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Looking for ideas to earn extra income from home? We have got you covered! Check out some interesting job options available for you in this article

Are you looking for a way to earn extra income online? Do you wonder about how you can add to your income? We have all the answers you are looking for. While the internet is full of opportunities for budding talent and entrepreneurs alike, more often than not, we come across one common question- “Is it possible to earn extra income sitting at home?”. The answer to that question is, YES!

This lockdown life has brought about a lull in the professional environment in terms of salary cuts, people losing their jobs or for that matter getting used to the new normal- Work from home! But, should that stop you from looking for jobs? No! Should that stop you from wanting to earn extra income? Again, No! In fact this should give you all the more reasons to be productive and to use your time wisely. So this is where we would like to pitch in and answer all the queries you may have about making money from home. Stick around and we guarantee that you will have a lot of takeaways from this article.

How can I earn extra income online?

If you are really keen on starting an online career, then let us tell you how to earn extra income from the comforts of your home. There are many jobs out there but first things first, you need to assess your situation, qualification and the type of job you are looking for. We will talk about these factors a little later but to answer the above question, here is a list of professions that will help you earn that extra income online.

Earn Extra Income


This is definitely one of the best ways to earn extra income from home. The job of a freelancer gives you the liberty to divide your time and segment your work. This has been extremely popular in the internet world as it only requires you to create an account on any of the freelancer platforms. These websites offer you several tasks based on different skill sets. You can pick the task that matches your skills and start work. In some cases, you can add your skills on the profile, making it easy for recruiters to hire you.

There are websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer that have multiple job listings for freelancers. The thing about a freelancing job is that you get paid on completion of your work. When you assign a task for yourself, you are also required to complete it by the deadline given to you. It is also a possibility that you work might be proofread, reassessed and sent back to you if it doesn’t meet with the requirements. However, there is always scope for improvement and you can rework and send it approval again. The clauses are different for different companies/agencies so do give it a read before you jump right in!


Another great way to earn extra income is through starting a blog. Starting a blog may sound easy at first but there’s always a lot of research involved before you start your blogging journey. Firstly, you need to find your calling and pick a niche that you have enough to write about. Whether it is your travel diaries, life experiences, style hacks or for that matter a skill that you can share with the world; pick the right niche!

There are blogs for almost all topics out there so if you are capable of creating authentic and unique content then this is definitely for you. Once you pick your category, you can register at free sites like WordPress. The key to successful blogging is consistency. Yes, you will need to post content daily till you gather enough subscribers. Organic traffic will come to you if your content is good and relatable to your target audience. Once you get into the grid of posting content daily, start looking for collaborations with others from the blogging community. Offer or be a part of their ‘guest blogger’ edition. This is a great way to build your community.

Lastly, you can sign up with Google Ads and start receiving remuneration from the ads they post on your blog. You get paid with every click and your traction goes up manifold. So, yes blogging is definitely one of the productive ways to earn extra income from home.

Work on Surveys

Now this is a job that requires no previous experience. All it needs is for you to get a hang of how surveys work and good internet! Many websites offer to pay you for conducting online surveys, writing reviews or for that matter searching for specific things online. While most companies allow you to start work without registering, some others require you to register. They may also require you to divulge banking details and other personal information. It is always better to seek an online review of the company that you’re interested to work with. On the basis of this, you can decide whether or not to work for them.

Always review the websites that you want to sign up with. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks like pictures, quotes, amount mentioned etc. You need to evaluate everything before taking the leap, in order to have a positive online career experience.

Work as a virtual assistant

If you’re missing your desk and the experience of going to the office? Then you should bring the office home. Such is the job of a virtual assistant; where you will need to assist the company heads with decision making, managing tasks, clients, projects and more. Your job will be to ease the load of the top bosses. From scheduling meetings to helping them manage the different channels that are crucial to run a company; marketing, tech support, HR, etc.

Since these are jobs that require you to structure work and have some system in place, you will need some amount of training and experience to be able to do justice and manage tasks like a pro. Having said that, if you’re good at communicating and have adequate knowledge about some of the popular tools in the market, then you may just land yourself a job. It is all about how you can represent the said company and how much you are willing to take on. A virtual assistant’s job is the actual experience of what goes on in the office, except it is from home. So, if you’re qualified to take this on, then it is a really good option to earn that extra income.

Become an influencer

The term “influencer” has recently been coined in the social media world. Everyone wants to be an influencer, create content daily and enjoy the perks that come with it. However, this is a job that will give returns once you have established yourself. Just like blogging, this also requires to post content daily. The good part is you can post only pictures or for that matter provide tips/hacks to your audience etc. If you’re okay with facing the camera, then you can also start a Youtube channel. Creating an account on Youtube isn’t a task but in order to gain popularity, you need to get the right editing tools, templates, subscribers and more.

The perks of being an influencer is that along with your personal growth, you’re growing a community of your own. You get to connect with other influencers, attend meet ups, collaborate with brands, have a voice that matters and a career! It is a lucrative and competitive career for budding influencers as your content really needs to stand out from the rest. So, upgrade your knowledge on social media and its tools and then jump into the market like a pro. This is definitely good money, once you are seen and heard among your target audience.

Online reselling

Have you ever wondered how some people thrive only on an online career that pays them well? Online reselling is the answer to getting good returns from an online business. In most cases, this requires zero investment. Yes, a business that requires zero investments is almost unheard of. So let us tell you about a very renowned platform that not only gives you good returns but also doesn’t expect anything in return from you.

If you’re considering the option of running an online business to earn extra income then Shop101 is what you’ve been looking for. This app allows you to set up a store in just a few minutes. Once you create a store online, you can choose either to add your own products or from the products listed in their catalog. Shop101 has supported multiple small and flourishing business during this pandemic by giving them a platform to resell their products. You can also market your products, add margins and earn considerably from an online reselling business. Shop101 is that step in your online career, that will help you succeed in maintaining the right work-life balance while channeling your entrepreneurial side.

Content writer

If you are someone who can add value to words, then content writing is a great option to earn some money from home. Freelance as a writer for companies and agencies that require you to write on specific topics. Depending on the quality of your article, you will get paid by them. This also involves a lot of deadlines and research. Simply copy pasting content is a big NO NO!

As a content writer, you will be required to dish out content for the said brand; whether it is the social media pages, the blog, website, emailers and so on. Qualify yourself with basic tools that help you write better. You have Grammarly, which can really enhance your sentence construction and grammar in general. Install this plugin to make your job easier and more crisp. A Content writer usually earns on a per word basis. However, some agencies might set a target and pay you on the basis of that. The better the quality of your articles, the more likely you are to get a better pay.

Well, these were just some of the ways by which you can earn that additional income online. But the list just goes on and depends largely on how much time you’re willing to dedicate to the job, what kind of job you prefer and many more such factors. To narrow it down further, let us help you with jobs that will help you earn INR 5,000 per week. So read on to know more.

What kind of jobs will help me make INR 5,000 per week?

Earn Extra Income

Let us be honest when we say that we want to take up an online part-time job solely to add to our existing income. Most of us need the money to support our families or fund our education so we are definitely looking for quicker options to earn a good amount. So we thought of helping you out by listing a few jobs that will give you the money you need by working from the comforts of your home.

Affiliate Marketing

So here’s an option you can’t resist! Affiliate marketing is sort of a model whereby the person who’s an affiliate earns a commission by marketing something for a third party. It doesn’t really require to market your own products but you can look up a good affiliate program and see how best you can put your marketing skills to use.

Once you find the apt affiliate program, research a bit about the product that you want to sell. After this process, you can choose to register with the program and learn all there is to affiliate marketing. Furthermore, you can take charge of the affiliate link and do the promotions on social media. If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, then you will earn a commission from the same. Well, it is an easy process to start off with if you want to earn extra income online.

Sell photos online

Photography is a talent that most pursue as a hobby. However, you can turn this hobby into a business. It is simple! You can create a portfolio of your pictures and put it up on different paid subscription sites like 123rf, Shutterstock and so on. These days most of us are equipped with a good smartphone that takes high resolution pictures. Use the features on your phone to click thematic pictures. You can sell your photos to different accounts on Instagram by using unique presets for each. Start by creating your own page and promoting your work.

Furthermore, you can fix a price for each of your pictures based on the requirements of your clients. Once you get the visibility you need, then you can work on the pricing and earn better. This is definitely a great way to put your smart phone to good use.

Start online courses

A very productive way to earn money online is by creating informative videos and turning them into courses. You can record videos using your smart phone and use different editing tools to clip the video, add text and other effects. These days people are investing a lot of time scrolling the internet for recipes, DIY projects, skill based courses, make up tutorials and more fun stuff. If you have expertise in any of these or some other unique skillset, now is the time to capitalise on it.

You can create a YouTube channel or use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to upload videos with good content. Always ensure that your titles and descriptions add value to your content.

Create an online store

Now, this is something that is catching a lot of attention among frequent internet users. Online reselling is the latest addition to the list of online jobs available. You can run your own business online and for the most part it doesn’t require any investments from your end. Imagine a business with zero investments? Isn’t that an idea you’d be interested in?

There are many apps and websites online that allow you to resell products. Some of them are Meesho, Cartlay, Shop101, GlowRoad and so on. You can create a store in a few clicks and get started. Of the lot, Shop101 is a platform that allows you to resell your own products or choose from their catalog- which caters to the latest trends and has a unique collection of things. You can also promote your products on Facebook marketplace and WhatsApp and grow your community. Also, the payment rolls out every week so you can very well earn more than INR 5,000 as well. By building a good customer data base, you can increase your sales in no time. So do check them out for a profitable experience!

Write articles

If you love playing with words and have a flair for writing, then there’s nothing better than creating content. You can choose to freelance or join an agency on a contract basis. Mostly, an author gets paid per word but in some cases you can get paid per article as well. It all depends on how many words you’ve written, how good the research is, the authenticity and whether the content meets the clients requirements or not.

You can sign up with Fiverr or Upwork to find work. Make sure to add some information on your profile that defines you as a writer. You can also mention a little about the kind of work you’ve done previously and the kind fo work that you’re looking to do. Based on the information provided by you, you can get more companies to hire you to write.

These are definitely some, if not all the jobs that are available on the internet. Thing to remember is, always check the authenticity of the websites, companies that are hiring and only then take a call whether you want to work tip them or not. There are enough and more scams out there that lure people into jobs and don’t pay them. This brings us to our next segment which answers a very valid question-

Where can I find jobs that help me earn extra income from home? 

Since the world has mostly succumbed to a work from home culture owing to the ongoing pandemic, there’s no dearth of companies that’ll help you earn extra income from home. Let us list down a few places where you can find jobs online.

If you are someone who wants to contribute to building good content, then you can sign up on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, Freelancer to name a few. You will need to register with them and create a profile. Most of these sites have different levels of writing content, which you graduate to eventually. Based on the quality of content you produce, you get promoted to the next level. You will however be required to give your PayPal account details to the companies and set a date for every month that you wish to be paid. The only challenge about content writing is that your articles might be sent back to you for review/revision, if it doesn’t meet with the clients needs. Having said that, there is always scope for improvement and reaching the next level with dedication and hard work.

For creative jobs

When it comes to jobs like creating videos, photography portfolios and others you can actually use social media platforms to begin with. If you think you will be more structured and consistent when it comes to creating online videos then there is Youtube. Create a channel for yourself and start uploading videos that will help your audience connect better with you. You can check out other companies like Vimeo, InVideo and the likes to help you create content for them.

When it comes to your photography skills, there is 123rf, Pixabay (paid version), Flickr, Shutterstock where you can send your pictures. There will be certain guidelines for each of these websites so be sure to do your homework before taking it up.

For online reselling jobs

Running an online business isn’t all that difficult. All it requires is continued efforts, good internet and the willingness to run a successful business. And with platforms like Shop101, Meesho, Cartlay and others, all they require is your dedication. In the case of most of these online reselling platforms, there’s zero investment involved. You just need to sign up with them and start the process of reselling. In the case of Shop101, you can even market your products on Facebook marketplace, Instagram and WhatsApp; hereby growing your community further. At Shop101, you can either choose from their list of products or sell your own products and gain margins from the same. The best part is that they roll out payments every week which means that your bank account can only grow at a rapid pace. So do try them out if you want to start an online business.

Online jobs are available all over the internet but which of these jobs are actually legitimate? Which of these jobs will actually help you earn extra income from home? Although we have mentioned a few jobs already, let us tell you about a host of other things you can do on the internet that’ll help you earn money from the comforts of your home.

What are the different jobs that will help me earn extra income online?

Stock exchange

Where there’s money there’s always risk, when there’s risk there’s also profits! Such is the case of the stock exchange game. If you’re even remotely aware of how stocks work, then this is a good option for you to consider if you are looking for some additional income. There are also many courses available to understand stock trading better. Look for blue chip companies that are less of a gamble as compared to the smaller firms. Invest small initially and once you get an understanding of how these things work, you can make a bigger investment.

Similarly, you can also look for firms that require that kind of knowledge about trading and need an advisor. There is also the option of starting out on your own and being an advisor to businessmen, corporate people and other firms. You can earn a commission from their profits and charge a fee for the financial advice that you provide to them.


You should start with what you know and then expand and grow! Pick an audience that you think needs consultation on specific topics. Select a specific problem that you think you can help solve. Consultancy is all about trial and error so introduce the concept of experimenting with ideas. In order to arrive at a solution, you will have to take your client through various stages so prepare them ahead. Make your clients aware of the fact that results will come when we put these ideas to test. Once you establish yourself in a particular niche, you can slowly grow and have a full time business.

Social media manager

One of the boons of social media is that it is never stagnant! Such is the job of a social media manager. Your role will be to increase brand visibility, work towards growing the brand and create authentic and engaging content for your target audience. As a social media manager, you will come in contact with many social media tools. This will help you manage your social media pages with ease.

As a manager, you will be responsible for the entire look and feel of your brand. From deciding on content to designing the logo, website, creating copy for the website and more. It is a demanding job but a very fun learning experience if you have the creative streak in you. It is definitely a job that pays well because you’re expected to do a whole lot of things. Again, there are simple courses available on sites like Udemy, Hubspot and Coursera if you’d like to know more about it.

Resume writer

Resumes are like the first impression we have of a person, in the form of a document. Writing a resume is a skill! One needs to balance information on the resume, without stuffing too much in there. This is that document which helps give an opportunity to a person looking for a job. So it is obvious that it has to be written well, has to be concise and should serve the purpose; all at once!

While most of us manage to dish out an average resume, some others really struggle. Here is where you can help. As a resume writer, your job will be to consolidate information of the said person and structure it in a way that appeals to the interviewer. Dramatising on fonts or using loud colours is not what adds to the appeal. How you present your clients qualifications chronologically, is what matter. So this is definitely a knack that not many possess but can learn or pay you to do.

Don’t go yet, there is more! In fact let’s talk profits now and tell you some of the most profitable jobs out there to earn extra income from home. These will definitely add to your experience as also generate considerable amount of money.

Which are the 5 most profitable online jobs?

Social media manager

As mentioned above, this is a high in demand profile. Reason being, it is never stagnant and the market trends are forever changing. As a social media manager, you’re in charge of the face of the company- the content you post, the impact you make, the audience you engage with, everything goes together.

Social media pages are everything. From updating them regularly to playing around with the design element, from posting viral content to playing the hashtag game, everything contributes to the overall growth of the company/brand. It is definitely a well paying online job but it requires you to be in tune with the latest trends, tools and apps that help the growth organically and more. This definitely qualifies as one of the most profitable online jobs to earn extra income from home.


Have the drive to create informative and authentic content? Can you through your words provide useful tips or help others seek knowledge? Then blogging is for you! There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You start your own blog where you pick a niche to write about and create content daily. Once you’ve picked a niche, you can grow your community either through collaboration, or sign up with Google ads to get remuneration through clicks and so on. Give your readers, what they’re looking for and create relatable content for your target audience. The key to successful blogging is consistency.
  2. You can freelance as a writer for other blogs. Here, you will get paid either on a per word basis or per article basis. It does not require any previous experience as long as you are able to communicate the idea to the client with good language. You can also install plugins like Grammarly that make your job easier as an author.

Web developer

Coding, design and layout are the 3 things that you are responsible for as a web developer. A website is a warehouse of information of the company, designed and equipped to cater to the needs of the customers. Website developer, along with programming, needs to have a general understanding of graphic design as they need to make it a user friendly experience. Having a good design and coding in place, improves the functionality of the website and gives the user a supreme experience when they scroll for information. This is definitely a well paid job and one the best ways to earn extra income online.

Online reseller

Online reselling, as mentioned above, has great returns if marketed through the right channels and to the right audience. Running a business may seem like a herculean task for some but it isn’t all that difficult. There are several online platforms that help you create an online store for your business with little or zero investments. One such platform is Shop101. This app allows you to resell your products by adding a margin and even marketing it through Facebook market place, Whatsapp and Instagram.

The good part is that if you don’t have your own products, you can always choose from the list of products that they have in their catalog. This is the kind of job that you can take up even if you have other commitments like education, family and more. So, if business is your calling then online reselling is the best way on how to earn extra income in India.

SEO specialist

Search engine optimisation or SEO is that element which helps your content get the traction you want. It helps you identify keywords that will drive traffic to your website/blog, organically. An SEO specialist is required to structure the basic framework of a company by providing basic target keywords that’ll help Google crawl across your website and help you reach the top 10 results upon searching. As an SEO specialist you will be required to tweak all the content in accordance with what people are looking for on the internet. This is solely to understand your target audience better and to be able to meet their requirements.

Now that we have suggested a few online jobs for you to add to your income, let us tell you why it is necessary to make extra money. When it comes to an online job, people often wonder whether they can manage it, whether it is authentic, whether it’ll pay enough etc. We want to answer all of those questions so please read on to find out.

Why should I take up an online job to earn extra income?

Earn extra income from home

Why is it necessary to take up online jobs to earn money? What good will it do to your career graph? How much money can you make? These are some, if not all the questions that we get asked about doing an online job. So let me tell you the 3 main reasons as to how beneficial it is for you:

To add to your income

No money is less money! With an online job, may be you don’t earn big right at the beginning but you DO EARN enough! Money is correlated to the kind of job you’re willing to take up. It has also largely to do with how the company is, how demanding the job is and how many hours you need to invest. When you’re looking for online jobs to earn money, you need to review the company first. If they offer an amount that looks unrealistic, chances are that it is a scam. Always check the company’s website as the language used, the design and feel of it speaks volumes.

Mostly, it is the college students, housewives, new mothers and professionals who seek opportunities online. In the case of college students, they are constantly looking to add to their pocket money either with the thrill of earning extra income or to fund their education. College leaves them with some time to work on their skills for the next step in their lives. When it comes to housewives or new moms, it is just a way of staying in the field while juggling between other roles. It is also liberating when women do something for themselves as it gives them that financial independence and an urge to earn. So, any additional income is always welcome for reasons best known to the people looking for jobs. Online jobs are definitely a great start and provides one with the platform to earn and learn throughout their journey.

To build experience

If you thought of working online jobs as something that won’t count in your CV then you’re wrong. The credibility of an online job is equally good and valid and it can be added to your work experience on your resume. Mention your role in the company along with tasks that you have undertaken throughout. Never under sell yourself. If an online job suits you in terms of the kind of work you do, the number of hours, the pay etc. then this might just be the new normal for you. Add to your existing experience and build on your career graph and in the long run, it will pay off. No work is less work and no work goes unnoticed! Each job is a step further to your next venture and it is definitely a step to fulfilling your dreams.

To contribute to your family

As mentioned above, any income is good income. You can start slow but in due time, you will grow if you’re consistent. It is always great when more than one family member earns as it helps pay off the bills, live a little less frugally and plan ahead. Some households have a lot of members and not enough money coming in. In such cases, it is always helpful to contribute to your family income and pitch in wherever needed. Having an online job to earn money for your family is definitely the answer especially during this pandemic.

What are the factors to consider before taking up an online part-time job?

earn money from home

While taking up an online job, there are some factors that you will need to consider in order to structure your work-life balance. Here are 5 such factors that’ll help you take the leap:

Time management

Time is very crucial and if you don’t divide it well, it can get very messy. A work from home job can get extremely stressful if you don’t have a schedule in place. Set aside certain hours in the day for just your personal work and ensure that you’re not compromising on that in any way. Once you have time to focus on work related tasks, you can get to your desk and start a productive new day.

Invest in an organiser if that helps. You can also use your smart phones to set reminders so that things get done in a timely manner. Avail of the Google calendar as it really contributes to productivity in a big way. These are some of the ways you can manage your time and balance it with your personal life.

The pay scale

We all take up work to earn extra income and in fact it is one the motivational factors for anyone to take up a job. In the case of an online job, it largely depends on how much money you’d like to make. Depending on that, you can start building your skill set and eventually look for a job that fits that skill set. Each job pays differently ; while some may pay you by the hour, some by the word, some by the number of tasks done and most others offer a stipend. So it depends wholly on how much you are looking to earn and how many hours you’re willing to put in.

Legitimacy of the company

One of the key factors to consider before taking up an online job is to check the authenticity of the company/brand/product/agency. Reason for this is that there are scams and fraudulent companies everywhere, which could easily rope you into a job that you didn’t sign up for. Some companies offer money that is unheard of and feels unrealistic to begin with. There are small cues that will lead you to find out if the company is registered properly, whether there is any missing clauses and many such leads. Stay alert and do your research well before you take up an online job.

Work culture

Usually during an interview, you can tell a lot about how the company functions. This may not be the whole picture but at least a part of it. Ask about the team you’re joining. Find out how many of them work remotely. Make it a point to ask about your leave structure because even though you work from home, there may be days when you will need to be excused for personal reasons. Always read through the contract thoroughly to get a better sense of how structured the organisation is.

Are there any investments required if I want to earn extra income?

In most cases, No! Legitimate companies will not ask you for an investment or registration fee. Their signups are free and you can start work immediately. The moment you need to make a payment just to join a company, you need to first do your homework about the company. Do a thorough background check when it comes to the authenticity of the website, the products, the people managing the support and so on. Having said that, not all companies that charge a nominal fee, are scams. But again, it is better to research well in advance just so you know what you’re getting into.

How can I multiply my income?

Earning online is easy but doubling your income in a short period of time, might seem challenging. Jobs like Blogging, Social media manager, Virtual assistant etc. are jobs that will see growth in income, annually. But then you have online reselling where you can actually have a successful business and gain margins from every sale and each week. Like for instance, Shop101 is an online reselling platform that empowers people from different niches to earn money online through reselling of products. They have a user-friendly app which can be accessed using your smartphones. Once you sign up with them for reselling products, you can multiply your income by marketing your products on different social media channels to create more visibility. By doing so, your sales will go up and so will your income. So, online reselling is the right option if you want to multiply your income in short intervals.

Who can take up work online?

Entrepreneurs, new mothers, college students, professionals and housewives are the one who can actively work for an online firm. This is because they get the flexibility in work hours without having to compromise on anything on the personal or main job front. This is also for everyone who is looking for a switch in profession. You can fill the gaps on the resume as well as add to your experience by taking up these jobs. Plus, it is a great way to earn extra income without having to beat the traffic, deal with COVID-19 or any such concerns.

How many hours should I put in to earn extra income at home?

This largely depends on the type of work you have chosen. A data entry job may take lesser time than graphic designing. Similarly, a content writers job in comparison to that of a virtual assistant, may be more flexible and less stressful. On an average you will need to put in at least 3-4 hours of undisturbed time, where you key focus is on completing the task at hand. If the task demands more time, then it depends on how you want to finish it and when you have to submit it as well.

We hope that through this guide we were able to answer most of your questions. However, if you feel like we’ve missed out on something, please leave your questions in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer them!

  1. How many hours should I put in to earn extra income at home?

    This largely depends on the type of work you have chosen. A data entry job may take lesser time than graphic designing. Similarly, a content writers job in comparison to that of a virtual assistant, may be more flexible and less stressful. On an average you will need to put in at least 3-4 hours of undisturbed time, where you key focus is on completing the task at hand. If the task demands more time, then it depends on how you want to finish it and when you have to submit it as well.


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An army wife and a mother to a toddler, she loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. A self proclaimed grammar nazi; loves to make memes in her free time.



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