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Want to add to your income? What better than an online part-time job to earn money and to add to your experience?! Read and find out more.

The most common question when it comes to an online part-time job to earn money is whether it is actually legal or no. Following this, employees often wonder if this is a job opportunity that will help them succeed in their career or it is just a way to earn extra income. The answer to both these questions is yes and yes! Online part-time jobs are not just a legal job possibility but also one that will help you earn money online.

There are a lot of perks on an online part-time job and earning money isn’t the only one. Of course with the current COVID-19 situation, this is an option that most are seeking for. This is especially because staying home and staying safe is the only thing that we can do in order to prevent the spread of the virus. So, we would encourage all of you to take up an online part-time job to earn money and to also find the right work-life balance. Without further ado, let us look at some of the reasons to consider an online part-time job.

5 reasons to consider an online part-time job to earn money

There are many reasons why one should switch to an online part-time job but here are the 5 main reasons to consider it. These reasons will help you professionally and personally as well so do check them out. Also, tell us if you have more reasons to add and you can post them in the comments section below.

Expand your skill set

online part-time job to earn money

An online part-time job doesn’t necessarily have to be in a field that is familiar to your existing one. It can be a completely unrelated niche but one that you’re passionate about. You can look for jobs that you’ve probably wanted to make a career out of but haven’t. This gives you an opportunity to explore that possibility and learn all there is.

If you do take up an online part-time job that supports your existing field, then you can expand your skill set. Interconnected or related jobs in the same field will only help you join the dots, bridge the gaps between your skill and scope. For example, if you are an accountant, having pursued your studies in finance; a job like that of a stock broker will be beneficial. It’ll help you learn, earn and understand the market better. May be this can also be another step to starting out on your own and doing personal financial consultancy work for clients. These jobs pay well, once you have the experience and expertise in the field.

There are also many courses that you can do simultaneously which will only help you when you take up an online part-time job to earn money. So, apart from the extra income, these jobs definitely help you build yourself better in your career.

Build your own brand

online part-time job to earn money

If you’re wondering which type of an online part-time job can help you build a brand? Well, there are 2 key ones.

  1. Blogging
  2. Online reselling

Blogging is a great way to create a name for yourself in a specific niche. By posting quality content daily, installing plugins for your blog and getting yourself a Google Adsense account; you get to earn, create a brand of the sorts and begin your blogging journey. The journey of a blogger requires a lot of dedication and hardworking in the initial stages. But once it kicks off, it is a great option to consider as an online part-time job to earn money.

Online reselling on the other hand is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs as it guarantees quick returns. This is especially if you choose to resell on an online reselling platform. Online portals like Shop101 allow you to create your own store or brand and resell the products. The best part is that you don’t have to invest in order to start your reselling business. All you need to do is sign up with Shop101 and get started in less than 2 minutes.

The process is simple as you need to just Pick the products you want to resell, Share them on social media and Earn on each sale. The payments are released every Friday so your weekends are pretty much sorted. On a serious note, this a great space to tap into if you’ve also wanted to run a business. In fact an online business will work wonders given the current situation that we’ve all been thrown into. Do check the Shop101 app and get one step closer to building your own brand online.

Offers flexibility

Even with a regular 9-5 job, you can take up a part-time gig. If you’re a student who is pursuing a course, you can still take up an online part-time job to get additional pocket money. In fact this is a great option for new moms or stay-at-home moms as it will help them support their family while also utilise their time in a productive manner.

Online part-time jobs on an average, require you to work a minimum of 2-4 hours. This leaves you with enough time to do other duties, pursue hobbies or do the regular job on the side. Part-time jobs online offer enough flexibility and promotes a healthy work-life balance. It is also believed that online part-time jobs also help increase the productivity of the employee as they’re less stressed as compared to a regular job.

This flexibility in working hours, helps you manage your meals, personal chores, family duties etc. like a pro, with little planning and time management. Getting yourself a good organiser can help you balance this amazingly well.

Networking in an online part-time job is beneficial

online part-time job to earn money

If you thought of an online part-time job as just a job which offers you money alone? Then you’re wrong! This is also a great way to meet people in your field. You could use this opportunity to connect with employees who have been in your niche for a while. In fact you could also connect on professional sites like LinkedIn, which will broaden your horizon and help you connect with more professionals.

The client or company that you’re working for, will also have a page on any or all of the social media channels. Use these pages to connect with others who are working remotely. This will help you figure a way to work on your project or how to stir things up a little. In fact, by exchanging ideas, you might get to learn more about the job that you’ve taken up. This type of networking will also help you connect and collaborate in future. So, use this opportunity and take back valuable insights; whether it is about the profile or work ethics in general.

Expanding into a full-time job from an online part-time job, to earn money

The thing about online part-time jobs is that once you get into the flow, it takes your lesser time to adjust to it. Even in the case of completing tasks, you might find yourself finishing tasks within the stipulated time period. This might get you thinking about taking up a full-time job too. In all honesty, that is not such a bad idea. You will be required to add more hours but you will also get paid accordingly. So, from an online part-time job, you can move to a full-time one.

Who will decide whether you can be employed as a full-time employee? The company and recruiter of course. Based on your experience and the amount of work you’ve done, your employee can offer you a full-time stint. If you’re happy with your job profile, you can also request to be given work that will only complement it. This may mean that you have more tasks at hand but the thing to remember is that you’re also building experience alongside. In a full-time gig, your chances at rising up in the company and making progress professionally, are higher. This is definitely a good way to build a career graph that is not just relevant but will be helpful in future jobs as well.


So, don’t think twice if you’re looking for online part-time jobs to earn money from home. It is definitely a great option to consider and one that will be fruitful for your career, if you choose the right job. Meanwhile, you can check out some of the online part-time job opportunities that you can consider.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.

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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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