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Want to know how to add product margins on a reseller's online shop? It's not that difficult! Let us show you the Shop101 way.

The whole concept of reselling is to buy products at a low cost and resell it for a profit. Online reselling empowers budding entrepreneurs to run a successful business online. This business can be about any and everything that they see potential in, for the purpose of gaining profits. When we speak of profits, it is basically about how one can add product margins on a reseller’s online shop. That being said, here are 2 ways by which one can become an online reseller:

  1. You source products from manufactures or wholesalers and then resell them
  2. You sign up with an online shopping site for resellers and use their products to resell

The second option is a more feasible one as it requires low or no costs and is a more risk free model. As long as one finds a platform that helps them run a business, a reseller can manage the other aspects of it. In most cases, the reason for you to start a business online is to earn extra income. However, one can earn from the comforts of their home through an online reselling gig. But the real question is how can you earn consistently? How does one add product margins on a reseller’s online shop?

Before we jump right into the part where we tell you about adding margins on online shopping sites for resellers, let’s tell you how you can manage your online store efficiently.

Manage Your Store like a Pro on an Online Shopping Site for Resellers with These 3 Good Practices

reseller's online shop

Upload good quality images

The highlight of a reseller’s online shop is definitely the products that are uploaded there. Every online reseller has a unique store name and unique products that they resell there. However, the products will not garner the attention that one is looking for if the products are not displayed well. Unlike an offline store, here you do not get the opportunity to physically display the products. Hence, you need to display clear and attractive images of your products instead.

If the images of your products are distorted or lack sharpness, they might get completely lost somewhere. The products need to get noticed and liked by the customers. The customer will look for specifications, colour, durability and more when they decide to make a purchase. So, unless a reseller’s online shop has good quality images uploaded, the store might go completely unnoticed.

Build Trust on the Website

If you go with the second option of becoming an online reseller by signing up with an online shopping site for resellers, then trust comes with the app/site itself. For example, you have the Shop101 app which allows you to create a website through the app itself. Make sure that your website has all the information a customer needs. It has to make a mark on them and build their trust in your services.

Shop101, by itself, is India’s best online reselling portal that empowers entrepreneurs to run a successful business online. However, as someone who has a reseller’s online shop with a reselling portal, you will also need to neaten your website design to make it user-friendly for your customers. Make it easy for them to connect with you, to reach out in case of any issue and to be able to buy the products they love, with ease. You can also have a Live Chat support system where the message notification reaches you in an instant and you can respond quickly as well.

Adding contact information

If you’re vary about putting your personal contact number, then get yourself a business number exclusively for customers. Adding a physical address and phone number invokes a sense of trust among the buyers. It reassures them that the reseller isn’t a fraud or that the payment is actually going to an actual businessman.

By not having your contact information on the online store, you automatically raise eyebrows. Customers want to know whether the amount they’re paying, is going to the right place or not. Some companies on the internet have proved to be scams, which is why customers find it difficult to trust the source. Mention earlier testimonials if any. Put out pictures shared by your customers and share the reviews alike. These are just baby steps to gaining loyalty and building customer satisfaction.

These good practices will help you become a trusted online reseller for sure. A reseller’s online shop must be a shopping experience that customers will go back to. With different online shopping apps for resellers out there, at least they can guarantee a good experience.

Going back to how a reseller can add margins, well it isn’t a difficult process. In fact let us tell you a little about how Shop101 works and then we will share the process of adding margins to your products.

Shop101- the best online shopping app for a reseller

There are many online reselling apps in India. You have Cartlay, GlowRoad, HiBoss, Shop101 and so on. Of the lot, Shop101 is a zero investment portal that ensures a risk free experience of running an online business.

An entrepreneur only needs to sign up with Shop101 and create a store in less than 2 minutes. Once that is done there are just 3 simple steps that one has to follow. They are:

  1. Pick the products you like
  2. Share them with your friends and family
  3. Earn margins on each sale

Yes, pick, share and earn is the way to manage your business with Shop101. As mentioned earlier, this app allows you to even create a website. Having a website for your brand can increase your reach as well. Also, promoting your store and website on different social media channels or even word of mouth, can help you achieve your business goal. This business goal is basically the profits you earn on each sale. Profit is basically the margin you add on every product.

So, without further ado, let us take you through the process of adding margins to your products.

To understand this further, check out a step-by-step process through the images below:

Choosing a payment mode in the cart

reseller's online shop

Apply discounts if any

reseller's online shop

Add the customer’s price

reseller's online shop

Add customer’s price, including your margin


We hope to have resolved all the doubts that you may have had about adding margins to your products. If there are any more questions for us, drop them in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer them. Meanwhile, you can download the Shop101 app and start your online reselling journey today.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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