and advertising, it also guides you on learning from social media through monitoring and listening. Content strategy, an important aspect of social media, is also taught in this course. This 4-hour course has 9 lessons. 

Allison’s Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

Tailor-made for small businesses, this course teaches you everything from effective use of social media in business, increasing social media engagements, and having a dynamic web presence. This 2-3 hour course can provide certification and is ideal for women who are beginning or planning to begin their social media and online earning sites’ presence.

SEMrush’s SEO Toolkit Course

To sum up our coverage of free courses, we recommend a dedicated course on SEO. Successful SEO tactics are synonymous with business expansion. Through SEO, you will be able to attract prospective customers into your online page. This 3-hour course is ideal for women entrepreneurs who are looking to optimise their social media and online presence but are not yet ready to hire an expert for the same.

Today, a lot of people use social media. It provides you with a great platform to use your offline and online social groups to start your business. It also helps answer the question of “how to start your own work from home business?”. So, get up, think, use these platforms, and start that part-time work from home job that can also become a full-time endeavour with the right effort.

Once you make your entry into the online space, leveraging the presence through various digital platforms is crucial to business expansion. Established business houses hire social media experts and consultants to use this leverage. Budding women entrepreneurs can take a step in the right direction by enrolling in these free courses and implement the lessons towards the growth of their business.


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Nikita Mirchandani

Nikita is quiet, sometimes too quiet until you get to know her - then she can be pretty loud. Always been a voracious reader, she reads anything she can get her hands on. 12/10 she would read a dictionary if she had nothing else. Loves writing, but hates grammar. She's an enigma in the making.



work from home job opportunities
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