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Find out which reseller products online are more in demand. Get to know about how you can pick your products. Read more and find out.

Running a business is all about a process. It begins with figuring out what kind of business you want to run, where and how you want to run it, how much you’d like to invest etc. On the other hand, an online reselling business is more about what kind of reseller products you can sell online. Although setting up a store isn’t much of a task, figuring out what to sell and which categories to tap into can be a challenge.

So, how does an online businessman choose what reseller products should go on his online store. There is definitely a list of prerequisites that they consider before deciding on the products they want. Let us look at how resellers decide on which products to sell:

3 prerequisites to consider before picking the right reseller products to sell online

Fulfils customer’s requirements

The choice of reseller products to sell online will depend on the target audience you’ve chosen to sell it too. It is like selling sweaters to people in a cold place and not those who live in a tropical kind of climate. Every product has a different audience and fan base. Once you identify what your customers are looking for, what they need, what they’re willing to pay etc. you can choose the right kind of products for them.

Quality of the product

Quality checks are very hygienic and important. Products which are sub-standard will also get less reviews from customers. Don’t compromise on the quality of the product. Even if the buying price is high and you need to add less margins on each product, it is fine. Once you gain loyalty of your customers, you will definitely have more buyers. Quantity will increase if the quality continues to remain top notch. So, don’t worry about sales because in the end, everyone pays for quality.

Pricing of the product

As mentioned above, the price of the product shouldn’t be higher than the market value. It should also cater to your target audience’s needs and requirements. Get a general census of what your customers are willing to pay as opposed to what price you want to sell it at. Price your products realistically so that you have more buyers. You can also apply discounts or offers on your products if you want to satisfy the customer’s needs.

These 3 things are definitely something that you will need to consider if you want to run an online reseller business. There will be other factors as well like packaging, clicking the right images and maintaining transparency in product descriptions. All these things will need to align collectively if you want to launch a product and earn a profit as well.

With online reselling portals like Shop101, you don’t really need to worry about quality or pricing. They have a product catalog that offers a variety of products for ones perusal.

But what kind of products will really drive in the business? This is again a very confusing chapter in the online reselling business. However, this really depends on your audience and the buyers’ preference. Some like to buy things that look good while others would like to buy products that is more useful. So, we thought of mixing up the two and listing down a few products and categories that you can tap into. In fact, these are those products which will always be in demand and those that’ll get you your profits.

5 reseller products online that you should add to your store now

As we have mentioned above that choosing the right product and giving your customers value for money, will get you the profits that you’re looking for. So here are the 5 categories that you should look at if you want to run a successful online reselling business.


reseller products online

In the case of both buyers and consumers, what is handmade is always good. Handicraft products are in great demand. The artisans responsible to create some of these masterpieces need a market that is willing to recognise their efforts and skill. You can be the platform that empowers these artisans.

In fact you can create an online store exclusively to resell handicrafts. On online reselling portals like Shop101, you can find a large number of products by manufacturers that you can choose. Some of these will deal mainly with handicrafts so that gives you a window to resell them on your online store. Shop101 app allows its users to create their very own store in less than 2 minutes and start their reselling journey. Check out the app and start the process of Pick, Share and Earn right away.

Women’s accessories as one of the top reseller products online

reseller products online

Accessories and women are like pizza and cheese- they always go together. More than clothes, women are quite interested in shopping for accessories online. One of the reasons is because with accessories, you’re not really worry about the size and fit. They are mostly for everyone, based on their personal style.

Under accessories, you have scarves, belts, handbags, which are quite popular among women. These are things that go along with your regular outfit, but add that X-factor and changes the look altogether. So, this definitely qualifies to be in the list of reseller products online, that needs to go in your store now.

Home decor

reseller products online

This has surprisingly interested a lot of house proud people who love doing up their personal and living spaces. Most websites even have an AI tool installed whereby you can see how your house will look for real by adding certain elements. Even without this tool, sites that post real images of products or have readily available catalogs for its customers; are well liked!

You can also add items in there, which are ideal for gifting purposes. These will sell more especially during festivals and special occasions in India,


Focus on all types and categories books. They don’t always have to be bestsellers. You can also sell activity books for kids, encyclopaedia type books, home decor books, gardening etc. There is so much you can consider when we talk about books. You have collectibles, you have short stories, then there are books for different age groups as well.

The key here is to find what works among the general audience and then pick up books accordingly. You will need to take into consideration, the profits you’d like to earn and what kind of books will do well. Nonetheless, this is a good market to consider if you want to run a business online.

Apparels qualifies as a profitable reseller product/category

Clothes are a necessity and they are something everyone likes to indulge in once in a while. Women’s wear like sarees, kurtis, tops and bottoms are quite a hit in general. Offer your customers a variety and multiple options that they should be able to choose from. When it comes to men’s wear, you should have formal wear, traditional wear and accessories like bows and ties etc. Create a space for them where they will find all what they under one store.

You can introduce collections based on the festivals or the seasons that are approaching. Start introducing woollen wear before winters set in. Show the festive collection around Dussehra and Diwali. Keep the market trend in check, along with popular products’ list. Always have a mix of your collection so that there’s something for everyone.


If not the whole leg, you’re at least a step closer to achieving successful in your online reselling business. These reseller products online are definitely going to be a hit and get you the products you need. So, sign up with popular online reselling portals like Shop101 and begin the journey of reselling like a pro.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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