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Want to earn money online? Here are 3 genuine online money earning sites that will help you gain experience and earn additional income

Work from home has now become a way of life and a boon for many. The idea of earning money online, without having to step out, has made life easier for people who are also bound by family duties. The work from home trend benefits a lot of people who find it inconvenient to travel to work and who have a lot of responsibilities at home. It is especially beneficial to women who have young kids at home and are unable to step out. Moreover, it also helps people living in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities where work opportunities are limited; these people can now work remotely and earn from any corner of the world.

The search for genuine online jobs & genuine online money-making sites continues to be a real issue. Since most employees aren’t sure about what skill to put to use or where to begin, they end up being confused. This article will suggest 3 popular money-earning sites that can actually help you earn additional income from home.

Before you get into searching for jobs online, it will be ideal to jot down your strengths and analyze your skills, estimate the level of time you wish to devote, and what industry you see yourself in. Depending on your analysis, you can then narrow down your search and look for jobs in that specific niche. A lot of people who are new to the field of online earning often have difficulty finding authentic platforms where they can earn money online. This leads to them getting discouraged. However, there are some jobs or genuine online money earning sites that don’t even need to have experience or qualifications, to be able to work for them. All you need is time, the willingness to learn and a good internet connection! So let’s deep dive and explore sites where you can earn money, from anywhere in the world!

Genuine online money earning sites to help you earn


UpWork is one of the most trusted sites if you’re looking for genuine online jobs & genuine online money-making sites. On a site like UpWork, you can find work in a variety of categories. All you need to do is set up a profile and customize it based on the kind of work you’re looking to do.

Next, you need to get a good and professional picture of yourself to add it on to your profile. This helps the client understand that the profile is not a bot but a real person who is qualified and is looking to get employed. Furthermore, you need to see how and what you want to add to your portfolio. Adding links to your recent work will also do wonders. Once you’re done with this, you have to take the UpWork tests to see if you qualify for their contract. After you get through that step, you can set a price for your services.

Now, UpWork pays you either by the hour or just based on the fixed price that you set for yourself. So keep the asking price competitive as also reasonable. You can always find more work later. But it is important to first search for jobs and clients who want to hire you.

There are different niches on the platform that you can look into, based on your skill set or previous work experience. Be it writing, web development, design, marketing, IT, etc., UpWork will offer plenty of opportunities for you to work and earn. It is advisable to stick to your niche and do what you do best instead of attempting something new and losing out on work. So, list down your skills and strengths and only then look for work that you find easy to do. If utilized well, UpWork can be a wonderful platform to earn money online and gain financial independence. So if you’re a beginner at online jobs and want to start somewhere, look no further. UpWork has everything you need, and more!


genuine online money earning sites

Have an idea? Want to make money by using it on the right platform? Then Instagram is your place!

Up until a few years ago, Instagram was only seen as any other social media platform. But today, Instagram has evolved to become an ecosystem wherein creators, writers, photographers, bloggers and social media professionals can put their work out to a large audience and earn money. It has also become a great space for small businesses to establish their online shop and get more visibility.

Additionally, Instagram is very easy to use and with little or no help, one can actually make their profile stand out. With features like Reels or stories, you can also make 15-30 second brand videos if you want to reach more people. This helps you build and audience and drive engagement to your content. Over time, as you build a stable, growing audience, it is easy to establish brand partnerships, create sponsored content and earn through your Instagram content! You may think it is too good to be true, but we’re not kidding, this is it!

Instagram is all about the influencer culture and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they drive the market and businesses better than anyone. So, collaborations, influencer marketing, promotions are some of the ways to spread the word and improve your digital presence. Use the features of the platform and follow people in your niche to see how they’re doing things differently. There’s a lot of learning and also earning on Instagram so you should definitely tap into this platform. Earning through Instagram requires you to devote time, keep learning constantly and be prepared to invest your resources in the long run but it pays off wonderfully. To know more about how you can sell on Instagram, click here.

Shop101- a genuine online money making site to earn money

Have you dreamt of being an entrepreneur? We are pretty sure everyone has. But have you dreamt of running a business online without having to invest in it? Well, if that has surprised you, let us tell you that at Shop101 that’s exactly what you can do. For starters, you can download the Shop101 app and get the hang of it. Next, you need to find a good name for your brand in order for you to resell the products.

The best part about the app is that you don’t have to source products from anywhere. This is because they are readily available on the app. What’s even better is that all the products are available at wholesale prices. This means you can set a good margin for yourself! All you need to do is pick the right products and add them to your store along with the margins you want to earn. By doing so, on every sale of your product, you will earn your profits. The margin is credited to your account every week so you earn 4 times a month! How great is that?

Adding to the previous point, unless you share product links and information with friends, family and on social media, you won’t be able to get your sales up at a quicker rate. So sharing product information everywhere if you want to amp up the sales and improve your brand’s presence. This is where your social networks come into play. If you have a strong social network, promote your products there. You can share the links to the products across your social circles and get more sales. So pick, share and earn with Shop101 and you’re only going to come out as a successful entrepreneur in the making. Shop101 definitely makes it to the list of genuine online money making sites of 2020.


The benefit of living in a digital age is that we’re able to work from any corner of the world. All that’s required are the skills and the willingness to learn. With the abovementioned platforms, you too can embark on the journey of earning online and being financially independent. Each of these platforms provides you with the space to learn, grow and most importantly, EARN!

If you cannot wait to get started and if you’re more curious about how Shop101 works, check out the video below to get an idea about how you can earn online without any investment! Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to us if you like what you see.


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genuine online money earning sites
Want to earn money online? Here are 3 genuine online money earning sites that will help you gain experience and earn additional income
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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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