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How do I share catalogs on WhatsApp?

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There are two ways you can share catalogs on Whatsapp:

Way 1 – Shop101 offers integrated sharing which means you can directly share catalogs and products to Whatsapp. On the app, under the catalog, click on the Share & Earn button. It will automatically open Whatsapp, simply select the person or group you want to share it with. You can also click on the catalog and then click on the Share & Earn Button that is located on the inside.

Way 2 – Another way is by manually downloading the catalog and sharing it. Click on the download button at the bottom of the catalog. Open Whatsapp, select the group or person you want to send it to. Open the Gallery, select the products and click share. Now from the Shop101 App, copy the description of the catalog and go ahead and post it on your Whatsapp Chat.

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