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Want to earn that extra income online? Here is a list of top 5 online part-time jobs from home that you must check out now!

Bored of the same old grind? Haven’t been able to quit the regular job yet? Well, you don’t have to! You can break the monotony by taking up online part-time jobs from home. Yes, you heard right! Regular jobs can get mundane if there’s not much progress you’re making. However, you can still work around your present job by either pursuing online courses to upgrade yourselves or better yet take up an online job.

An online job gives you more reasons to learn, explore and earn as well. While most people worry about taking up an online job due to the number of scams that are out there; not all websites are illegitimate. With the present situation that we all are in, most people have anyway opted for a work from home job. The option of taking up online part-time jobs from home has in fact helped a lot of people increase their productivity, while also. managing their homes fairly well.

Before we suggest the best online part-time jobs that you can take up from home, let us look at why you should!

Why should one opt for online part-time jobs from home?

online part time jobs from home

Money management

When you’re earning from one job, you have no option but to use that money to pay your bills, loans, other expenses and so on. The moment you opt for another job, you will learn the knack of managing money better. The extra income you earn from that online job will only serve as a reminder to save, invest and use your money wisely. Additional income is something that gives you financial security. With the right online job in hand, you can earn equally well if not more than your present job.

Time management

Working round the clock or on two different shifts can be quite challenging initially. But with good planning, it is definitely achievable. Take up a job that doesn’t coincide with your regular job. Pick a time slot before or after your job when you can dedicate it to the online part-time job from home that you choose. Set daily reminders on your phone to finish tasks on time. You can also get yourself an organiser which you can fill in every night before you sleep. Make small notes about what your day looks like tomorrow. This will give you some clarity on what to expect, how much needs to be done and how many tasks are pending. Basically, taking up online part-time jobs from home will teach you time management as a whole and will help you structure your work better.

Ability to adapt

Running a schedule for two jobs provides you a sense of adaptability. You learn to adjust according to different schedules and tasks. On some days you may be juggling between both the jobs and deadlines respectively, at such times you will find ways to divide the work based on priorities. What may seem tough initially, will be a cake walk once you understand the flow of your work and how much you can take on. Adapting to schedules, experimenting with what works best for your style of working, will all be additional skills that you will learn when you take up your second job, an online part-time job from home.

What kinds of online part-time jobs from home can one find?

Work from home

There is no dearth of online part-time jobs from home that one can find. From content to data related, from coding to design related; there are plenty of jobs out there. But we would like to give the top 5 online part-time jobs that you can definitely try out. These jobs will help you earn online as well as help you build the experience that you need.


As a freelancer, you have the liberty of choosing a niche that you’re good at. Once you choose a niche, you can sign up with websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc. and start building your profile. Set up a profile giving basic details about your skill set, experience and the kind of jobs you’re looking for. Define your services and once you find a client who is interested in hiring you, you can discuss your charges. If you’d like to get paid better, please make a mention of all your previous work experiences and put out a high quality portfolio of that work. Meanwhile, you can also pursue some other courses to level up your present skill set.

The more work you do, the more your credibility increases. Keep adding your latest work onto your profile so that it increases your chance of finding new work and clients. As a freelancer, you can very well manage your regular job as it doesn’t require a regular shift as such; all it needs is for you to complete your tasks on time. Always put quality before quantity if you want to continue being a freelancer for a longer time.

Online reselling

online part time jobs from home

One of the best online part-time jobs from home and one that’s gaining a lot of popularity of late, is online reselling. Online reselling is for anyone who would like to run an online business without any investment. Yes, a business without investment is unheard of but some websites have made it possible for you to run a successful business. One such website is Shop101.

Shop101 allows you to create your very own online store for free. All you need to do is sign up with them, create a store and start choosing your products. If you already have a place to source your products then you can upload those with good quality images and accurate descriptions. If you don’t, then you can choose from the catalog that Shop101 has and pick your products accordingly. After you create your store, you should start by adding margins on each of the products. Then comes the question of marketing these products on different social media channels like Facebook marketplace, WhatsApp and Instagram. The more you promote, the more likely you are to build a customer base. The best part about this is that they release your payments every week! So do check them out and start earning now!

Graphic designer

Always loved to play around with photoshopping tools? Has design been on your mind? Then you can choose to become a graphic designer. A graphic designer is responsible to innovate, change and create the whole look and feel of a brand. Whether it means adding design elements to a website or designing a logo; here’s an online part-time job from home that will allow you to explore your creative side. While some agencies may hire you to design based on their brand guidelines, most others will be okay with you using your own touch to the design.

So, if this has interested you in the past, you can start building your portfolio. If you haven’t designed at all, then you can take up an online course to learn about using design tools and how much of an impact it has on a brand. Once you clear your courses, you can start designing as a freelancer. Remember that in a field like this, there are always more tools, more apps and more techniques that will come in the market. So always be ahead of the game and upgrade yourself through more courses.

Social Media Manager

Social media manager

The buzzword here being ‘Social Media’, you can pretty much guess what this job will revolve around. Social media platforms offer a variety of information for their users. In fact each platform has different algorithms that they follow and based on your searches, it provides you the information you need. As a social media manager, you will be responsible to engage, stay active and create a space for your target audience to communicate with you and the company you represent.

You will be in charge of paid and organic campaigns that you will need to run in order to create brand visibility. Furthermore, your job will be to be in touch with the different trends and tools that you need to use to improve your presence on respective platforms. All this will depend on the way you strategise your marketing goals and implement them. So, it is definitely a fun job to do from home and again, it’ll help you tap into your creative side.

Virtual assistant

If you’re someone who loves planning, organising and scheduling then this might be a job that interests you. As a virtual assistant you will be required to provide technical, administrative, creative assistance to the clients. You will also need to structure your manager’s work by scheduling meetings, planning work travels, organising other work commitments and so on. It is a demanding job but if you have a home office and can stay focused on the different tasks assigned to you, it is easily doable.

Based on your capability and experience, you can charge the agency that hired you. Whether it is on an hourly basis or for the day, each agency has different payment schemes that they follow. Be sure to check your exact job profile and what it requires of you. One of the key skills that you will need as a virtual assistant is good communication skills. To add to that, time will play a crucial role here as you will be required to hustle between tasks and duties. All in all, it is a good profile that will make you stand out in your career graph.


These jobs will definitely make you consider online part-time jobs from home as the next best option in your career. We hope these top 5 jobs will help you decide which one to go with. If there is anything else you’d like to know from us, please leave us a message and we will be happy to answer you.


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Top 5 Online Part-time Jobs from Home
Want to earn that extra income online? Here is a list of the top 5 online part-time jobs from home that you must check out now!
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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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