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Are you running out of good shows to watch this weekend? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Listen to some amazing stories of successful entrepreneurs in India on our new podcast series. But this is not your regular podcast! How is it different? You’ll know soon.

Who built the Ajanta- Ellora Caves?

Who invented our favourite food, Maggi?

Who was the first successful entrepreneur in India?

Why are we asking you these questions?

Because we have something exciting and fun coming up soon.

Most often, we forget the heroes and the sheroes around us. While we remember the big names, we forget to acknowledge the inspiring people that may or may not be your next-door neighbour. 

‘Kuch Yaad Aaya?’- a new podcast series by Shop101, is an effort to bring the stories of these inspiring people to you. They are entrepreneurs with business ideas that have turned around their fate. You may have heard of them or you may not have heard of them. But their stories will definitely inspire you to do something big in your life. That’s our guarantee!

We know what you’re thinking- Who are they? Are they successful entrepreneurs in India? You have to listen to our podcast and decide!

But this will not be your regular podcast! How is it different from other podcasts? Well, you’ll know very soon!

Keep watching this space for more!


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