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Want to restart your career? Looking for ways to earn from home? We are here to help! Check out these stay at home jobs for moms and start earning!

It is not easy to juggle the responsibilities of a household with a little kid around. If you are a young mom managing a toddler, you must be continuously struggling to break the monotony of daily life. However, if you intend to bring in some additional income by working at a job that allows you flexible hours, let us help you with some work at home jobs for moms, to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Keep in mind that you just need your computer to work for you. There are many work at home jobs available for moms which will fix the gap in your career while also add value to your skills. While working full time is not an option for some moms, these online part-time jobs work great as they allow you flexibility, which makes time management easier. You can plan your schedule around this and manage to add extra income as well. Eventually your child will get used to you working from home and you can put in more productive hours in the upcoming months.

One of the best work at home jobs for moms is Online selling. It is a great start; through this you can sell an assortment of items or get into marketing ideas from the comfort of your home. Let us see how it works.

Online marketing work at home jobs for moms

stay at home jobs for moms

Affiliate marketing

This is a popular means of income these days. Here you can earn a commission by helping with marketing through referrals. You will get paid, every time you refer a customer to a business with an affiliate program.

For instance, if you are an Amazon affiliate, you can recommend people to buy a book through social media. Every time people click on your affiliate link to buy a product from Amazon, you will get a specific percentage. There are many affiliate programs, like those for Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, GoDaddy, etc. Did you know that India is one of the biggest marketing hubs today? This is definitely a less stressful work at home job for moms to begin their online career.

Ad posting on websites

Ad posting is a simple and hassle-free online form filling job. You can choose this job if you want to earn extra money online by working part-time from your home. Also, you just need to post short text ads or fill forms for the advertisements. This can be done on various free classifieds sites and retailer forums. 

To work in this field, you need to register with your chosen site and create an account. You would then need to create ads and post them to classified websites. The more visitors you can get to the site who can read your ads, the more you will get paid. For every ad posting, you receive payment. This is a very convenient job which does not involve any paperwork or hassles. You can earn a good amount of money by investing 3-4 hours daily.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the options for work at home moms if you have the required experience and skills needed to market products and services through emails. You can start by working 2-3 hours a day to transform your spare time into extra income. You can target particular groups of customers based on your own writing and sales skills. For example, you can target working mothers if you think you can establish a good connection with them through your emails. 

Email marketing is one of the easiest work at home jobs for moms. It has a customer conversion rate of 2.3% as compared to 1% on social media. You can build a customised list of consumers and build a rapport with them. Maintain an email schedule and send different types of emails, like newsletters, promotional offers, ads or catalogues, on different days. 

Create an Online Store with Drop Shipping

This is particularly a very good option for you if you have an extra creative bent of mind. If you can design and construct beautiful pieces of art from household items, you can put your craft work up for sale. You can try your hands at building handicraft articles like clay or terracotta art, mosaic work, and glass or mosaic decorative items.

If you are good at stitching or embroidery or croquet, you can transform free hours of your day into productive ones by creating something worthwhile. You can later put up these articles for sale by creating your store online. 

You can advertise the items on social media, and once you start getting orders, you can arrange for shipping goods and earning income. For all young, creative moms, thinking “what are the work at home mom jobs near me?” this would be the right answer.

Convert your knowledge into online courses

If you are subject matter expert, and are restricted to working from home due to household responsibilities, it would be a good idea to try this option. Nowadays, online courses and webinars are popular mediums of education. Online tutoring is one of the fastest developing work at home mom jobs. There are several online platforms that offer courses on various topics. 

You can either sign up as a tutor or create online courses or webinars and begin by sharing your insights online in a teaching community. For example, MyPrivateTutor, Udemy, and Teachable are good platforms to host online courses. You can even get free training to launch yourself. You can conduct both academic training and hobby classes as per your area of interest and expertise.

Online reselling

If you have that entrepreneurial streak hidden in your mind, and feel it has taken a backseat due to family pressures, it is time now to use your skills. You just need to decide what kind of product you want to sell and get started. Be it clothes, household articles, showpieces, books, handicrafts or dress accessories, you can make a simple business plan to them sell online with ease.

Several web portals like Shop101, allow you to create your webpage to list and sell products. If you are continuously thinking “what could be one of the perfect work at home mom jobs near me?”, then note that this is it. Shop101 will handle everything from marketing, and payments, to secure checkout and shipping of products to customers.

Shop101 is a leading online selling platform that will help you address all your prerequisites for the perfect job – work from home, selling as well as reselling. You can now sell conveniently on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram with zero investment. This definitely falls in the list of work at home jobs for moms especially if they’ve had a career break.

If you’re really considering online reselling as a career option then let us give you more reasons to love it. This industry has been booming over the last few years and here’s why:

7 Reasons to opt for online reselling as a career

stay at home jobs for moms

Global business

The number of people who are online is increasing rapidly. Having an online store means that you can cater to a customer base that is not limited by physical borders. The online business enables you to reach people from all over the world. A larger customer base translates to better sales.

Earn more money 

An online store gives you the freedom to price your products at an amount you deem fair. Also, a global audience means that you might earn in foreign currency like dollars which, when converted to rupees, can fetch you more money than what you would have earned in the local market. More and more businesses are hence listing their products to be resold online.

Rise of housewife entrepreneurs

Many housewives and work at home moms have seen these resale apps as an opportunity to be more independent while still being there for their family and children. This online reseller business is not time-intensive and therefore, provides a great opportunity to housewives to become small-time entrepreneurs and be resellers online.

Remote working

You do not have fixed hours when it comes to resale. Also, you do not need to have an offline space to conduct the business or go to the office. You can work from any part of the world and sell to customers regardless of location.

Extra source of income

The resale business also acts as an extra source of income which many full-time working professionals can also undertake to earn extra income. The recent coronavirus pandemic has also led to people seeking an extra source of income due to job insecurity and instability, leading to a boost in resale apps. 

Reaching customers where they are

Resale business is conducted through social media channels, and most purchase intents of the customers begin online. By conducting the business on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., the business owners can meet customers online and lead their purchase intent to an actual sale.

The emergence of reselling apps

With more and more people learning how to earn money online at home, more people are developing apps like Meesho, Cartlay, Shop101, etc., that make this job easier. Shop101 is an online reselling app that lets anyone start a reselling business from anywhere, without any monetary investment. With more people and also business owners learning about it, these apps are booming and also providing a great opportunity to take their business online. 

What jobs are best for stay at home moms?

Mothers have a natural instinct with kids and I am not talking about your own here. You can open a creche at home and offer to look after other children as well, for a fee! It can be an hourly thing or something you take on every alternate day. It is good money nonetheless. Then you can get into online reselling with popular reselling apps like GlowRoad, Cartlay, Shop101.

The list of things that one can sell online is infinite. But, some business ideas are set to thrive in the online domain. Some of these are as follows:

stay at home jobs for moms
  1. Fashion apparel 
  2. Upholstery like beddings, curtains, etc. 
  3. Cosmetics 
  4. Handmade jewellery
  5. Handicrafts
  6. Handmade accessories like paintings, jewellery, etc.
  7. Electronic (new and refurbished)

Well this was mainly about all the online marketing work at home jobs for moms out there. But the options don’t end here! We are going to list down some of the data related jobs that you can consider if you’re working from home. These jobs again don’t require prior experience as such but may be a little understanding in terms of your understanding of content, the process and how much time it’ll take.

Data entry work

This is one of the easiest methods if you are looking for work at home jobs for moms. This is great for those who have minimum qualifications and want to make a decent amount of money in less time. There are no special skills you require to do this job. You can earn from home if you have access to a computer and 1 or 2 hours of spare time. These jobs include using copying content from one document to another, simple form filling, image conversions, etc. As many fake data entry jobs are out there to scam people, remember to be aware and cautious. Make sure that you research well before taking up such a job.

Online surveys

Surveying is one of the best and easiest jobs to earn money from home as a work at home mom. Surveys are simple questions and answers that are asked to gather information about a sample set of people. Online surveys are important because companies need data to see how people will react to their products and services. It takes about 5 to10 minutes to complete each survey. If you complete the survey successfully, you will be paid for it. For each survey, you get about Rs.100-500 and you can easily do this at home when you are free.

All you need to do is open an account on the online survey site’s portal, choose your country and complete the profile survey where they ask you about your occupational subject, travel, personal and professional life. Each time a survey comes, they will give you a survey based on your background. You will then be invited to complete a survey once your profile is selected.

Captcha solving work

If you’re looking for work at home jobs for moms, then this is a very good option. It includes any kind of data entry work and is one of the most reliable ways to make money online. Captchas are a kind of test used by websites to differentiate between humans and bots and to block spam. Captchas are mainly used to filter out bots that access specific areas of a website. Not all captchas are readable and it requires a human to solve them. It takes about 3 to 5 seconds to solve one captcha. This is a relatively simple job and it does not require any experience. When you are sitting idle and want to earn money from home, this is a very reliable way.

Remote Transcriber

Transcribers are responsible for typing out scripts. While this may seem simple, one requires immaculate and super-fast typing skills to be a good transcriber. When it comes to remote transcribing however, most transcribing tasks involve recorded audio clips. This means that a transcriber can take his/her own time as well as replay the audio clip to check if they’re transcribing was accurate or not.

To become a remote transcriber, a work at home mom will require only a good pair of headphones, a computer, and a word processing application like MS Word. If you are not really looking to invest in a paid version of MS Office, then you can always rely on Google Docs which is just as good, if not better, and also free-of-cost. Google Docs
requires users to only have a Google account.

Remote transcribing can be considered as an alternative to other work at home mom jobs. However, this is only if you have a fair amount of time to spare, during which you’re allowed to focus and not be distracted by your kids. The good thing about transcribing work is that there’s no scarcity of work. You are likely to be assigned more work, once you get the hang of it and are able to deliver high-quality transcriptions.

Then, your concern will shift to prioritizing tasks that pay the most and require the least time to complete. While most industries and fields require transcribers, the medical and the health industry probably utilize them the most. Becoming a medical transcriber is quite a lucrative gig, with the rates being considerably higher than transcribers for other industries.

Now that you know everything that you need to know about work at home jobs for moms, what are you waiting for? Start today and begin enjoying that extra income as soon as possible!


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work from home job opportunities


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



work from home job opportunities
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