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Gone are the days when your life revolved around a work cubicle. Gone are the days when you had to travel to work and had to spend most of your day in the office. While more people are gainfully employed today, most of them are working without cubicles. It is possible to work from anywhere in the world today. Be it mountains or beaches, a remote hill station or a beach in Goa, you can work from anywhere and earn. You can now earn from anywhere, and even better, you can earn online! In India, there are so many job opportunities available today! But unfortunately, those living in smaller towns and remote regions miss out. However, now that most of the world is going online, you can earn money online in India. We will now see ways to earn money online in India!

A common misconception a lot of people have with regard to ways to earn money online in India is that online jobs are limited to certain niches only, however, today it is possible to earn online regardless of the field you’re in. Due to technological development, there are abundant online jobs available today. Let us now deep dive and explore the top 4 ways to earn money online in India

Social media marketing:

If you’re someone who enjoys scrolling on social media apps, you’re already fit for this job! Today, brands want to stay relevant and how do they do that? While staying active and popular on social media, of course. This means that every brand today is looking for people who understand the audience, can tap on to trends and can understand what will help the brand grow. Many brands are hiring social media marketers today and you can be one from any corner of the world. To be able to work as a good marketer, you will need to keep up with online trends, tap on to the right trends for your brand and translate that into good content for your brand. Most importantly, you will need to create relatable content that drives engagement and increases visibility for the brand.

Online fitness instructor:

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who always dreamt of coaching others but could not do that offline due to logistical reasons, now is the time to fulfill your dream! Today, you can coach people online without spending on rent for studio space, electricity and other utilities. Moreover, you also get access to a larger audience, because anyone in the world can now get trained by you! Be it pilates or cardio or HIIT or yoga, you can choose whichever niche you want. All you need is to get out there, promote your brand, share your ideas, your fitness plans and then you can start coaching people. Even as an online instructor, word-of-mouth referral will help you succeed to make sure to give your best while coaching each individual client. If you’re looking for ways to earn money online in India, this is a great way!


If you speak fashion fluently and if styles and trends make you happy, this might interest you. If you love suggesting the best clothes, jewelry and accessories to people, you are perfect for this job. While stylist jobs earlier involved a lot of running around earlier, today, you can work as a stylist online. There are a lot of brands that require stylists to work and curate outfits for customers. You could also choose to work independently as stylist and style people for various occasions. With AI and tech, you can use customer preferences to craft the best style solutions for them, all from the comfort of your home.

Online Reselling:

If you have good communication skills, a great social network and are looking for a flexible job that pays well, this is one of the top ways to earn money online in India! Online reselling is a big industry today and if you have the right skill set for it, you’re bound to succeed. If you’re wondering where to get started, look no further than Shop101. With Shop101, you can become an online reseller and earn with Shop101!

All you need to do is create an account and get started. You can then choose from a variety of premium products that are available at wholesale prices and select what you want to resell. You can then add your own margin to the products. Once you’ve selected the products, you can then share them on your social networks. Once anyone buys the product, you earn the margin! This margin is credited to your account every Friday so you earn 4 times a month!

Now you know the top ways to earn money online in India! It’s time to get started on your dream job. If you see yourself growing as an online reseller, download the Shop101 app and start earning!


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