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Looking for a career online? Now you can get paid for social media posts on Instagram and other platforms as well. Read to know more!

Social media may seem like a lot of fun and games for people as it offers a lot of entertainment to people like you and me. But apart from it being a fun social platform to interact, learn and read valuable content, it is also a space for people to make money. It is a space that is open to businesses and any service that adds value to the audience. In addition, you can get paid for social media posts based on several things. Some of these include the content you create, the followers you have, what your business is about and of course partnerships. In this post, we are going to talk about exactly that!

There are 3 solid ways to get paid for social media posts and earn that extra income. The key to having an interesting and engaging feed is to firstly be consistent and second, choosing your collaborations wisely. Without further ado, let us look at the different ways by which you can earn money by posting on social media.

3 ways to get paid for Social media posts

When you have a considerable following and an audience who likes engaging with you, brands tend to notice and reach out. Instagram is now THE place for brands to promote their products and services. This is where the influencers come into the picture and make it easier for them, in return for a compensation.

Brands list down their requirements in terms of what they want the said influencer to do. Photo post, video, Reels, IGTv are some of the widely used features on Instagram. The influencer is ideally asked to use one or two mediums to promote the products. These products are sent by the brand. The influencer also has to mention “paid partnership” under the post whenever they get into a collaboration with one. This gives their audience more transparency about what they’re trying to promote and why.

Sell your products

get paid for social media posts

Unlike paid partnerships, this is more to do with your skills as a marketer. If you’re a business that deals with products for 18-35 year olds, then you need a strategy that can help this demographic connect with what you’re saying.

Understand what your audience needs and how you can leverage this. Get an understanding of what your audience likes to view more (story, post or reels) and also what type of content they like (long form or short). Centre your content on the basis of what you learn about their user experience and behaviour. This only goes to show that you’re listening to them and are trying to deliver a customised experience in return.

Facebook marketplace is a good space for your products to get recognition. Explore the marketplace and see how you can get more people to like your products and buy from you. It is a great place to build contacts, understands others’ business and also to find similar resellers like you.

Speaking of online reselling, check out the Shop101 app! It is a great space to learn about managing your business, earning on it and using different channels to promote the products. The best part is that it is through an app!

Promote your services

get paid for social media posts

Promoting your services is very important because you don’t want to limit your reach. Use different promotional tools to make your posts look more attractive. Understand the basics of editing and create posts that will catch your audiences attention.

When it comes to promotions, you can try cross promotions too. Collaborate with another account and promote each other’s services. Another way to do this is paid ads. This may seem like an expensive thing but if you have the resources and budget to do it, it is quite useful for your business. Your services can run in the form of ads across Instagram. This can be an experiment for your services and if you do get real leads and more traction, you can plan your budget on the basis of that.

Also, try not to limit promotional activities to one platform alone. Try out other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. to promote your business and services.

It may require a lot of understanding of your audience but it is all worth it in the end. Stay consistent, stay original and there’s nothing that can stop you from becoming the next big thing on Instagram. This is the time to put your skills and talent out there and make your dreams come true.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.

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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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