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Have you wanted to work from home for a while? You can take up online part-time jobs without investment and start your online career now!

At the mention of online part-time jobs, employees often wonder if they will have to pay an amount to get it. While that does hold true in some cases, most companies out there are indeed genuine. Several factors determine the legitimacy of a company and these can be identified easily. Finding online part-time jobs without investment requires patience, research and a good amount of understanding about how online jobs work.

When it comes to an online part-time job, you need to be sure as to why you want to take it up, how much you’d like to earn and how many hours you would like to contribute to it. To begin with let us discuss how to identify genuine companies from frauds.

5 ways to identify genuine companies from illegitimate ones who offer online part-time jobs

Online Part-time Jobs

Check the website

A company’s website is like a database of everything that the company does, has done and has achieved so far. It is a digital document of the company’s accolades, strategies, interactions, information and so on. When you go through a website, certain things like too many ads, invalid links, language used etc. can seem alarming. A good accompany has a registered website that meets all the guidelines of the domain. The company should buy the website’s domain name in order to avoid duplication. Once the domain is bought, all the coding and design related development will happen keeping the domain name in mind. It is important to have a website registered under a specific domain name as it speaks volumes about the genuineness of the brand.

Avoid payments

Some agencies/companies ask you to pay on sign up or at a later stage of the sign up in order to seek further information. This is a clear indication that they are not legitimate. Sign ups are usually free unless there are multiple downloads involved. In some cases, charging a nominal fee is legitimate too. It is more like a security bond. It is always better to research about the website beforehand if it is asking for a fee. The reviews from other people will tell you a lot about how legitimate the website is, how well it is performing and also give you the guarantee you need when investing.

Check the contact details

A legitimate website will always mention the right contact details on the page. You can try by calling the numbers mentioned on the page in order to clarify the legitimacy. Once you connect with the contact person, it’ll be like an affirmation that the website isn’t a hoax. Next thing you should check is the office address mentioned on the website. Find out if the address exists for real and the best way to do it is through Google. If it is a place you’re familiar with, you can check nearby landmarks and confirm the existence of the office. A genuine website will not shy away from adding contact details or an address on the website. So, these are some of the factors that help you assess if they offer online part-time jobs without investment and if they are genuine.

Cross check the payment

As an online part-time job is from home, the payment will be through a digital channel. Check if the company is tied up with Paytm or are linked to Razorpay, when it comes to releasing payments. Also, if you feel like they’re offering far more than what others are offering, in the same field, then it is time to rethink and cross check this. Although the money may seem good to you, you need to first understand if they’re actually paying in full or if that is only a marketing gimmick to get more people to sign up.

Some companies flash huge sums of money that they’re willing to pay but once you sign up you realise that they want you to pay a small fee too! This isn’t the most healthy practice when it comes to offering online jobs so it is best to stay away.

Check the registration of the website

Every website has a set of guidelines that they go through. You can click on http://www.mca.gov.in/ , which will lead you to the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. From here, you click on the MCA services and click on the option that suggests “Check LLP name” under LLP services group. You will then be required to enter the name of the website as it is, to check if it has been registered with MCA. If it is registered, you can also check how old it is and when it was registered and other information. As mentioned earlier, it is always wiser to check complaints, reviews, other linked domains, to see if the website is running properly and systematically.

Which are the best online part-time jobs without investment, that one can opt for?

Online Part-time Jobs without Investment

Many online part-time jobs promise you a job and a good pay scale. However, some of these agencies and companies also ask for a fee for you to get the job. But don’t worry too much on that! Here are some really full proof and profitable online part-time jobs without investment, for you.


Freelancer is someone who is typically considered as self employed. Although they take on specific projects of clients or are hired on a contract basis, they are ultimately self employed. A Freelancer essentially renders services like writing, designing, performance driven, creative job roles etc. on a per hour/per day/ per project basis rather than working as a regular employee. A Freelancer is paid based on the amount of work they do and how well they can meet the deadlines.

How can I become a freelancer?

Firstly you will need to define your skillsets and figure out a niche based on those skillsets. Once you are clear about what niche you want to target, then you can start looking for work in that specific niche itself.

Next thing would be to define the services that you are willing to offer. Set up your profile on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc and mention your services there. Also target specific keywords when you are mentioning your services as it will help clients find you. This increases your chance to find relevant work in your field.

Once you’ve defined your role, you can also define the type of clients you’d like to work for. Whether it is an agency, whether a private firm or a project basis job role, mention it in your profile so that the right people reach out to you.

In order to get better at your job and to improvise further, consider upgrading yourself through online courses. The more you build your profile, the more likely you are to find work that pays better. This will also increase your credibility in terms of the kind of people who are looking to hire you and the payment that they’re willing to offer.

Only after you’ve found enough work or have built on your skill set, it’ll be ethical to determine your service costs. Mention your pricing in a structured way for your clients to understand how and why to hire you. Giving clarity to your clients will also help them identify the quality of your work.

What are some of the online part-time jobs for a Freelancer?

There are many jobs out there for freelancers, but these are some of the creative jobs that you can consider when you’re starting out. However, before you begin, you might want to build on your portfolio first. Mention your profile clearly, the courses that add to your credibility and the different kinds of projects you’ve worked on. List a variety and structure your portfolio in a professional manner so as to offer some clarity on the same. Google for some examples of portfolios for a freelancer and seek inspiration from the same to build your very own.

Online Reselling

Have you always wanted to run your own business? Do you think you have it in you to manage a business while doing other jobs or duties? Then online reselling is for you!

In the recent past, online reselling has become one of the best ways to earn money online. If you understand the basics of how a business works, then this can be a game changer in your career graph. However, when one hears of business they often think of an investment. Business is also associated with risk. But what if we tell you that you can be a successful in an online business without having to invest? What if we suggest that online reselling with Shop101 is one of the best options to consider when you’re looking for online part-time jobs without investment? Well, get ready for a great start!

At Shop101, you can resell products by creating an online store in just a few minutes. This online store comes at no cost, which means zero investments. You can either choose to sell your own products or choose from the list of products they have in their catalog. Once you pick your niche products you can start the process of reselling.

How can I earn through online reselling at Shop101?

After you select the products that you want to sell on your store, you will need to add margins to each product. Furthermore, you will have to make sure that you market these products well. By marketing we mean that you will need to build a strong customer base and community by promoting your products on social media. Facebook marketplace, WhatsApp and Instagram are some of the forums where you can market your products. Creating a page on Facebook or Instagram, for business purposes is also very helpful. It helps you identify your customers and target audience based on the data you punch in to build your page. Post content daily; it can be images of your products, discounts, new products, pricing of products etc. Engage with your customers and aim to give them a wholesome shopping experience.

Best part about Shop101 is that you don’t have to worry about shipping. We take care of it through our alternative product, Dash101, that deals with Ecommerce, logistics and supply. So all you will need to worry about is creating your store, adding margins and managing the sales. Shop101 releases payments every week so you can really well considerably well if you market your products.


We sincerely hope these online part-time jobs without investments really help you decide on which job to take up from home. If you’d like to know more about online reselling, please do check this out. It is a guide for you to explore this niche further and it’ll take you one step further to building an online career.


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online part-time jobs without investment
Have you wanted to work from home for a while? You can take up online part-time jobs without investment and start your online career now!
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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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