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Are you having any trouble using Shop101 supply and earning money? Here are some steps to guide you on how to earn money by reselling Shop101 products.

Shop101 provides you with a free online store. You have to first sign up with your phone number and register yourself as a reseller with Shop101. And here the process starts-

Understand your network and turn them into customers

Choose your target audience wisely and do some research on their preferences and choices. Your circle, friends, & family make up your first network, so keep them in mind, while choosing the products to sell. Go to the application, there you can view the Shop101’s catalogues and products on the feed. Shop101 wholesalers provide a wide range of product catalogues.

As you share them with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you will get an idea of what choices and preferences your buyers have. It will be easy for you to then decide which products to share next.

Select right products for sharing

This is one of the crucial moments in the selling journey. Share trendy and most selling products from Shop101 supply to grab more customers. Shop101 provides you with different range of product categories & collections. This will help you in selecting the products instantly rather than spending time trying to figure out which products to share.

Set right margin for higher sales

To gain more sales and attract more customers on your online store, you should set balanced margin. Do a little market research and set your margin according to the market standard. Don’t price the products higher than what people may find on other online stores. A good product price gives you competitive edge in this marketing world.

Sharing – How to share, where to share, when to share:

Sharing product images to your known ones is one of the important steps here. Connect your social accounts through Shop101 application and share your products directly to your WhatsApp contacts, Instagram or even Facebook. You can upload your product images on WhatsApp stories or Instagram highlights too.
Here, timing is also essential. Note when your customers are willing to buy the products and share the images at that time. Ex- If you target working professionals then share most of the product images with them when they are on their lunch breaks.

Follow up with prospects

Once you start getting viewers to your online store, invoke the urgency factor in them. Educate them with the product description and also communicate with them regarding the prices,  discounts or offers. You can also provide combo offers to the referrals. So that one customer will talk to another regarding the customer service or product reviews. Always take a follow up so that they come back again for another purchase. This will gain more trust, turn your viewers into buyers and gain more sales.

Get repeat orders

For customer satisfaction, you should mention a proper return and exchange policy on your store. Also, you can try to keep limited product offers or a sale to tempt your buyers and make them purchase right away. You can also broadcast new products to your WhatsApp contacts to get repeat orders.

Use right message while sharing

While sharing the products on your social accounts through Shop101 application, mention all the important details of the products, ex- price, material, colour variants, size variants, etc. Write a proper product description to educate your customers.

Therefore, to become a reseller you always have to emphasize on building a great customer base.
From customer satisfaction comes customer loyalty. This will help you gain more sales and earn more profit on a long term basis.

Happy selling!


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