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Now you no longer need to waste time searching for jobs online. Here is the ultimate guide to find online work from home jobs in India.

Finding online work from home jobs in India might seem like quite a task but it really isn’t. It does take a lot of time, effort and research on your part, but with the right guidance you can crack it easily. It is definitely not as simple as Googling a job opportunity that suits your skill set. That being said, you do get a sense of the kind of jobs on Google through a simple job search.

In India, one can also find jobs in their daily newspaper. If you go to the career section, you can identify a few skill based opportunities. There’s always a mention of whom to contact, which will make it easier to ask more details about the profile. However, print media is almost a dying medium or source of information. With everything available digitally, you can find all the information you need with a few clicks. Hence, even something like finding a job can be done online. Let us look at a few websites that will help you find online work from home jobs in India.

5 websites that’ll help you find online work from home jobs in India

online work from home jobs in India


One of the most popular communities to network is LinkedIn. This is like the Facebook of professionals. Here, you can build a community of like minded professionals, interact with people that belong to the same industry as you and find jobs. Yes, it is a great place to seek new job opportunities.

Start by creating a LinkedIn profile and punch in all the details you’d like others to see. Any digital interviews with previous companies, articles written by you or any credible work document that you want to mention, you can post it there. Add apt keywords on your profile so that employers are able to find you. Upload your resume onto the profile so that there is more about your career and skills in there. There is also the option of personal messages that will help you communicate separately with the clients. It is definitely a good platform to find online work from home jobs in India.


Here’s a website that not just allows you to create your resume and profile but also allows you to apply directly. Most job listings on indeed have the option where the employee can apply directly with the said company. In order for your profile to get more visibility, add the appropriate keywords that match your skill set. This will help others find your profile easily. Also, it is good to leave your contact details on your resume or profile so that the clients can connect with you directly after viewing your application. Usually after applying, you get a notification in your email. But if you get in touch with the employer directly, you can take the conversation/interview ahead from there.

Indeed offers you tons of online work from home jobs, based on your location. You can search for jobs around you as also in the field that you desire. It is very easy to use and you can find a lot of full time and part-time job opportunities there. This is definitely a good website if you’re looking for online work from home jobs in India especially now, during the pandemic.


Now here is a platform which allows you to market your services. Whether it is content writing, editing skills, ebook downloads, design or any other skill that you’re good at; you can put it out there on Fiverr. All you need to do is upload your services in the form of a video or content. You will need to ensure that your SEO is in place if you want your profile to stand out. Begin by signing up with Fiverr as it is free and then understand the best way to make your services visible to others.

Set up your profile by providing information about your services, links to previously done work and your pricing. You can discuss other details once a client is willing to pay for your services. On completion of your project, the client will transfer the amount to you. Some of the services that you can try promoting on Fiverr are:

  1. Website designing
  2. Video editing
  3. Graphic designing
  4. Managing Social Media accounts
  5. Mobile app development

If you’re good at any of the above, then you should know that they’re very much in demand. You can also charge considerably well. However, do remember to complete tasks/projects on time, as per the clients requirements. You might face delay in payments only due to lack of communication or failure to complete a task. Otherwise this is a great space for beginners to showcase their skills and earn from it.


Begin the process of finding a job by setting up a profile with a good professional picture. Apart from a digital profile, you will also need good language and communication skills in order to communicate with your clients. Furthermore, you should post some of your sample work on the profile. This will give the employer a good idea about how you work and what kind of work you’re able to deliver. Initially, you can take up a smaller project till you build enough credibility. These small projects may pay you less but irrespective of that, you should take it up.

Also, don’t forget your profile after creating it. You will need to stay active and engage with people who are trying to hire you for their services. Although taking up small projects is great, you should not compromise the quality of work in the bargain. Maintain the same standard and you will find work with ease. The more work you take up, the more you can mention in your portfolio. Build your portfolio in a systematic manner, which makes it easier for a client to identify your skill and to understand your career graph better.


Naukri is a platform that gives you access to different job listings based on what you mention on the profile. Recruiters are always posting jobs daily and in order to not miss out on any opportunities, you should keep a tab on your profile. Allow them to send you notifications whenever there is a job that is similar to what you’re looking for. That way, you can apply directly from your profile and begin the process all at once. You can find a lot of online work from home jobs in India, on Naukri as it is a trusted website among recruiters.

You can also continue searching for jobs through your profile. Most recruiters have an ‘Apply Now’ button that you can click on if you like the profile that they’re offering. In some cases, the recruiter might post a questionnaire in order to more about you. This questionnaire can be to seek information about the kind of CTC you’re expecting, whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time opportunity, how many hours you’d like to put in etc. Fill it out and hit submit as a completed profile always stands more chance of getting noticed.

Quick tips to improve your online job profile

online work from home jobs in India

There are thousands of employees seeking work opportunities on various recruitment sites. In order for your profile to be visible or to get recognised by the recruiters, here are a few tips that you should take notice of:

  1. Mention your USPs by preferably using SEO friendly keywords
  2. Keep updating your profile and stay active in order to increase engagement
  3. Consistency is key. Ensure that you’re not giving it too much of a break.
  4. Mention all achievements in a systematic and chronological manner, however big or small they may be
  5. Have the drive to grow your network. Look for recruiters, employees in your field and connect with them. You will be surprised as to what you will learn from them in the process and who might hire you based on your interactions. Building a network is also great as you might receive recommendations and suggestions from others, on where you can apply.

Another great online work from home job in India is through the Shop101 app. It is an online reselling app which empowers people to resell products, using just their smartphones. All you need to do is sign up with them and create your store online. The Shop101 app makes it easier for you to resell products as they help you market them, ship and deliver and become a successful entrepreneur. It is a zero investment, risk-free business model which is the next step to building an online career. So do check it out!


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work from home job opportunities


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



work from home job opportunities
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