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With the changing of the job economy, online part time jobs while working are becoming more important. A lot of people are now looking to actively leave the traditional 9-5 jobs and instead opt for part time jobs that give them more freedom even if it means a little less earning.

Others are looking to add to their earnings by working on part time jobs while still working in the corporate world. This is a great way to not only add to your earnings but also learn additional skills like management.

Another benefit of part time jobs is that they can easily be converted into full time jobs. For example, a freelancing content writer might just start off with a few projects but they can easily scale into a full business that provides different content for companies.

Similarly, online reselling with Shop101 can start off as a hobby or an online part time jobs but with a little dedication, it can easily become a complete, self-sustaining business.

Before you start looking into online part time jobs, there are a few things we should go over.

Consider the following points before you think about indulging into part time jobs along with working.

Make sure that your current full-time contract does not object to having secondary jobs

Many firms and employers emphasize that their employees must not work for competitor firms or for that matter, anyone from the same industry. This might not be an issue at all if you are self-employed, but if not, then make sure to check your employee handbook or the working contract.

Watch the clock

 It is quite possible that your current job demands for most of the working hours in a day. No, that does not mean that you cannot perform part-time jobs. There are great opportunities through online part time jobs while working with which you can easily make money from home. 

Have a goal in mind

Just going out and about to get more jobs to add income is not the right direction to head in. Being clear about why you are taking up an additional job in the first place will help you get the right one. For example, if it is solely for the added income, draft a budget and find one that suits it. If it is for enhancing your skills or adding to the portfolio, be clear as to what kind of work you want and find your best pick.

Having considered the points above, you are in the condition of opting for online part time jobs to supplement your full-time profession. But how do part-time jobs contribute to your professional career? It can begin with a simple idea by choosing a successful online platform like Shop101 to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Online Part Time Jobs While Working

Let’s see how having multiple jobs is a great advantage for your career

Additional income

This comes as the most obvious and most advantageous perk of doing multiple jobs. If your current job keeps you on your toes when it comes to finances, you really have to consider getting diverse sources of income.

Financial security

The pandemic has taught us how little job security really means. Thus, having multiple sources of income can be beneficial in uncertain times like these. It is even better to have online earning jobs which can run smoothly even during lockdowns. Alternate means of employment will serve you well in unfortunate circumstances that you may be subject to.

You can pursue varied fields

In many cases, your monthly paying job may not align with your genuine interests, especially when you have varied interests. For example, maybe you studied medicine, but you are also extremely interested and/or talented in the field of graphic design. The amount of satisfaction in making money by pursuing your interests is undebatable. Most of the full-time jobs do not combine multiple interests. Thus, choosing the right part-time job can suit your interests while you make additional income. 

Greater opportunities for networking

A singular job might limit your opportunities to network, both in quantity and professional typology. Working multiple jobs not only helps you make money from home but also gives you the chance to connect to a variety of professionals. With better networking opportunities, you can get an off from the monotony of a regular job while enhancing your professional connections. In some cases, it may also allow you to make global acquaintances. 

Flexibility in work

One of the biggest reasons why professionals should take up part-time jobs is that it allows you to make more from your day and allows you some degree of control over it. Usually, in a formal job, you have a set of rules and a planned schedule to abide by. But, when you freelance or take up online part time jobs while working, it allows you to work when you can make time, control the number of extra projects you take up, and what kind of work you do at what time. 

Work up your portfolio

Today, the professional field is highly portfolio-based. Sure, your 9-5 job pays you well, but what does it add to your professional assets? It is vital to building your skillset, as it helps you improve at your current job and helps you learn the ropes of business as well if that is a part of your plan. With new skills, you can offer more assets to any company and hence, will be of more value. Thus, an improved skill set could be your way of getting a promotion, or even better, a new and better job!

It goes without saying that doing multiple jobs is extremely useful for you, be it on a personal, financial or professional level. Sure, it comes with a critical set of considerations. But, the pay-off is totally worth it. It demands a serious amount of motivation from you; something that corporate lifestyle steals from you at an early stage. But, it is also essential to acknowledge that you only can take charge of what you make from your career.

Tips for building a successful online business

Choose a niche that drives you

Another reason that makes starting your online business great is the ability to choose your niche according to your interest. There are numerous options to start your online venture. You can choose fashion, beauty, art, and craft or any other niche to begin your business. Working in a field that you like and having good knowledge of the same can help make you more confident. It allows you to follow your passion and experiment and innovate in the field that drives you.

Use your social media to boost your earnings and expand your reach

If you want to earn extra income and feel intimidated by the idea of business, the biggest fear is not being able to take your business to the masses and attract potential clients. Well, the solution to this concern is simple.

Put your social media account that you were using for socializing and leisure to work. Everyone in the present times has an online presence in the form of any social media handle. You might also have or can create your Facebook pages, or Instagram handles to showcase your skills and expertise.

Utilize your connections on these platforms as a starting customer base for your new business. Reach out to a wide range of target audience and promote your products for reselling. If you resell through Shop101, you can share your product links on your social media handles with just a click!

Connect to a wider range of customers

Most of the businesses are set up on the older brick and mortar concept. This limits their reach to your prospective clients. In the present era, when the businesses are going digital, taking your business online enhances your customer base. It is also a great way to stay in touch with current market trends. Shop101 can help you to share products on social media for sale quickly without much hassle. This helps you take your business beyond state boundaries and across the globe. You can see tremendous growth in your sale and earnings with almost no extra expense.

Grow by learning new skills and technological tools

Staying updated is the key to success in the present world. Both market and technology are changing at a fast pace, and you need to cope with these changes by constantly learning. You need to keep learning to do successful online part time jobs while working. This may sound like a big issue, but the answer is simple.

There are plenty of free short-term courses, seminars, and lectures that can help you learn new skills conveniently. All you need to have is Internet access and a webcam. Yes, you heard it right. CAMs can coach you about different aspects of online business. You can learn using technology to make your operations precise, better analyze your customer base, and sell, and understand the market trends to innovate and experiment with your products and services to better suit the customer’s needs and desires.

A permanent source of income

In the present lockdown situation, when every other business is diving, online businesses are still staying strong. The situation has proved that with online commerce, you can run your business and earn a great amount even in times of crisis. There is a lot of promise in online commerce that you can take up full time and earn a handsome amount.

Starting your online business is not only an opportunity to earn extra income but also a potential career option. For women who want to move past their fixed-hour jobs at corporate organisations, online business is a boon. It is a huge flourishing market and provides you with a vast scope to work comfortably and earn a promising amount.

Here a few online part time jobs while working to help you improve your skills

Start your own blog

Blogging is one of the most popular job options for working from home and making money. If you have strong communication skills and love writing, blogging is the perfect option for you! You can choose to be a freelance blogger or start your own blog.

As a freelance blogger, you would be responsible for creating content on behalf of other companies. You can upskill yourself by learning how to create SEO-optimised content, which will help you put out quality content.

If you don’t want to work as a freelancer, you can start your own blog page. The best part of writing your own blog is that you can decide what type of content you want to create. It can be about cooking, parenting, arts, or anything else you are interested in! 

To earn money through your own blog, you will need to set up a website and post content regularly. When your website starts to get a good amount of traffic, sign up for a Google AdSense account, and monetize your blog. 

Once your application is approved, Google will start putting ads on your blog and will pay you based on the number of clicks the ads get. Another way to make money through your blog is by tying up with brands and companies and advertising their product in your blog.

Start your own business through online reselling

Online reselling is an up and coming business trend that is quickly gaining popularity. It is the go-to option for many people who are working from home part-time as it allows you to make money with almost zero investment! It is perfect for people who want to make money fast and learn more about starting their own business.

There are two ways to start reselling things online. The first way is to purchase the products yourself and then resell them to your customers. The second way is to sign up as a reseller with an online portal like Shop101. To get started, you will first need to download the app and choose from a wide range of products and commodities to create your own personal store. Once you choose what products you want to resell, all you have to do is add a markup to its original price and share it with your friends and family. 

When a purchase is made from your ‘store’ you will earn the amount you had marked up or the margin. The margin will be credited directly into your bank after the delivery of the product.

Become a Data Entry Operator

Online data entry is a great option for you if you don’t have any previous work experience, as it does not require too many skills. To do data entry work, you will need to have basic computer skills and be able to work on Microsoft Office. Many organisations outsource data entry jobs, which makes it a great option for someone who wants to work part-time from home. 

The amount you earn from doing the data entry will depend on various factors like the type of work, your typing speed, project size, and more. There are many kinds of online data entry jobs and you can choose which one best suits you. Some of these include Captcha entry, email processing, data formatting, proofreading and copywriting, form filling and basic typing to name a few.

Snap pictures for stock photo websites

Love taking pictures? Turn your hobby into a paid part-time job from home! There are many websites looking to buy digital photographs and stock images. Stock images are photos that are taken, edited, and are distributed on platforms that are ready to be used, but are not free. You can ‘buy’ stock images to use as you please, but the photographer still owns the images and holds the copyright for it.

There are multiple websites through which you can sell your pictures. The most popular stock image sites are Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images, 500 Pixel, SmugMug Pro and Etsy to name a few. The amount you will get paid for your photos depends on the quality of the photos. As your photography skills improve with practice, so will your income!

Spread your knowledge by taking tuition

Teaching classes and taking tuitions are a great way to earn money working part-time! The best part about this is it could be done offline as well as online. Taking tuitions will require a deep understanding of the subject you are teaching. 

If you don’t have the academic qualifications, you could earn money by teaching classes and workshops about something you are passionate about. You can sign up to be an online tutor with organisations like Vedantu, BharatTutor, and Tutor India. These online teaching platforms connect Indian teachers and students.

Online Part Time Jobs While Working

Online Reselling – the need of the hour

As mentioned above, online selling is electronic commerce (commonly referred to as e-commerce) mode of conducting business whereby retailers or business-owners sell their products to customers on various online platforms using the internet. These online platforms include the website of the retailers, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and e-commerce websites. 

Online selling is boon to budding online part time jobs while working, who do not have sufficient economic resources to set-up a complete business. Lower set-up, as well as operational or running costs, are the benefits that make online selling a lucrative and productive method of doing business. The removal of geographical restrictions will allow you to earn money from home by just accessing the internet and using your phone!  

The Corona pandemic and the resultant lockdown situation has brought a dramatic change in the shopping behaviour of customers who will now hesitate to visit a shopping mall or a retail outlet, and consequently will opt for online methods of shopping. The health scare has also jeopardized the operational functions of most of the businesses as they are unable to directly or physically reach-out to their present and prospective customers. 

They are facing a double whammy of the risk of the deadly virus and suffering economic losses due to the non-functioning of their business activities in full swing. In such a frightful scenario, more and more budding small-scale business owners are choosing online selling platforms to launch and sell their products.

Taking the baby steps

So now that the idea of launching your product online has settled in your mind, have a look at the baby steps that you need to follow –


Do comprehensive research on your target customers as well as your competitors in the online market. Conduct a detailed study on the needs and demands of the customers to get a fair idea of the desirability of your product. Scrutinize the salient features that differentiate your product from that of your competitors.

Business Plan

Layout a broad strategic plan to define your business model for the effective launch of your product in the online commerce world.  

Cost Management

The primary purpose of small business owners to sell online is to evade the enormous costs involved in setting up a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ or physical outlet, such as capital, manufacturing, operating, selling, and maintenance costs. Before launching your product on online platforms, it is imperative to do a detailed cost analysis (or break-even analysis) to assess the profitability quotient of your product.


Register on the promising online selling sites (or Apps) and create an online store of your brand (with a suitable name and logo).


Apart from online selling sites, create a customer-friendly website in the name of your company or brand. The website must be designed to include the following –

  • Secure Server
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Catalogue
  • Payment Processor
  • Shipping details

The website must be easy to navigate and must provide a delightful shopping experience to the customers. Share and publicize the website link on various social media platforms to attract more and more customers.

Product Display and Listing

Click clear pictures of your product (preferably two or three from different facets, and of all the available colours, sizes, and variants). Post these pictures on the online selling sites to display your products to target customers.

Product Description

Provide a complete description of the product to the customers that include the following –

  • name of the product
  • product features and utility
  • specific code (if allotted)
  • price
  • discounts or special incentives (if applicable)

Terms of Sale

Define and divulge complete details about the terms and conditions of the online sale on your website. Focus specifically on below areas –

  • shipping options and policy 
  • estimated delivery time
  • payment terms
  • return and exchange policies 

Internet Marketing

Apply extensive online advertising and content marketing techniques to boost awareness of your products amongst potential customers. Example – distribute free samples of your product to close family members or friends, and ask for their online feedback. You can also use video advertisements and weekly SMS or e-mail alerts to announce new launches, introductory offers or special discounts, etc. on certain products.


Create a business blog of your brand and promote your products by writing engaging, informative, and interesting blogs for online customers. 

Take the above baby steps to launch your product in the online market, and voila, you are all set to start your own online part time job while working.

Shop101- A remarkable gateway to sell online

Shop101 is one of the leading social e-commerce platforms in India that encourages online selling to anyone who interested in building their own business without an investment. It offers the benefits of increasing the customer base of these businesses by selling and promoting their products on various online platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Shop101 is a networking marketplace with a network of resellers who will resell your products and thus boost your product’s reach. It is an easy way to sell online and earn money from home.

Create a website in a few clicks with Shop101, that too without spending a single rupee (zero investment cost). The registration process is simple and quick, and hence is an incredible platform for launching a new product in the market through your online store. Shop101 is a great online part time job while working as it provides support such as end-to-end processing of orders, managing their product inventory, supply and delivery chains, and payment systems.

In today’s tech driven world, working on an online part time job while working is becoming extremely easy and fruitful. It can easily help add to your income and in the long run become a complete self sufficient business. 

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, drop a comment below!


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Nikita Mirchandani

Nikita is quiet, sometimes too quiet until you get to know her - then she can be pretty loud. Always been a voracious reader, she reads anything she can get her hands on. 12/10 she would read a dictionary if she had nothing else. Loves writing, but hates grammar. She's an enigma in the making.



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