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We are truly living in a digital age. Since technology is so accessible to us now, we’re spending more time online than we are offline. But the internet has truly revolutionized our lives and opened up a lot of possibilities to people. While the areas of our lives have changed in the past few years, one of the biggest changes is that there is a whole new world of online jobs. Today there is a whole world online that you can access with just a device and an internet connection. In 2021, it is extremely convenient to find work online. While there are all kinds of jobs available online, some are extremely popular. One of them happens to be writing online. In this article, you will get to know about the different types of writing jobs available online and how you can earn money by writing online.

Earlier, writing jobs were only available in metro and Tier-1 cities. These cities provided exposure to budding writers but that meant that whoever wanted to pursue writing as a career had to leave their hometown and migrate to bigger cities. This ended up being inconvenient and expensive, especially for women and as a result a lot of people could not build their careers. But today, you can write from any corner of the world and earn an income. Any and every form of writing can now be done from any corner of the world. All you need is an internet connection and a flair for writing. However, a lot of people who have the skill often don’t know how to earn money by writing online. This article will help you with exactly that.

Here are the different ways you can earn money by writing online:

By writing blogs

Blogs are a sure-shot way to earn money by writing online. You can earn money through blogs in 2 ways. You could either choose to create your own blog on sites like WordPress or Blogspot. By writing about certain themes, you could build a readership on your blog. Over time, you will be able to accumulate a good number of weekly or monthly viewers. You can then collaborate with brands to create sponsored blogs and earn money from the sponsored blogs. You could also run ads on your blog page and run from the same.

The second way to earn through blogs is to write blogs for brands’ blog sites. A lot of brands wish to improve their visibility online and blogs about industry-specific content are a great way to increase search engine results and boost the brand’s visibility. If you have a good amount of knowledge about the brand’s offering, you could create blogs for their website and get paid for it. Today, almost every brand in every industry has a blog and so you could choose to work for a brand in an industry that you’re passionate about. Blogs come under long-form content and are a great way to monetize your passion for writing.

By writing social media copy

Writing social media copy is something that is in high demand in 2021. From the looks of it, this is going to be in vogue for quite some time. If you’re someone who enjoys writing and is up to date with the latest social media lingo, writing social media copy is a great way to earn money by writing online. The good thing with social media copy is that it is shorter than blogs and it doesn’t have to be about a specific topic all the time. You could write about one thing one day and write about something else some other day. This helps you stay creative and never gets boring.

When it comes to social media copy too, you could go through 2 different routes. You could develop your own Instagram page or blog, create or curate content and grow an audience. Once you have a sizeable number of followers, you could opt for paid partnerships with brands wherein you could write copy around the brand and post it on your account. Alternately, you could handle social media handles for brands and manage the creation of their social media copy. Since social media is a constantly evolving space, the good thing here is that it never gets boring and you always have something fun to write about.

Writing to promote your own business, with Shop101

This one is for those who enjoy working independently and running their own business. While writing for other businesses is great from a stability perspective, there’s nothing like owning your content and calling the shots. If you’re someone who likes taking charge, you should write online to promote your own business. Moreover, you should focus on running a business that you can promote online by writing about it. One such platform that helps you do the same is Shop101.

Shop101 is a platform that enables you to start earning from home. All you need to do is download the app, choose from a wide range of products that are sold at wholesale prices and decided which products to sell. By adding your own margin to each product, you can earn profit. You must then promote the products on social media platforms. You can craft exciting captions and write interesting descriptions about the products to attract customers. Whenever you sell a product, you earn a margin that is credited to you every week. This way, you get to select what to sell, you decide the margin, you decide where to promote it and how to promote it. The shipping and logistics are all handled by Shop101! This is a wonderful way to earn money by writing online.

Now that you know how you can earn money by writing online, it’s time to start writing and earning! Remember to stay focused, keep evolving and keep thinking creatively. Writing online will ensure that you pursue your passion while earning from it as well. If you wish to start utilizing your writing skills by promoting your own business with Shop101, download the app or visit the website. It’s time to start making the most of your skills and earning online! So get going now!


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