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Wondering how online reseller business opportunities in India can help you? Find all the answers in this article and start now!

Online reselling, as the name suggests, is a business that allows you to resell products online. Unlike offline businesses, this is a far more risk free setup. If you sign up with the right portal, then you won’t even have to invest in the online business. So the question is, are there online reseller business opportunities in India? Where can one start this business? How does it help you? Let us answer these questions for you one by one.

Addressing the real thing first; which is nothing but what this online reselling business is all about. Online reselling has been gaining quite some traction of late. It is because this business is easy to manage as compared any other business. If you’ve been driven towards starting a business of your own, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch to an online mode. In fact there is a huge market for online reseller business opportunities in India. Companies like GlowRoad, Cartlay, HiBoss, Shop101 are all online reselling platforms. These are not the only portals but they’re definitely among the best. You can check out other apps and websites too. For now, let us look at Shop101, as it empowers young entrepreneurs to take the plunge and step into the world of business.

5 Online Reseller Business Opportunities in India For You

With a portal like Shop101, you have a variety of things you can choose to resell. Their hottest and trending products have been women’s wear, kitchen appliances and so on. But there are other products also which are trending in the market. This is especially because all of us prefer staying at home and shopping, due to the pandemic. Let us see which online business opportunities in India are doing well at the moment.

Apparels can be a great online reseller business opportunity

online reseller business opportunities in India

As mentioned above, there’s always a demand for fashion. Whether it is the women who like to buy sarges and Kurtis or the men who prefer buying their formal wear online; clothes are something you can think of reselling. If this niche is something that interests you, then it is definitely a profitable one.

If you have products that you can source from somewhere, then you can sell those online. But the problem here is the shipping and delivery as well keeping a track of all the products, making an inventory, investing in a website etc. Better option would be to sign up with Shop101! They not only have a product catalog that has the latest fashion in there but they also have their very own shipping and logistics product, Dash101; that looks after delivery. At Shop101, all you need to do is Pick your products, Share them on social media channels and Earn! You’re required to add margins to each product that you’ve added in your store. With the sale of each of the products, your margin gets credited into your account. Good part is that they release payments every Friday!

You can start with assigning small margins and once you get a good customer base, increase the pricing. The thing to remember about reselling apparels is that you should try and push the latest fashion out there first. Start sharing more around festival time; especially sarees, Kurtis, men’s formal wear, kids clothing etc. These will have a higher demand during festivals as everyone loves playing dress up even if we aren’t stepping out.

Pet supplies

online reseller business opportunities in India

Pandemic has definitely affected all of us but it has affected pet owners a great deal too. Not just pet owners per se but people who are used to looking after pets; whether stray or adopted. There has been a great demand in online pet supplies. You can may be tie up with a wholesaler and start selling supplies for pets.

Instead of focusing on the accessory part of it, may be food will be a better option. Chewable treats, fish pellets, cat food, ready-to-eat meals can be some of the options that you can consider reselling online. The best way to do this would be to have a page setup on Facebook marketplace, Instagram and the likes and start promoting. By tying up with a pet food supplier, you can also add a few discounts initially to get the business going.

A lot of pet parents have been looking for good and authentic pet food suppliers online from where they can buy their supplies. You could make their job easier while also earn money from home.

Beauty and Wellness

online reseller business opportunities in India

This is something that will always be a necessity among its consumers. Since we are all confined to our homes, we have got down to using what is readily available. While DIY masks and experimenting with your hair bangs can be a one off thing, we all prefer something that is ready to use. Cosmetics, creams, health supplements are in great demand. Our hair, skin and health gets used to the nutrition that we’ve provided them with. We can neither stop suddenly nor make a switch out of the blue. It is always wiser to maintain continuity in order to avoid imbalance.

Tap into this market as it is definitely a great online reselling business opportunity for you. You can choose specific category of products to sell, in case you don’t want to sell everything. Try to see what the consumers are looking for these days. In all probability, everyone needs some amount of calcium, Vitamin C and D as the exposure to natural light is lesser. See if you can sell health supplements which are absolutely necessary in our day-to-day life. They will definitely fetch you a good market and can make for a good online reselling business opportunity for you.

Kitchen Supplies

Selling kitchen supplies is a lucrative option for anyone looking for profitable online reseller business opportunities in India. Many kitchen essentials wear out quickly and people are always looking for good quality products to replace them. Reselling kitchen supplies is a good option to start with. Whether it’s a set of knives or electrical equipment to make cooking easier, kitchen items are never out of business which means that you will never be out of business!

Home Decor

Everyone likes to keep their homes beautiful! With new trends coming up now and then, people are always on the lookout to buy things that will keep their homes aesthetically pleasing! From new curtains to the smallest showpieces, everything is in demand when it comes to home decor. If you have an interest in aesthetics, then this is a good option for your online reselling business.

These were just some of the trending online reselling business opportunities in India for those of you who want to run a successful business. There are some other niches as well like home decor, kitchen appliances, vehicle accessories etc. which might also fetch you the interest of the audience you’re looking for. Furthermore, while these opportunities are great to start out, let us address the main thing here and that is, how does it help you professionally? Why should one take up the idea of online reselling to get into business? Let us quickly help you understand how this works.

How will an online reselling business help you?

Less stressful

Given that you can work from anywhere and at any time, online reselling is the most preferred option when it comes to taking up a job online. This is especially for those who have other commitments in their kitty. Students, new moms, freelancers, small business owners etc. can take this up to earn extra income.

Since it allows you flexibly in working hours, it helps you manage time better. This makes it easier to juggle between work, family and other priorities. Also, it promotes independent work culture which is great as it avoid distractions of any sorts.

Flexibility of time

Now this is a job that you can do from anywhere and at any time. All it requires is your time, a smartphone and of course good internet. The good part is that it doesn’t require previous work experience. You can start from scratch and yet get successful if you are consistent in this.

Since it offers flexibility, you can plan your day accordingly. Also, you can probably have a time chart that you set for yourself so that you can structure your work better. Also, having a clock at your work desk will help a great deal.

Earn money

Online reseller business opportunities in India give every one a chance to make extra money online. The best part is it doesn’t require any investment. This is in the case of a good online reselling app/website. The business model is very simple; you need to pick products to resell, assign margins to it and earn.

For example, at Shop101, they have a product catalog that has tons of categories and products to choose from. You don’t even have the hassle of finding someone to source the products for you. All you need to do is create an online store, pick products, share them and then start earning. The more you share, the better you earn. This money can be used to pay off loans, for further savings and may be just to contribute to expenses.

Build a brand

By running a successful business online, you’re also building your own brand. Although it is on a digital platform, it is still a brand that counts. Especially with the present situation, when all of us have gone digital with our shopping, this is all the more beneficial. If you think of it, it is actually something that will get you the audience you need along with the profits you’re expecting.

You can always run simultaneous brand pages on different social media channels. This will help with visibility and get the word out there better. Although, you should remember to stay active there and engage whenever there’s a chance too.

Be independent

Running your own business online means you don’t come under an employer but you are self-employed! Isn’t it a great feeling to just be your own boss? You take the financial, functional, managerial decisions. All of this is an independent effort if you sign up with an app or website that supports online reselling. If you’re starting out on your own, may be you do need some amount of staff or an advisor. But in the case of a website, all the additional things like looking into shipping, delivery, payment etc. is looked after. So it is definitely a win win situation for those considering the online reselling business.


Guess all of us are clear that there’s no dearth of online reseller business opportunities in India. Also the fact that online reselling can really help you earn money from home without having to invest, this makes it even more appealing as a career option.

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online reseller business opportunities in India
Wondering how online reseller business opportunities in India can help you? Find all the answers in this article and start now!
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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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