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Want to know how to earn money online in India? Here are 3 simple yet profitable options to help you earn from the comforts of your home

The whole idea of wanting to earn money from home has become all the more appealing in recent times. Since it allows a lot of flexibility and helps one maintain a healthy work-life balance, more employees are looking for opportunities online. This is especially when it comes to India, where we’ve to witness a culture shift when it comes to work as more women are stepping out to earn money. Since there is constant juggling between the family and one’s work, we are going to tell you how to earn money online in India and where to begin.

Taking up an online job is beneficial not only to you but also to your family. You can very well manage your duties at work and chores at home if you plan it a little. Check out some of the work from home tips to help you get through the new normal with ease. Coming back to how to make money online in India, here are a few options that we thought were worth a try. We have tried to include skill-based, knowledge-based, and just general options that work for most people looking to make the switch. Without further ado, let’s look at ways to earn from home.

5 ways that tell you how to earn money online in India

There are many opportunities that you will find online but not all may pay you well enough. Some of them may even require previous work experience or experience in the said field, so that leaves you with very few options in the end. Here are 3 options that can help you build on experience, pay you well and doesn’t need you to have any previous experience either.


how to earn money online in India

Blogging has been around for a while and the community only continues to grow. One of the reasons people like to get into blogging is because it is a flexible option and it involves a lot of creativity. If you’re someone who likes to document your travel stories, your love for food and fashion or any niche that you’re good at; then this is for you.

The key to becoming a popular blogger is consistency and creating engaging content. Give your readers relatable content that makes them come back to you for more or gets them to subscribe to your blog. Including good quality images and videos, always adds to the visual appeal of the blog. You can take up a course on editing as it will teach you the basics and yet do the job.

Now comes the part which tells you how to earn money online in India through blogging. Well, for starters, you can sign up with Google Adsense and have them post ads on your blog. Every click adds money to your Adsense account and that’s how you can increase your visibility as well. The aim however should be to grow organically and through these ad clicks as well. So spread the word about the blog and do social media shares if you want more traffic and subscribers. You can also start an Instagram page where you can convert your blog content into an IGTv or Reels video. Again, this means good traction and with more followers, you can aim to direct them to your blog. Isn’t this an amazing way to earn money online in India?

How to earn money online in India through Online Reselling?

how to earn money online in India

Online reselling is nothing but reselling products by manufacturers or wholesalers to your customer, through a digital medium. There are many reselling apps in India but India’s most trusted reselling app is Shop101. This app is available in your Play Store, so you can download it with ease, sign up and create your online store in under 2 minutes. Yes, it is only that simple. So if you’ve had a business idea, now is the time to make it happen.

The best part is that it doesn’t require any investment from your end. It is a zero investment portal to start your business as also a risk free one. So, think of a good name for your store and use the features of this app to start reselling. There is also the option of creating your own website, making a logo for your brand, choosing different themes and more. Do explore the app and start your entrepreneurial journey in these 3 steps:

  1. Pick the products you want to resell from the product catalog
  2. Share them with friends, family and on social media.
  3. Earn your profits from the margins you’ve added to each of the products

With these 3 steps, you’re all set to make a new mark in the world of online reselling. So, download the app today and start earning every week!

Online tutoring

how to earn money online in India

While one may need a teacher training degree for a regular teaching job, online tutoring can be attempted by anyone who has even the slightest expertise in a particular subject or language. Our recommendation would however be, to take up a teacher training course so that you will be prepared for the online classes in a professional way. That being said, you can also start teaching at your own pace if you’re at least used to managing video calls, recording videos, creating subject matter etc.

Online tutoring can be done in two ways:

  1. You can join teacher training academies that encourage people with experience or expertise to take up teaching. The advantage here is that you are conducting a virtual class for your students so you can do it from anywhere as long as you cut out the background noise. Setup your sessions in a quieter environment in order to avoid distractions. Having a plain background is also one of the things to keep in mind when you conduct your classes. CueMath, Udemy, Coursera are few sites where you can try to share your skills with others.
  2. You can create a YouTube channel and post videos of your classes online. Even of YouTube, you can go Live and teach your audience. Make sure you collect your fees before the session begins, so that you can progress with classes at a normal pace. Pre-record your sessions if you can as you can keep posting relevant materials in the days to come. This just gives you more time to edit your next set of classes or plan ahead.

Start a home based business

This can be a really profitable and fun option. So if you have an idea and the resources to supplement it, then what’s stopping you?

A home based business is quite a cost effective way to run a full blown business. You can make things like snacks, soap bars, greeting cards, wedding invitations and so on, all from the comforts of your home. These are just a few options where the investment is bare minimum but the profits are high. If you’re a designer and know the basics of graphic design then you can also start your own design school from home. Start classes, design for clients, go live with tutorials; there’s just so much you can do. So if you want to know how to earn money online in India, tap into your creative side and dig out an idea that you think might work with people.

Also, with sustainability and minimalistic living being the need of the hour, you can also use packaging materials like newspapers, brown paper bags and other reusable items available at home. This also sends out a good brand message all in all.

Open a creche

While the pandemic is still a big part of our lives, there are some cities that have opened their offices and got back to the new normal by maintaining routine sanitisation and checks at work. This leaves some parents in a fix because their kids need to be looked after and since travel isn’t the best option for the grandparents to come by, day care is the only report. Opening a creche at home, making it a safe space for kids who come there, is not just a simple business idea but a service that’ll help many parents, who want to get back to work.

All you will need is an interesting space for the children to spend time. Do it at an hourly basis so that you can manage other work if any. Get a few books, colours, plan some activities and dedicate one room for the kids to spend time. Prepare a schedule chart for each child as they will all have different nap time, meal time, etc. This is a good way for you to spend your time during this pandemic because being with children makes you forget how many hours there are in a day. You can charge on a per hour basis or half day basis, depending on your availability and comfort. Just ensure that all safety measures are taken when it comes to the space that you dedicate for your creche.

3 ways to prepare when you start earning money online in India

Working from home is not for every one but with the current times, it has left us with not much choice. Some times it is about not having a stable internet connection. At other times, it is about too many family members in the house, that leave you with very little space to organise a desk for yourself. In either case, it gets difficult for one to work in a restricted space and with so many disruptions. So, here’s how you can prepare when you take up a work from home gig.

Select a space for yourself

Choose a space in the house that is less used. Make sure you’re in a bright space because it adds to your motivation level at work as opposed to a dingy corner. This space will take some getting used to, so organise it according to what you’d like your work space to be. Pro tip: Get yourself a plant as it adds to the positive vibrations of your work environment.

Schedule your work

Set a start and end time for your work. That way, you can plan other things in a day without having to make many adjustments. Figure out a work calendar and set adequate reminders that notify you from time to time on what needs to be done and which tasks need your attention. By scheduling your work, you can also set aside time for other chores at home. Put aside time for your meals, walks, cleaning up etc. Every little activity should be marked in your calendar so that you’re aware of how productive you’ve been in a day and how you can tweak your work hours accordingly.

Take time out to relax

Working from home is proving to be productive for some and hectic for others. This is because the focus is not ONLY on work but it is also on other things at home. In the bargain, one may feel like there are more than 24 hours in a day and no time to breathe. Well, there’s always a solution!

Take time out to relax and make sure you make it a part of your routine. Relaxation does not only mean a power nap or mediation. Relaxation can also be listening to music, watching an episode of your favourite sitcom, taking your pet for a walk, reading a book, going for a drive etc. There are many ways by which you can relax and you MUST take time out to do that. This helps you focus better and it makes your mind more active as compared to when you’re not continuously staring at the screen.

By applying these into your work routine, you’re definitely bound to have a healthier and more productive work setup. However small these efforts may seem, they will go a long way in making sure that your work from home environment is everything you’d hoped for it to be. Also, since this has become the new normal, you will all the more need to find a way around making the most of it.

So, see how simple these options are to earn money online in India? You can also try your hand at any or all of the above options. See which one fits your skillset and schedule. Each person has a different schedule and skillset and qualification. Choose wisely and start earning money online now. You can also leave us a message to know more.


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how to earn money online in India
Want to know how to earn money online in India? Here are 3 simple yet profitable options to help you earn from the comforts of your home
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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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