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When it comes to working from home, start with the best! Let us help you understand how to earn money online with Google; the best online jobs for you

A reality that we can’t get away from, no matter what, is virtual reality! Everything is on the internet these days. From buying groceries to banking, from donations to petitions, you can do it all. In fact, it has become the source for news, for entertainment and for that matter even finding a job. Gone are the days when we would wait for the ‘career’ supplement in the newspapers, to see what’s out there. Having said that, with the ongoing pandemic, everyone is looking for alternate job opportunities in order to avoid a career gap. One of the trusted ways to look for an online job is through the various platforms offered by Google. In this article, let us take you through the different streams that’ll help you gain some clarity on ‘how to earn money online with Google’.

Before we get into how you can earn money online with Google, let us tell you why you should. If you’re trying out an online part-time job for the first time, this might be a great way to start.

Benefits of earning money online from home

There are many advantages of taking up an online job. Apart from the flexibility that it offers, there are a couple of things more that add to the benefits of doing an online part-time job. Let us list down a few of them below:

how to earn money online with google

No commute

The best part about working from home is that you avoid daily traffic. You don’t have to spend time commuting from home to office. Similarly, you don’t have to spend money on travel. Instead, you can use all your travel time to finish other duties at home. Let’s look at it this way; you have to wake up early to prepare office lunch and then hustle to board a train/bus for a regular 9-5 job. But as a work from home employee, you can utilise this time to do your household chores, pursue a course or look after the needs of your kids etc. This is definitely an advantage of working at home as it helps you plan your day better.

No rush for meals

A work from home setup will allow you to enjoy your meals at leisure. You can even eat and work if you’re comfortable doing that. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to rush to finish your meal or that you have to follow your lunch hour deadline. Having said that, you should always plan your lunch or evening break keeping in mind the tasks at hand. When you plan your day, your work immediately organises itself! Set an approximate time for yourself so that you will know when to stop working and when to resume. It is always better to structure your work in order to be efficient at what you do. Eat right so that you’re not uneasy for the rest of the day. Keep the cheat meals for the end of the week, as that way you’re prepping for the weekend mood too.

No over time

Of all the benefits of earning money online from home, this one is the most liked. The average over time, that can be expected from an employee is 3%. Anything above this, not just hampers with the productivity of the team/individual but also leads to health risks of different kinds. Increased screen time causes headaches, insomnia, inactivity, migraines, strain on the eyes and stress in general. It is always wiser to ask your employer about the over time situation in the company. If there is a stretched out over time plan, then also ask to be paid for the same.

However, when you’re working from home, this doesn’t exist. You can put in a good 4-5 productive hours and be done with your work for the day. However, on some days you may work a little extra but it’ll still be well within your work time. This is definitely an added advantage when you plan to take up a part-time job to earn money online.

Remote setup

This helps most employees to reduce work load and stress in general. A remote work space ensures that you draw a balance between work and family. Neither are you neglecting your family, nor your work. It gives you enough time to juggle between the two without having to miss out on either. Also, since you come less in contact with your coworkers you’re less likely to be falling sick at work. Staying home and staying safe has anyway become the need of the hour so may as well get down to earning money online, while doing so. Plus when you work independently, you avoid unnecessary distractions and can focus wholly on your task.

More productivity

Since there’s no scope of neglecting your home, there is definitely more productivity in a work from home space. At a regular job, sometimes you tend to worry about things that you leave behind at home. Unfinished jobs, unpaid bills, whether your house help has come and cleaned up the space etc. All these thoughts are nothing but distractions. When you’re at home, you can focus on work without worrying about all of the above. Personal chores and work happen simultaneously without beating yourself up too much. So, earning money online from home is definitely a more productive job alternative.

These were some of the benefits of working from home which just gives you an edge above the rest as it helps you maintain a good work-life balance. Moving on, let us try to understand how to earn money online. We won’t talk about the regular jobs that you find when you search for online jobs but let us delve into knowing how to earn money online with Google in particular.

How to earn money online with Google?

how to earn money online with google

Google is a trusted platform and used world-wide by everyone. This gives you a good enough reason to take up an online job with Google. It is that portal that helps one rank better, helps one search for relevant information online, it helps you find a location, its helps you translate and so on. If you’re seriously considering ways on how to earn money online then it may as well start with a company like Google. So let us list down 5 streams of Google that you can tap into, to earn money online:

Google Adsense

Think ads and think high quality ads, and only one name comes to mind; Google Adsense! If you’re looking to generate income for a website or blog then sign up for free with Google Adsense. Google allows you to post ads on your page as part of an advertising campaign. You get paid for every click and you can even monitor where you want these ads posted on your website. All you need to do is paste the ad code where you like and get the traffic to click on them. You can then go on to converting the clicks to cash. There is a set limit of clicks that you’ll need to achieve in order to be paid. You can always give this a try and see what works best for you and your blog.

Firstly, start by creating your account. Check out all the features of Google Adsense that’ll help you promote your website/blog better. You can also check out reviews by others and see what has helped them get remuneration. The only way this will work is once your website/blog has good traffic. Once the traffic comes in, your ads will get more clicks too. So create an account and start now!

Google opinion rewards

Another great way by which earning money online with Google can be rewarding is through Google Opinion rewards. This is an app that you need to download in order to get cracking. The job is simple as you earn rewards by answering surveys. Once you download the app, Google does a little background check about you with a few questions. Once all the information is provided, they start sending you surveys. Every time you complete a survey you get credits. These credits either redirect you to Google play or to Paypal. So make sure you have a PayPal account. If not, it is time to set it up!

The credits you earn will be a blend of surveys you answer as reviews or by providing your opinion about a specific product or merchant. Your opinion, whether satisfactory or okay, will be considered as an input for that specific merchant. With every completed task, you earn credits. Definitely worth a shot if online surveys is something you can do to earn money online.

Google Audience measurements

Now this is similar to Google opinion rewards as this also helps you earn rewards or credits. The main idea behind this is that the Audience management team requests you to monitor your usage while browsing the internet, watch Tv etc. This is all a part of a research study conducted by the Google team. You can choose to allow them to research your usage and different members of the team take up this task to record your browsing history.

You have to set a meter on authorised devices that’ll collect your browsing history as part of the team’s study. When you use your device, your information is securely shared with Google. Information like cookies, cache, sites and apps you use, including what plays on your tv will be assessed by the experts. Google Audience measurements is to basically get a sense of what the audience looks for, downloads and uses the most. From the time you use to browse to the type of content, they get access to your device to understand the needs of the audience better. Accordingly, there are points added or credits given, that’ll reflect in your account.


how to earn money online with youtube

We are all aware of this popular platform that allows you to view or share videos in different niches. Most influencers these days capitalise on Youtube to generate income. However, it isn’t all that simple to earn money online through Youtube. Firstly, you need to create a channel and start posting content daily. This content should be high quality videos, well edited and well presented to your audience. Based on the views you get and the subscribers, your channel gets popular and gains more hits. You will also need to look into the SEO part of it to target specific keywords that your audience is looking for. Once you crack that, you can then use Google Adsense to get ads on to your channel. This will definitely get in more chances of you earning money online!

Selling apps on Google Play

This is the time to put your tech skills to use. If you aren’t all that tech savvy then collaborate with someone who will help you setup an app. Create an app that you think Google will like. The app has to meet Google’s standards and so does the idea, so that they can allow you to sell it on Google play.

Firstly, you will need to create an account with Google Wallet Merchant Account. This option isn’t exactly without investment as it charges an entry fee of $25 for you to present your idea to Google. Furthermore, you have to be 18 years and above in order to get this rolling. One suggestion would be to start ideating and conceptualising what you have in mind, early on. When you meet the guidelines, you can present it to Google and take it from there. So even if you’re studying but you have a brilliant idea in mind, you can start building around it. When you reach the right age limit, you can present this idea to Google and do it more for the experience of how to deal with big companies such as them.


We sure hope this article acts as the first step to your online career. In fact, we hope we could answer questions on ‘how to earn money online with Google’ and that you could find all the information that you were looking for. If there’s anything else that you’d like to know from us, please drop us a message.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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