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There are many ways how to earn money from home for ladies who have been looking to earn extra income. Let us look at 5 profitable options.

There is no dearth of opportunities for women who prefer working from home. From starting their own businesses to working for a company; there’s a plethora of options. However, most of these are skill based. They depend a lot on the amount of experience one has in a particular niche. That being said, many a times ladies prefer working from home due to family commitments and other tasks at hand that need attention. There’s a variety of things that support the concept of how to earn money from home for ladies who are looking for work to do. In this article, we will look at a few of them.

With the pandemic that has taken the year 2020 by storm, not just women, but everyone has found work from home options. Just that, it has made it easier for ladies to focus on both work and family now. It has brought about a balance, making it easier for them to manage duties. Without further ado, let us look at how to earn money from home for ladies who are planning to make the switch from their regular jobs.

How to earn money from home for ladies- 5 jobs for you

How to earn money from home for ladies

Online reselling

This particular field has caught on the most among ladies who prefer working from home. The reason why it is popular among stay-at-home moms, new moms, mothers looking to fix their career gap etc. is because it offers the following:

  1. Flexibility in schedule
  2. Time for family and work alike
  3. Extra income
  4. Financial independence
  5. Work experience

Online reselling through the right platform can actually prove to be extremely profitable for budding entrepreneurs. In fact it gives you the same feel of managing a business offline, but with lesser risks involved. With platforms like Shop101, you don’t even need to invest any money. All you need to invest is your time and dedicate yourself to your online store.

Learn more about Shop101

Start by downloading the app from your PlayStore and sign up with them. You then need to create an online store, give it a name that you want your audience to identify your products with. The good part here is, there are products readily available in the Shop101 catalog. All you need to do is pick the products you want to sell, add margins to them and put it up for reselling. The app manages your inventory for you and you don’t have to worry much about middle men and costs associated to them.

After picking the products, you have to share them with friends, family and on social media. Unless you share, you won’t get the profits you’re looking for. To support this, we go by a simple mantra and that is #ShareKaroEarnKaro. It is only once you share, that you will earn the profits from your sales. The support team at Shop101 will also be able to guide you more about the hot selling products, the functionality of the app and how best to share on social media. So this is a great option to earn money from home for ladies looking for that extra income.


Do you have knowledge about design tools? Have you always been interested in designing? Well, this is a great way to earn money from home for ladies who possess this skill.

You can design a variety of things, both online and offline. Since this article talks about earning from home, let’s look at all the options available.

  1. Logo designing for brands
  2. Wedding card invitations
  3. Fashion design
  4. Animator
  5. UX designer
  6. Advertising
  7. Graphic designer

To start off, you can join an agency that requires a designer on board. From there, you can try to take up individual projects and start building your portfolio. This portfolio should consist of all the work you’ve done so far or at least the good design projects that you want your client to see. You can charge for individual designs or charge a one time fee for the whole project.

How to earn money from home for ladies? Become a Travel planner

How To Earn Money From Home For Ladies

As the restrictions are slowly being lifted off, traveling to nearby and safe zones have come into the picture. In fact, now will be the perfect time to earn money from home for ladies who are good at planning trips. Taking into consideration all the parameters of the pandemic, you can chalk out a good travel plan for others.

Travel planning has to be done meticulously as it involves a lot of factors. Every traveller’s needs and requirements vary and the destination also has a huge role to play here. From planning their mode of travel to their stay, from considering all the things they want to do to suggesting a few of your own; it’s a lot fo work. However, this work is fun as you’re practically doing a virtual tour with them right from the start. As a travel planner, your main aim is to ensure that your customers have had a good time and without any glitches. Tie up with hotels and private vehicle owners, to make your job easier. Plan a travel budget for your clients so that they’re ready for everything that comes their way.

Online teaching

Teaching is a broad field. It can range from teaching lessons to teaching life lessons. You can charge for your services irrespective of what you plan to teach. People need tutoring of different kinds. Some call it learning while others call it therapy. To make things simple, identify your strengths and skills and then take on this noble job.

If you have expertise in a certain subject, you can start by conducting either live sessions for kids or classes at home. Based on your routine and convenience, you can organise preplanned sessions for children and divide them into age groups. You can also teach things like art and craft, stories, life skills etc. and make it a weekly session or a crash course type of a thing. Starting a website will be a great way to spread the word about your services. If you’re not familiar with that, create a social media business page instead. Update your services, attach a price list and engage with people. You can earn hourly, weekly, monthly, depending on the type of courses you’re willing to teach.


This is again a more spread out field as there is a variety of things one can do as a freelancer. For starters, sign up with Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and similar sites where you can find work. These sites are a great way to find work in your field. By creating a profile/portfolio and mentioning all your USPs, you can find individual projects which will help you get more work. In fact, by using the right keywords, the chances of the right clients finding you increases manifold.

You also have the option of attaching a pricing list for your services. Make sure that you discuss further details directly with the client so as to maintain transparency and good work ethics. Earning money from home for ladies who want to work as freelancers can include jobs like writing, virtually assisting, proof reading, creating content, and so on.


Well, we hope these ways to earn money from home for ladies is in accordance with your requirements. You can find other online job options too, that will help you earn extra income from home. If you have more suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.

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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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