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If you're a seller, then marketplaces are a profitable place to start your online business. Read on about these 3 online marketplaces.

The internet has changed the face of shopping forever. A click on a laptop or a tap on your mobile phone is sufficient to place an order and this order is delivered right to your doorstep! With everything shifting online, it is obvious that the process of buying and selling is going to change drastically in the coming years. Already, online marketplaces have been generating profits and have proved to be the new-age business model for many sellers. If you’re a seller planning to start your online business, then marketplaces are a profitable place to start. In this blog, we’ll tell you about 3 online marketplaces generating profit.

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This company needs no introduction! For more than half a decade, Amazon has connected buyers in India to find all the things they need on a single platform. This has also led to many sellers selling their products on Amazon as it gives them more visibility. Amazon’s delivery services and inventory also help sellers manage their products better. It is one of the most successful online marketplaces generating profit in the current times.

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Facebook Marketplace

There’s no better place to sell your products online than social media! Many social media sites like Facebook have started their own marketplace. Facebook Marketplace gives you Pan-India access and is one of the most popular online marketplaces generating profit. All you need is an active Facebook account and you get access to Marketplace. You can post your products and buyers will directly contact you via Messenger or any other contact details that you provide in your listings. However, inventory and delivery are going to be your responsibility and Facebook will bear no responsibility for it. But with an app like Shop101, you can place an order and earn a margin without worrying about managing inventory, investment, and delivery. Many resellers on Shop101 also get a lot of orders from Facebook Marketplace.


Are you looking to buy handmade or artistic products? Or are you an artist who wants to sell what you make? Well, Etsy is an online marketplace generating profits and catering to everything related to art and crafts. They have become very popular with artists who want to sell their craft as a side business. It’s easy for artists as they can start their own shop for free.

Image Credits: Andrea Piacquadio

Online Marketplaces have become important, especially after the pandemic. They are the future of shopping. If you’re a seller looking to start your business, you must post your products on online marketplaces generating profit. These 3 are the most popular and will help you find a pan-India base for your business.


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