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Have you been wondering how to earn money from home without any investment? This pandemic has opened many doors for you! Check them out here.

The days of work from home are here to stay and it comes as no surprise how most people have opted for the same. Even though things have opened up slowly, in limited places, employees have become used to this new normal of working from home. This has also opened doors for other people to take up jobs online that help them earn money. This search for jobs is especially if they can earn money from home without any investment!

Earlier, with the regular 9-5 jobs, not everyone could manage their personal and professional lives with ease. Now, with more companies adopting this new normal, a lot of stay-at-home moms, students, professionals have been able to get back on their feet. Anyone with basic communication skills, good internet and a device that they can operate from, can apply for jobs online. Even if you’ve had a career gap, it is okay to try your hand at online jobs. Most of these jobs don’t require previous work experience. This is one of the reasons it is open to all kinds of employees.

Can I earn from home without any investment?

how to earn from home without any investment

The answer is Yes! Most people are in doubt when it comes to taking up an online job. This is because we often hear of scams or illegitimate websites that offer jobs. These websites often promise an offer but fail to deliver when it comes to payments. That being said, not all companies falter! Most websites have all their legal requirements in order. The company tries to follow the right process; from registering their website under a paid domain to giving out their contact details on the website

Having said that, if you’re worried about how to apply to the right places, here are a few ways to identify fraudulent sites on the internet:

  1. Check the domain name and check for how long it has been registered
  2. Check the address bar correctly. You might find a wrong address in there somewhere
  3. Overall language used across the website, can be a determining factor to spot the fake sites.
  4. Check if they’re tied up with a reputed payment gateway provider
  5. Lookout for reviews and complaints

You will definitely be able to identify fake websites by following these 5 points. There are more ways of finding out if a company is authentic or no but these are the main. indicators. Now that you’re clear about what an online job is capable of offering you and how to identify the real deal, let us tell you about the jobs that will help you earn money from home without any investment.

Now the following jobs will solely depend on the kind of skills you possess, the amount of time you’re willing to spend and the effort you’re willing to put in. Any online job for that matter depends on the above factors. You’re required to put in at least 3-4 hours on an average. Furthermore, based on what the profile demands, you can put in more number of hours. Without any delay, let us take you through the jobs that’ll help you earn money from home without investment.

5 ways to earn from home without any investment

Sell your Skills

earn from home without any investment

Are you good at writing? Do you have a voice to lend for voice overs? Can you design logos? These are just some of the skills that will get you a good job online. You can possess many basic skills like communication, language, interpersonal skills etc. that add a lot of value to different kinds of jobs. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Skillshare help freelancers find the job they’ve been looking for. All you need to do is create a profile with either or all of these websites and start building around it. To get work, it is always essential to have a portfolio of your previous work. Paste links of your recent work on the profile, add the relevant work experience, mention other significant achievements during the course of work and so on.

Another important aspect to consider while creating a profile on such websites is to pick specific keywords. This process makes it easier for clients to look for you in a crowd. Make sure that you’re constantly on the look out for work that complement your skills. Once you’ve created a profile, quote your price based on what you’ve earned previously. Remember to sort out this pricing based on per hour/per project or any other criteria that is considered in the world of online jobs. This is definitely among the better options on how you can earn money from home without investment. So start by creating your profile and building on your portfolio and there’s no dearth of work out there.


Filling out or conducting surveys are a great way to earn money from home as it doesn’t require much of your time or money. Companies are constantly looking for feedbacks of different kind and depending on what they need, you will have to fill them out. These can take up anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes of your time. Depending on the length of the survey and also the duration, payments are made.

Surveys can be of different types. However, you will just need to choose from the options mentioned in the form. You are neither required to leave your comments nor a feedback of any sorts on the surveys. The companies that host these surveys, will send them out to you periodically. You just need to fill them out within the given time slot and submit. The amount will get credited to your account, on completion of each of these surveys. Mostly, this kind of work will require just a smartphone and good internet so it’s definitely a great option for you to earn from home without any investment.

Earn from your phone

mobile survey

Imagine getting paid to install apps, play games, watch some videos and more! Does this sound like something you could do? There are many app companies out there who are looking for people to download them and basically review the performance. This is basically a way to see how and what works, what needs to be changed and how popular it is among people who use it. Best part is that you only need a good smart phone, some storage space and of course good internet. Once you have those, you can do this job on the go.

This is a great option if you’re looking to earn money online from home without any investment. Apps pay considerably well and the best part is that you can do it anywhere; during travels, during other commitments as long as there’s good internet. This job can also ask you to complete surveys, review videos and play games! We are sure that this is something that will influence the youth and help them earn from home.

Website Flipping

This is another business idea doing the rounds of late. It requires a little effort on your part but it is something that’ll help you earn that extra income. The concept is similar to that of trading domains where people are ready to pay you a good sum of money to buy a specific domain from you. Here, you will need to create a website or websites, work on it for 3-6 months and start generating money. The easiest way to earn money on the website is by signing up with Google Adsense! Once you do see some money getting credited to your account, you can put up the website for sale! People are always looking to buy established websites as it saves them the hassle of building from scratch or spending on one.

People are willing to pay huge sums of money to buy a website, almost 15 times more than what you’ve had to invest in building it. By invest we mean, design, code, build content and the time used to put this all together. This can actually be like a business model that you can consider, in order to generate more income sitting at home.

Online Reselling

If business has always been on your mind, then online reselling can be the right outlet! Online reselling is the hottest trend when it comes to earning money from home without any investment. It is all about reselling products, marketing them right and earning margins on each sale. It is also about customer satisfaction! From deliveries to answering queries, you have to be ahead of the game in order to avoid bad reviews. While this entire process might seem a little too much to take on, there are various platforms out there that help you achieve this at ease. One such platform being Shop101

Shop101 provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs to start their own business online. It allows them to create an online store to resell products and this comes with no investments. They even have a list of products on their catalog, that you can choose to resell if you can’t source the products that you want to sell. That makes your job easier! Once you choose the products, all you will need to do is add margins and start marketing them on different social media channels. The more you market your products, the better chances at making a sale. Another interesting part at Shop101 is that they pay you weekly based on the sales you’ve made. This is definitely one of the fast and easy options to earn from home without any investment.


Stop worrying about where you want to put your money and instead focus on how you’d like to make some more! With all the options that we’ve listed down, you’re sure to get the ball rolling in no time. So research well, build your profile and start searching for jobs that suit your profile. If there is anything else you’d like to know about these jobs or mainly online reselling in focus, please drop your message in the comments section below.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.

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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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