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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Sharechat have opened up new and creative streams of income. In the digital era, social media, if used efficiently and mindfully, can benefit in ways more than just one. You can also make money through social media marketing and explore an off-beat stream of income. The term social media marketing started getting popular in the early 2000s, and since then, it has only seen growth. This industry, typically, sees a lot of innovations and updates, very regularly. Many new apps came into existence and making money through social media marketing became more popular.

Social media marketing refers to the use of social networks to market your products and services. It is when you leverage your social media to promote your products and services online.

5 must-have apps for earning money online:


These platforms help to schedule your posts on social media for one month. In addition to scheduling and posting, these apps also analyze the results of the posts for you. The apps are compatible with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Hootsuite and Buffer are also compatible with LinkedIn. You can choose a free plan when starting out and can choose a paid plan if you wish to.

These websites and apps compile all the important links for your readers. It is a great idea to use these as it routes all the readers to one landing page, where they can find everything they want to read.

Character count

All the social media platforms have a specific character limit. You have to frame your caption and ads within that specified character limit. These apps and websites help your copies to stay within that given limit.


If you are someone who is just a beginner, you might want to try your hand at designing the posts by yourself. Canva and Crello have many templates of various categories.


Slack is a professional instant messaging app, that can organise all your data in one place, away from WhatsApp. It is a big plus as you can add a lot of widgets that can help you streamline your process of managing your social media.

7 ways to make money through Social Media Marketing:


If you think your words can make a powerful impact, then this is an excellent way to earn money on social media. The type of content differs for every platform. Blogs, articles, and emails come under the category of long-form of content. Post copies for Instagram and Facebook come under the category of short-form of content. Explore your niche and start working towards it. To get started in this field, a good idea is to start interning. If you are already experienced, you can freelance as well. Ghostwriting is also something that is picking up speed lately.
Alternatively, you can also start your informative blog and it should give you a good start to earn money on social media.
You can start Content/Copy Writing without any investment, which is a big win. College students can also earn income by doing this part-time. But, it is also important to note that it is not limited to college students alone. Full-time employees and stay-at-home parents can also explore this field.

Graphic Design

If you are creative, aesthetic, organised, accurate, and have an attention to detail, then graphic design might be your secret calling. If you also like to play around with colour combinations and have a deeper understanding of colour schemes, you would fit well as a graphic designer. It is one of the most sought-after ways to make money through social media.
Create samples and post them regularly on your social media handles, this will help you understand your audience better. Your social media acts as your portfolio as well. Reach out to people who you think might need your services and you should be able to lock your first client. In this way, with continued efforts, you will be able to earn money on social media.

Social Media Influencing

It’s time to leverage your followers and make money through social media marketing. If you don’t have a large number of followers, you can always start building it. Create content in the area you like. For instance, try creating product look books, cosmetic swatches, giving advice on the subjects you know very well, or even fitness ideas. The right people will start following you soon after. Use appropriate hashtags, and catch trends as they come to get a good reach. To earn money on social media, influencers then take up paid brand collaborations. It is a win-win situation for both parties since the brand gets to advertise to a ready consumer base.

Online Reselling

How many times have you thought of starting your own business, but then brushed the thought away just because you thought starting a business needs a lot of investment and is a tedious process? But I am here to bust this myth for you. I am here to tell you that, not every business needs a lot of investment to start, and can also be started within a couple of minutes. Shocked? Don’t be. Shop101 is an online reselling platform that is here to help you achieve your dream of starting a business. Register yourself as a reseller and start your own online business. You can resell products that interest you, add your margins, and share them on social media or even FB Marketplace, Instagram Shop or even your own website. To earn money on social media, online reselling is favoured by many. Shop101 gives you a chance to make only high-profits with NO investment at all! Isn’t that great! Plus, the best part is, you get salary 4 times a month! Now, that is something!
To make money through social media marketing, start online reselling by downloading the Shop101 App now!

YouTube Channel

If you love making videos and the camera is your best friend, then making videos to make money through social media marketing can be a very flourishing choice for you! Start making videos by picking your niche or by experimenting with your niche. Check what is working for you and continue uploading videos in that niche. Once you have created your audience base, you can also take up paid collaborations. So, don’t hold yourself back, start your YouTube channel to make money through social media marketing!

Social Media Handling

If you always catch social media trends as and when they come and can understand social media very well, you can freelance as a social media marketer for other brands or individuals. This is one of the legit part-time jobs college students take up to add extra to their pocket money. But even if you aren’t a college student, you can still take up this. It is one of the most trending ways to make money through social media marketing. Offer your services to startups and start earning money online!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you can earn a commission by selling a product of a brand. You don’t need a website to start earning through affiliate marketing. There are many brands that hire affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to make money through social media marketing. As a beginner, it might be confusing, but as you get into it, you will be able to master it!
To learn more about how to go about affiliate marketing, read this blog now.

If you are looking to explore a second stream of income, online reselling with Shop101 can give you a good head start! If you are a new mom looking for new opportunities, or a college student looking for part-time jobs opportunities, reselling with Shop101 can be your answer!

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Poorva Wele

Poorva (she/her) is a Content Writer at Shop101 and Dash101. She writes about tips on reselling, lifestyle, marketing, and so much more. Happy Reading!

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Poorva Wele

Poorva (she/her) is a Content Writer at Shop101 and Dash101. She writes about tips on reselling, lifestyle, marketing, and so much more. Happy Reading!



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