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How do I find customers using my Facebook profile?

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Social media is a great place to meet new people and grow your business. Here are a few ways where Facebook can help you grow your reselling business.

Facebook Wall – Posting on your Facebook wall can help you share your products with your friends, family and also friends of friends. Everyone in your network will be able to see your post and inquire about your products.

Facebook Page – Creating a Page for your Business is also a great idea. You can then publish all your catalogs and products on that page and ask your friends to like and share them with their family and friends. It helps grow your network pretty quickly.

Facebook Group – Facebook Groups can help you get in touch with like minded people. People who are also sellers and also people who are actually looking for things to buy. This way you have a ready customer network that is actually looking to buy from you.

Facebook Marketplace – Marketplace is a great place to help you actually build a network of customers, especially if your family and friend’s circle is limited. People actually come to the Marketplace to look for things to buy.

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