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This lockdown may have had us all worry about losing jobs, not earning enough etc. But, there are still ways to earn money online! Find out here.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, we were least prepared in terms of finances, essentials and what the future holds for each one of us. But let’s look at the brighter side and see what we can do during these tough times. One of the best options for us to look for jobs that help you earn money online!

While most work spaces and companies aren’t physically functioning, there’s always more options that you can look for on the internet. Yes, you can also earn money online if you know what you want to do and if you manage your schedule.

This article will talk about two key aspects for earning money online:

  1. What are the parameters to consider to earn money online?
  2. What are the different job opportunities available to earn money online?

Let us address the first one as it will help you identify a few areas that you will need to work on.

Tips to earn money online

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Identify the skill sets you have

To earn money online, you will initially need to identify your skill sets. These don’t have to be related to your profession so feel free to explore your other talents as well. Your marketable skill sets can range from creative skills like painting, writing and singing, to professional skill sets like sales management, tutoring and project management. Tap into things that you are actually good at and then identify how to earn money online by using those skill sets. You can then apply for part-time jobs online.

Find the right avenue for your skills

As mentioned above, finding lucrative avenues to use your skill sets is the second step. In this digital world, there are many platforms that can help you find work, and finding something that best matches your skillset is incredibly important. For example, if you are good at writing, you can set up profiles on websites that connect clients with freelance writers. Similarly, if you are good at sales, then you should try selling products through an app like Shop101. This is one of the best ways to earn money online as it does not require a large chunk of your day. Learn to Manage your time 

Manage your time

If you are thinking of working as a freelancer while retaining your day job, then you should definitely know how to manage time. Chart your workflow and set small deadlines by dedicating separate hours of the day to each job. This will help you juggle both the jobs seamlessly and earn that extra income to boost your family’s finances. However, make sure that you do not take up too much work as a freelancer as it will affect your performance at both fronts.

Now that you have a clearer picture on HOW to begin, let us also assist you with WHERE to begin this journey. The common questions that people ask are “Where can I find a job online?” or “What kind of jobs can I find to earn money online?”. Well, we will list down a few hot jobs for you to explore, below:

Jobs that help you earn money online:

make money online

Online part-time work offers flexibility and income alike. Check out these online part-time jobs to add to your existing income-

App Building

If you have a flair for coding, you can set up a website or design an app for your college campus or local area. You could try networking or use a resource sharing app that could be used to meet new people or exchange resources.

You can create an Android app for free and publish on Google Play Store with any free app maker. If you are great at coding, you could make your mobile app in JAVA or Python. Developer fees for Android apps can range from free up to $99/year for Apple App Store. Google Play has a $25 one-time fee.  


Many people get into blogging because of their passion, while others get into it for the money. Whatever the case may be, blogging is a powerful tool to earn easy money online. There are several ways through which you can monetise your blog. However, before you venture into monetised blogging you need to follow a few rules. 

The most important of them is to choose a trending niche, which can get you over a thousand views in a day. You can monetise your blog by running sponsored posts, offering premium plans or selling digital products such as e-books and tools. For beginners, it is advised to first start a free blog first via WordPress or Wix

Design Services

These days, businesses require all types of design work for promotion and marketing. If you can create innovative designs, you can develop a portfolio and start with a small online graphic design set-up. You could try including all kinds of products in your portfolio like flyers, logos, infographics, brochures, invitations or even websites. You could use your skills to create colourful, high-resolution images, and build engaging videos to attract potential buyers.

As a graphic designer, you’ll be glad to know that there are several online marketplaces that you can leverage to sell your work.


If the idea of being your own boss fascinates you, then freelancing is your way to go! From managing an efficient work-life balance to setting your working hours, you have a ton of control over your life as a freelancer. A freelancer can earn more and still have a lot of time in hand, in comparison to a full-time employee. 

Before you decide to slide into the freelancing business, you must determine your niche. As the services which you would provide must be top-notch, choose a skill you’re most comfortable with. To give yourself a head start, you can register yourself at websites such as Fiverr and Crowded.    

Online surveys & Reviews 
make money online

Several research companies are offering a considerable amount of money to people who are willing to take online surveys. Apart from the surveys, companies are also paying people for leaving reviews on their products or services. This is perhaps the easiest way to earn money online. 

But, before you join any such website make sure to verify its authenticity. As the payments are executed via bank transfers, you need to submit your bank details to them. Thus, before joining, ensure it is not a rip-off. 

Photography Portfolios

Don’t hide your excellent photography skills or limit them to Instagram posts. You could utilise your talent to create photo and video portfolios and offer your services professionally. You can also start a photography club with like-minded people and can collectively charge a fee for work. You can use and create attractive photos for websites, corporate events or products. 

Social media strategist 

If you are good at predicting and following trends, then you have a shot at becoming a social media strategist. Many companies promote their brands through various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To make sure that their brand is always ahead of the competition, they hire social media strategists. 

So, if you are creative, have an eye for detail and can understand basic analytics, you have a good chance of becoming a social media strategist. All you have to do is plan, design and post valuable content and engage with your followers regularly.  

Shop101-Reselling on your online store

The most common question that is asked on the internet is how to make money online for beginners? Well, Shop101 has the perfect answer to this question. Shop101 is an online reselling platform which gives everyone a chance to become financially independent. Asking for zero-investment, it allows you to become an entrepreneur – an entrepreneur bearing zero risks, that is! Let us explain its mechanism. 

After registering yourself on the Shop101 app, you would be directed to an online store. Through this online store, you can select a list of products from the existing product list of Shop101. After you have shortlisted your product list, the only thing you need to do is add your margin and shipping cost to the cost of the product listed on the website and forward the links of these products to your family and friends. This can be done via social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. When someone purchases through these links you also earn from that transaction. 

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistantship refers to rendering support services to clients who are not able to focus on certain aspects of their business. An entrepreneur has thousands of variables he needs to take care of. So, to avoid becoming a jack-of-all-trades, he hires a VA to take care of the lesser-important aspects of his business. Most entrepreneurs go for this option when they need to focus on their core activities. 

The responsibilities of a VA include handling administrative tasks such as sending emails, taking phone calls, and making appointments. To fit this profile all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Plus, you must be efficient at handling multiple tasks at the same time. If you meet all such requirements, you are good to go! 

Web Developer

Every website or software that you come across has been built by a web developer. Web development can range from developing simple static web pages to complex web-based internet applications, social network services and e-commerce websites.

Web development includes front-end coding, server-side coding or backend coding and database technology. It is quickly becoming a popular avenue of work for those who want to know how to earn money from the internet.

If you have a background in web design, you could choose your desired niche and work in that direction. You could offer your services to clients on a freelancing portal and try building up your business.

We hope that through this guide, you will now find it easy to earn money online. Whatever online medium you choose to use to earn money, remember one thing – unless you put in all your efforts into it, even the easiest way would not yield any returns for you. Keep grinding and keep hustling!  


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.

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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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