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Congratulations Reseller! You are now earning at least Rs.5000 per month through Shop101 app. Let’s be a little more ambitious and make your monthly income upto Rs.10000. In this intermediate level of our Shop101 online Reselling course, we will introduce you to Facebook Marketplace. If you have been reselling within your family and friends’ circle, you’ll need to up your game to increase your sales and expand your customer base. Facebook Marketplace is the ideal platform for both these things. Topics that we will cover in this course are:

  • Why should one sell on Facebook Marketplace?
  • How should one start on Facebook?
  • Listing products on FB Marketplace
  • Catchy descriptions of products for FB marketplace
  • How to decide on prices of your listed FB Marketplace products?
  • Why is tagging location important on FB Marketplace?
  • Introduction to FB groups
  • Difference between FB profile and page
  • How to convert inquiries and orders to sales on FB groups?
  • How to use website and whatsapp to your advantage on Facebook?
  • The importance of Video catalogs on FB marketplace
  • What are paid facebook groups?
  • Advantages of being part of paid facebook groups
  • How to interact with customers on facebook groups and make them permanent customers.

There are many Facebook groups that one can join for reselling. In the search tab, type online reselling groups, and other terms related to your online reselling business which will help you find the groups similar to your niche and specialty.

Facebook Marketplace takes about 2-3 days to verify your personal account incase you don't get immediate access.

This glitch can happen incase you have not updated the app. Go on Google Play Store and type Shop101 in search tab and click on Update. In case this problem still persist after updating, go on the menu button (☰) and click on 'Manage Website' and the click on 'Add website link'. This will enable you to share your website link with your products.

For the free groups, one must consider joining 10-15 groups and actively post their products

For your products to be noticed by customers, it is important to be active on Facebook Marketplace. Sharing between 10-20 catalogs everyday is a good number to start.

The products you choose depend on certain factors such as location and seasonality. For this, you need to do some research on Facebook Marketplace. An added website you can use is Google Trends which will give you some numbers to give you an idea which product is trending in the market.


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