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Looking for opportunities that give you that additional income? Then online part-time jobs is what you need! Here's a quick guide for you.

The year 2020 has taken us all by surprise! With students graduating online and businessmen making digital sales, it is safe to say that we all want to be more productive with our internet usage. The best way to put good internet to use is by taking up online part-time jobs!

Speaking of being productive, most people are on the lookout for opportunities that will engage them during this lockdown. While stepping out of our homes seems like a distant dream, there’s a lot we can do within the comforts of our home. Of course, that largely depends on good internet!

So for all of you seeking opportunities to engage yourselves during these tough times, here’s what we are going to talk about in this article:

Once we help you explore job opportunities, all you will need to do is pick the job that best suits you and start right away!

Before we provide you with adequate options to choose from, let us help you decide HOW you can choose. While you may have a variety of skill sets, you will first need to understand which of these skills you’d want to work towards. It is all about upgrading your skills and with a job in hand, this can be done easily or with little effort.

How can I plan for an online part-time job?

  1. Firstly, you need to estimate your finances and get a ballpark figure of the same. Figure out if you can manage your bills by taking up that part-time job. If it benefits you in some way or provides you the income that you need, you should take it up.
  2. Try to chalk a feasible schedule for yourself. Online part-time jobs will require you to dedicate specific amount of hours(although flexible). If one part-time job is manageable, you can also try to take up another to earn more. Get a general sense of how your schedule will be. Find out how many hours you need to invest, if you can juggle between home, college and work etc.
  3. Find a job that fits your description and qualification. Always look for a job that will complement your present work or degree. It’ll only help you enhance your skills in the long run. Practical experience is a way to put to use what you know or what you’re learning.

Now that we have given you a clear sense on how to go about choosing the right online part-time job, we hope you will be able to find the right fit. Having said that, there is no hard and fast rule on what you can or cannot do. Any job for that matter takes effort, dedication and interest in order to do it to the best of your ability.

Furthermore, we often find online part-time jobs for students, housewives, small business owners who are often seeking to make extra income through a part-time job. In each of these cases, they’re already engaged in certain duties or jobs but they’re constantly looking to expand their knowledge and growth.

Whether it means organising an online store for their products or just taking it up to pay their fees or bills, reasons vary from person to person. However, without limiting online part-time jobs to a specific audience, we thought of enlisting the advantages of taking up an free online part-time job for ALL of you.

What is the best websites for part-time jobs?

There is an incredibly detailed answer to this inquiry by Robin Lewis. You can peruse that for an intensive answer and almost certain it will set you up forever.

For youngsters and understudies, time is finicky since certain days they may have a ton of it, and a few days, they may have pretty much nothing. In this way, you need to consider projects that are not time-delicate. You need occupations where you can basically get any place you have additional time.

Additionally, something more you need to think about is your range of abilities. What are you acceptable at? What would you be able to sell and acquire from? This kind of reasoning is critical to comprehend what sort of ventures you ought to do.

On the off chance that you are acceptable at expressions and specialties or adornments making or photography, at that point these you can do in your extra time and bring in cash from selling these things.

My feedback starts here.

On the off chance that you need applications or sites that you can just continue to return to when you have available time, at that point you can consider exchanging as a low maintenance task to bring in cash. In Reselling, you should simply get together with applications, for example, Shop101, Glowroad, Highboss, and so on Whenever you’ve joined, just peruse their inventories and offer them to your loved ones. Nonetheless, remember to add a little edge to the expense of the item on the application. When you make a deal, the edge is all yours!

The most amazing aspect about Reselling is that you don’t need to devote a ton of time to do this. You can basically get it, offer and afterward continue on ahead. Likewise, whenever you’ve submitted a request you don’t need to do anything – the organization deals with the coordination for you.

This is the reason I want to exchange is an incredible choice for understudies and youngsters who are hoping to make a pay as an afterthought.

Expectation this makes a difference!

Why should I opt for an online part-time job?

online part-time jobs
  1. How much money is too much money? Additional income is great for people who like to invest or use that money for other purposes.
  2. Online part-time jobs provide financial independence and financial stability. This is like the pocket money you give yourself!
  3. Earning through part-time jobs means you can definitely contribute to the household expenses. When you contribute to household expenses, it also gives you a sense of responsibility and the need to save.
  4. If you’re a mother, this additional income can help you fund your child’s education. It is also a good way to pay for any other additional classes that they’re interested in.
  5. The best part about an online part-time job is that you don’t need prior work experience. Yes, you heard that right! Most employers want to hire you if you can dedicate time, finish tasks before deadlines and in turn increase productivity and profits.

The above advantages are some of they key factors why you should consider taking up an online part-time job. In the due course, you will find it more beneficial, reliable and practical. This is especially since we are all confined to our homes during this pandemic.

In this digital day and age, you will notice that more and more organisations are okay with you working from home. If you’re at home, taking up an additional job becomes easier as you can divide time and tasks as per requirements.

Having said that, it is also important to find jobs that align with your current work or home situation. The reason for this is that it can get a tad bit confusing if you’re juggling with two opposite niches. Remember to opt for something that adds value to your skills and qualifications. To help you understand the opportunities that lie ahead of you, we have consolidated a list of jobs that you can consider. These are some of the key options when we speak of online part-time jobs but there are also more out there for you to explore.

What kinds of online part-time jobs can I find?

online part-time jobs


Think you have strong communication skills? Do you also love to write? Then this might just be the job you’re looking for. If you’re clueless about where to begin your blogging journey, then you can start off as a freelancer at first.

Apply to companies that are looking for someone to manage their blog for them. Understand the nitty-gritty aspects of blogging, gain experience and then branch out on your own. The more you write, the better you get at it!

Once you get a sense of how blogging works, you can slowly transition into creating your own blog. First you will need to find all the niches that you’re good at or would like to write about. While blogging isn’t limited to specific niches, having categories and relevant yet trending topics is what will gain you traction. Let us give you a step by step process of starting a blog:

  • Set up a website
  • Post content and images regularly
  • Engaged with your subscribers
  • Once there’s enough traffic, get a Google AdSense account to help you earn
  • On activation of your account, Google will share ads on your blog. You will get paid based on the clicks you get on those ads
  • If this seems like a longer process, you can always reach out to established bloggers and collaborate. Start writing guest posts for them and vice versa.
  • Build your blogger chain within the community and remember that authentic content is the key

Graphic Designer

If you’re someone who has adequate knowledge about design, then this is something you should consider. There is always a great demand for design whether it is for logos, ads, campaigns etc. A good design speaks volumes about the brand.

You can start off as a freelancer and take up projects based on your interest and convenience. With more experience in your kitty, you can slowly think of collaborating with other brands and sign up with them.

There are plenty of courses available online which gives you a general sense of how design works. From the tools required to how to create eye catchy designs, there’s a plethora of courses. It is always good to research and then pick up a job that you can add value to.

Starting your own business- Reselling

online part-time jobs

Have an inclination towards business? Have you considered the option of reselling products? Then you’ve reached the right place.

Setting up an online store to resell products, is in big boom these days. With the COVID-19 hitting the economy, more and more people are looking to build an empire online. Best part is, most of the portals require ZERO investment from your end. Yes, that’s right! A zero investment platform with good returns and a place to grow your network, isn’t that everything you need from an online business ? This is the perfect option for those of you who’d like to earn, learn and progress.

However, for best results, it is wiser to research beforehand and then get into the market. Our advice would be to follow the right process if you choose this mode of online part-time jobs. The process is from picking your niche to creating brand awareness and from choosing your target audience to marketing your products well. It may seem like a long process but if you cover these basics then there’s nothing that can stop your business from flourishing. After all, we want to establish trust with our customers and give them a satisfactory experience.

So, let us quickly throw some light on how you can start your own business.

  • The first way to do it is to buy products and then resell it to the customers. Here, you can either set a specific range or category of products and then make the sale. Set up a proper system of tracking goods, payments and deliveries and you’re good to go.
  • The second effective way is by signing up as a reseller on an online platform like Shop101. Here, you can pick specific items to sell, create your store and accordingly add the margins you’d like to earn from it. It easy to sign up, there’s zero investment and you can earn a substantial amount.

Social Media Manager

It is no secret that we are all living in the digital age! This digital age is mainly powered by Social Media and the various platforms that help you connect better. From finding news to finding interesting niche specific content, social media is everywhere.

The job of a Social Media Manager requires you to be creative, in tune with the trends and it’ll help you learn about the uses of different apps that ease your job. This is a great option for an online part-time job if you love social media platforms and can juggle between apps. For most social media platforms, there are in built features and tools that help you provide a very wholesome experience to your audience.

On a platform like Instagram, you have the recent addition called “Reels” which allows you to create short videos that get added to your feed. You can for example make Reels about hot selling products or for that matter a USP of the company you’re working for. Similarly there is IGTV which works exceptionally well if you’d like to create informative and slightly lengthy videos.

Similarly on Twitter, you can host a Tweetup and build engagement with your followers. Conduct an “Ask us anything” session that’ll help you understand the needs of the customers and in turn provide them accurate information. So, being a social media manager is a fun and creative online part-time job that you can consider.

Virtual Assistant

If you think you can help someone do their job in a systematic manner and have it all organised, then this is for you. What you will primarily need is good communication skills, quick thinking, decision making and of course computer skills.

There’s a lot of learning that takes place when you’re a virtual assistant for someone. It is your job to make the job easier for your contemporary and build a space that makes working together, a comfortable idea.

Apart from the above list, you have jobs like data entry, creating visually appealing content, writing subtitles etc. as other possibilities of an online part-time job. While we have listed down the different opportunities, we often come across questions like “Who will offer me an online job?”, Where can I find online part-time jobs?” and “Can I be successful in an online part-time job?” and so on. Let us answer each of these questions for you.

Who will offer me an online part-time job?

If you have considered the option of an online part-time job then you should know which employers to target. Agencies, freelance website and companies around you are the ones who will hire you for the role of a part-time employee. Ask around, socialise and find out who will offer you part-time work online that suits your skill set.

Based on the skills you have, start your search for companies that require those in their companies. Apply to places that you feel are genuine and will add more value to your resume. Check online reviews of the company/agency as it will give you a sense of how they function and what their work ethics will be like.

Create a profile on sites like LinkedIn, where you can build and connect with a host of companies who are looking to hire. Make sure you jot down all your skills on the profile and keep a track of who is hiring, what types of jobs are available etc. Also, consider updating your resume by using a good format and adding all or most of your previous work experiences.

Can I be successful in an online part-time job?

Yes, you can succeed equally well in an online part-time job as much as a regular job. The process and time taken to achieve good results may be longer. But with continuity, you will see it pay off.

While there may be tons of online part-time jobs without experience, you need to pick one that is not just easily manageable but also something interesting. Success will come with hard work, dedication and the time you put in. Doing part-time jobs from home can help you earn that additional income. Once you crack the job, success will follow!

Most people worry if an online part-time job from home will pay them enough or no. As a result of this, they wonder if it will be a successful venture or not. But don’t let that thought stop you from taking up a part-time job. In fact, it will help you build on your work experience, provide additional income and manage time like a pro.

Who can benefit from an online part-time job?

Earn Money online

The reason it is called part-time is because it doesn’t require you to do a 9-5 shift. It offers you the flexibility of working while also managing other things like family, studies, college etc.

Usually the people seeking an online part-time work opportunity are housewives, new mothers, students and other professionals. They are the people who are looking for work but are not ready to work full-time yet due to other commitments. However, if opportunities knock at your door, one should just take it without thinking twice.

How much can I earn from an online part-time job?

This largely depends on the type of work that you take on. Simultaneously, also the number of hours you put in. Ideally it takes anywhere between 1-4 hours and in some cases, more. Jobs like online tutoring may take a longer time as compared to writing an article as a freelancer. So it entirely depends on how much you’re willing to do and what job you’d like to take on.

However, if you’re interested in something like reselling products online, then you can earn margins on your products every week. Online portals like Shop101 make the process easy for you. They churn out their payrolls every Friday and you don’t even need to invest to become an online reseller.

What are some of the genuine online part time jobs?

When one says “online”, we often tend to wonder about fraudulent sites out there. We hear of scams, spams and more on a daily basis, which makes us apprehensive. But let us tell you that there are far more genuine and authentic sites out there that offer online work.

Look for companies or agencies that have a zero investment policy. The moment you see that, you know that it is genuine. In most scam cases, they ask for you pay some amount to join their company. Consider that as a warning sign.

Next thing you can look at is the website and the content on it. By glancing through the content you can very well tell about the authenticity of it. You can also check the url as it tells you about the possibility of a broken link in there.

How much experience do I need for online part time jobs?

part-time jobs

Now, this depends on the kind of job that you’re applying for. Some companies need previous work experience in order for them to hire you while some others don’t require any. It solely depends on the kind of job post you’re applying for. Also, the role that you will be willing to play in that said company or agency.

Well, seeking part-time job opportunities online is a safe bet for those who want to earn money from home. It is also quite beneficial for those of you who would like to add to the existing income. For that matter, even contribute to your families. If there are any more questions that you’d like to ask us, please drop them in the comments section below.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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