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Looking to make Holi 2021 an eventful one? Here are 5 ways by which you can make the festival of colours the best one yet. Read to find out.

2020 was undoubtedly one of the most unexpected roller-coaster rides we had ever witnessed. It came with its own share of learnings. It paved the way for creating and innovating new ways of celebration by making the most of the little resources we have at our disposal. If anything, it has taught us to find novel ways of making us smile. That being said, with Holi 2021 almost here, let’s find new ways to add some more positivity to our stay home stay safe situation.

Also, with the “festival of colours” just around the corner, Holi 2021 may not exactly be how we want it to be. But the spirit of this festival is infectious and we should make the most of it.  

Holi, in general, used to open up seasonal business streams for many entrepreneurs, but considering the current face of the situation, here are a few ways to open up alternate streams of income that you can explore from the comfort of your home.

5 Holi 2021 Jobs That You Should Look Into

Holi 2021

Homemade sweet shops for Holi 2021 is the “sweetest” option for you

Holi typically reminds us of our traditional sweets and snacks, but many youngsters who are living away from home miss the Holi food terribly. The store-bought sweets seldom does justice and this problem is a potential opportunity for you if you love cooking. This Holi 2021, you can sell homemade traditional sweets and snacks. This is a rather great opportunity since it retains the “Ghar ka swad”. You can market these products through social media definitely make it popular among the youngsters and your neighbours. Unleash the chef in you and get started with your own sweet shop.

Online Reselling

Holi favourites are in great demand right now, which makes this a perfect opportunity to start reselling some very colourful and relatable items. Online reselling comes with the greatest benefit of no investments and only high returns. Take for instance the online reselling platform, Shop101. This platform can help you earn ₹25,000 per month without any investment. Share the products that you like and start earning your own income online four times a month. It is definitely going to add colours to your bank account! Download the app here and become a reseller this Holi 2021.

Teach how to make organic colours

Are you also fed up with people using harmful colours that are unkind to the skin? Do you want to know how to make these eco-friendly and organic products? Then this option is totally for you. Set up video meetings with your clients and propagate this art to other people. Safe Holi starts with safer colours! You can find basic tutorials online that can show you how to substitute your regular colours for organic ones. Start the change today!

Take art classes

The true spirit of Holi lies when you paint the town in different colours! So what if this year you cannot colour someone or splash Pichkaris on them, you can always alter the plan bearing the true essence of this festival. If you are someone who knows their way in resin art, tie-dye or any other art that remotely involves colours, then this option cannot be more handcrafted for you! So go ahead, paint the metaphorical town along with your virtual students. Have fun with colouring and keeping the Holi lover in you alive.

Online Concerts

People are surely missing out on “Rang Barse” that plays aloud on Dhuleti early morning. No matter how many times we play it on streaming platforms but it is never enough. And you can bring this to them, though virtually, what are you waiting for? Conduct that online concert that you have been waiting for and have fun striking the colourful chords. 

To summarize, the feeling of a festival is far more important than how you wish to celebrate it. To make your Holi colourful, you can try these options and celebrate it with even more joy and thrill. Let the GOOD over EVIL always win! Wishing you a very happy and safe Holi from all of us at Shop101


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