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Do online job websites actually pay you well? Or is it time to start looking at some other way of earning money? Let's find out below.

The internet has surely opened up so many opportunities for us. But it has come with its own sets of problems. It is easy to put up and advertise job-listings on the internet. However, there are websites that put up fake jobs. They either don’t pay you once your gig is over or take money from you and never return your calls or emails. Even though the gig economy has a lot of potential, it is important to be aware of what is authentic on the internet and what is not. However, there are genuine opportunities on online job websites. Let’s discuss some of these in this article

Do online job websites really pay?

The answer to this question is yes and no. As mentioned in the start, there are scams in name of some online job websites. The only way to make sure you’re not being scammed is to do thorough research. Research about the company and the person you’re going to work for. Take your offer letter in written with details about the duration of your work, the number of hours you’re supposed to work and of course the renumeration or as usually called, the salary. Let’s look at some of the popular career options online job websites pay for.

Online job options you need to check out now

Content Writing

Are you one of those who always wanted to write but had to choose a completely different career path? Then this is a great option for you. Every business today wants to communicate to their audience. Since most people spend half of their time online, brands want content writers who can write on their blogs.

A popular option in the present times, content writers have to deliver their articles on time under strict deadlines. However, if you are freelancing, then you can take up projects at your own will and work according to your own time-table.

Let’s come to the real question. How much do online job websites pay content writers? Well, it depends. If you’re starting out, then the salaries will not be high. However, if you’re willing to work hard, you can definitely move up the ladder when it comes to salary.

Graphic Designing

If there is an artist hidden in you that loves doodling and drawing, then graphic designing is a perfect option for you. You can go to a professional school or take online courses to learn graphic designing.

There is a huge demand for graphic designers who can make content look visually appealing. You can do online part-time job with brands or sign for online job websites that pay you well. The salary, like content writing, depends on experience and skills.

Social media Manager

online job websites

A major part of communication now happens through social media. If you can create engaging content for social media, then this is the right choice for you. Millennials today spend most of their time on social media. If you can come up with creative ideas to keep them hooked to a brand or company, then start looking for online job websites that will pay you well as social media manager.

Brands need social media manager to handle their social media accounts. One needs to be updated with latest trends on social media and make eye-catching content for the business. As social media manager, your work will be online and thus many online job websites will be looking for people who can work from almost anywhere.

Want to be your own boss?

Want to start your own business? Do you have the money to invest in a business? Well, that won’t be required because we know about a business model that is risk-free and needs zero investment.

Online reselling is a business model where you don’t have to invest a single penny! All you need to do is download a reselling app like Shop101 and resell products to your customers. You earn a profit margin that is transferred directly to your bank account every week. To know more about online reselling, watch the video below:


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