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In today’s day and age when everything seems possible, it is important to always have a second source of income. This is especially for women. This is why we have created a list of top business ideas for women to help them get started by building their own business. 

Building your own business might seem like a difficult task but if done correctly it can become extremely easy. With the introduction of the internet, there are now so many jobs that you can easily build and run, especially from the comfort of your own home. 

This is why we have created this guide to help you easily start and grow your own business. Just select any of our top business ideas for women and get started.

5 Factors To Consider When Identifying the Top Business Ideas for Women

Opportunities for growth

We all know that a mere paycheck does not amount to work satisfaction. You want to channel your efforts into a place that appreciates your work and offers you opportunities for growth. For most people, their job turns into a dead-end. Allow us to prove this notion. 

Gallup in 2017 conducted a global poll to find people who were satisfied with their jobs and the results were rather shocking. Out of a billion-people working population, only 15% were satisfied with their jobs. This means a staggering 85% are stuck in a place where they think they’ll never have any new opportunities for growth.  

This must have given you an idea about the importance of growth. No one wants to be stagnant. Thus, make sure that you end up with a stay at home job that offers you ample opportunities for growth. 


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Oprah Winfrey 

Work without passion usually results in two outcomes. The flame burns out and you quit or you continue to work just for the pay. Either way, in both the outcomes it is you who would have to face the disappointment. Thus, it becomes really important to go for a stay at home job that matches your passion. 

Once your passion and your work unify, you would come to know the actual meaning of happiness. The company’s vision would match with your vision and your very job would become a source of motivation for you. Moreover, when your passion and efforts fuse, the result would indefinitely satisfy the management. 

Working hours

Don’t ever fall for overexploitation of your abilities. The most common mistake made by novice employees is that they accept harsh terms of employment. This means 8+ hours of work in a day with little pay. Though overtime is not always deemed as overexploitation, there is a fine line between these two terms. 

To know what is considered to be normal working hours, it is better to consult the HR of the recruiting company. However, we advise that you don’t work for more than 40+ hours a week. This is because studies conducted by independent researchers have found that people who work 40+ hours are more likely to end up with cardiovascular conditions.       

Therefore, opt for one of these top business ideas for women, whose working hours fit perfectly with your health.

Stability of the Company & Employment  

So, you cleared the interview and have the offer letter in front of you. You want to accept it, but are doubtful about the stability of the company and your future employment. What would you do? 

Stability of both the company and your employment is a primary factor to consider, before selecting a stay at home job. You can find out about the stability of the company by doing thorough research. Find out whether they have any prior records of layoffs, whether they suffered from any negative publicity, and more? Answers to such questions would give you an idea of their stability.  

You don’t want to join a company that lays-off its employees regularly. Instead of living with constant worry over whether you’re next, it is better to join a stable company. 

Considerable payouts 

Though money is not the only factor to identify a suitable stay at home job, it is an essential factor. It is through your monthly salary, that you can reach your dream of financial independence. 

Hence, go for those companies that offer you a considerable monthly fixed salary. Though there would be many firms that offer grossly underpaying packages, just have the patience for the one perfect company that would suit all your needs and interests.

Top Business Ideas for Women

Top Business Ideas for Women To Start Their own Business

Traditional Freelancing Jobs


If you have a laptop with internet access and a knack for writing, content writing is the right option for you. You can write about almost every topic under the sun and earn a good amount of money. Freelancing allows a lot of flexibility so you can manage this activity easily around your other tasks. 

Graphic Designer

If you have the skills, becoming a freelance graphic designer is one of the best side jobs for stay-at home women. There’s always a demand for good graphic designers in today’s digital economy. Again, this is freelancing work that can be done from the comfort of home, as per your own schedule. Hence, it’s ideal for at-home mothers with some experience in this field.

Online Tutoring

There are so many online educational platforms looking for good online tutors in different fields, from important school subjects to fitness or cooking. You can conduct online classes completely from home, via the internet, as per your convenient timings.


If you have the skills, becoming a freelance graphic designer is one of the best side jobs for stay-at home women. There’s always a demand for good graphic designers in today’s digital economy. Again, this is freelancing work that can be done from the comfort of home, as per your own schedule. Hence, it’s ideal for at-home women with some experience in this field.


Transcription involves typing out the content from an audio recording. This is one of the most popular at home jobs for moms. The only skill you really need here is a fast typing speed. This provides a steady source of income and can be conveniently scheduled around your domestic duties.

Data Entry

This is one of the simplest and easiest at home jobs for moms. It involves entering large amounts of data into a specific format online, such as a Word or Excel document. It can be taken up on a freelance basis. With just a couple of hours of work a day, you can earn quite a lot of money.


Most Indians are bilingual at the very least! However, if you’re also proficient in an international language such as French, Spanish or Italian, look out for freelance translating opportunities to make some money. This is one of the top business ideas for women if you have a knack for picking up different languages.


Companies are increasingly hiring freelance telemarketers who work completely from home. The company will send all the materials needed to do the work. To retain the job, you just need to meet your monthly targets.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are highly demanded by companies with active websites or those that do not have well-defined office spaces. Email writing, social media management, managing schedules and basic report making are some of the jobs that a virtual assistant is expected to do. 


A lot of women have started blogs or vlogs on social media, focusing on their area of expertise: childcare, designing, beauty services, development, or wherever your talents lie. If you have that knack for communication, think about starting your own blog or vlog. Once you have enough followers, you can monetize the blog and earn money online through advertising.

Affiliate Marketer

Another way to make money through your blog (once you have enough followers) is to opt for affiliate marketing. This involves adding pre-created content or links from brands, within your own content.

If you have good verbal and written communication skills along with a fair amount of computer and internet knowledge, this can be perfect top business ideas for women that you’ve been looking for.


Tiffin Service 

Cooking and delivering home-cooked meals is an excellent home-based business for women’s groups. There’s a huge market for fresh, healthy food offered at reasonable prices. You can reach out to a customer base in your local area. Thanks to messaging apps like WhatsApp, it’s very easy to coordinate demand and supply. 

While this may be a taxing venture for one person to handle alone, a group of women can divide up the different tasks as well as cost of ingredients amongst themselves. With an efficient process in place, this could easily become a profitable venture that doesn’t require too many start-up funds.

Healthy, home-cooked, “organic” food is one of most popular trends today. But for a lot of working professionals in high-pressure jobs, yummy home cooked meals are a rare treat. If you can provide this treat at affordable prices, you’ll have a successful tiffin service on your hands. 

Start small by servicing customers in your locality. If things go well, you can slowly increase your customer base and amp up the size of your business.

Homemade Condiments

Why not share your family recipe of your favorite pickle or condiments? Producing these traditional condiments is a very communal activity, with women getting together to cut the ingredients, dry the spices, bottle the produce and so on. You may already be doing this for fun – so why not add some more members to your group and turn it into a business? There’s always a market in India for lovely home-made condiments. 

Selling condiments can be a very profitable home business for ladies who have a great collection of delicious jam, pickle and chutney recipes. In fact, for many women, making and bottling condiments is a traditional annual (or bi-annual) activity. These bottles of yummy condiments are then passed around to family members and friends. 

So why not turn this into a source of income? You can do the production entirely at home, as you have always done. Your network of friends and family can help you market your products. While this can start as a single person, home-based business, if the profits start rolling in, you can consider expanding. 

Baked Goods

A complete meal service may be too time consuming for some women. If you have a knack for baking, consider starting a baked goods business instead. This business can also be done entirely from home, using your existing equipment and recipes. Nowadays, many women use messaging apps like WhatsApp to advertise their products and coordinate orders. Thus, the start-up investment is kept to a minimum.

Though the costs may be minimal, you will have to figure out some of the logistics such as delivery, packaging etc. The key here is to keep it simple. Initially, focus on a few of your best products and making a name for yourself. Eventually, once the profits come in, you can expand your menu. 

Offer Cooking Classes

Ladies who are great at communication as well as cooking, can consider starting a cooking class. With this business, there’s no hassle of production, shipping, packaging and so on. You just need to share your knowledge with other eager learners. In fact, if you already have some experience with a cooking-based business, you could even start a cooking-related home business class!

However, it may take you some time to reach out to your client base and find your customers. You can choose to sign up with educational platforms online that are always looking for talented teachers. That way, you can focus on teaching and avoid the hassle of seeking out customers.

Chocolate making

We all love to eat and purchase chocolates. If you have a passion for making chocolate, you can turn this idea into a business. Visit nearby candy stores to identify what kind of products have the most demand and what novelty you can create to attract more customers.

You can experiment with the taste, contents and designs of chocolates and even customise your products for kids or special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and celebrations. You can create adorable chocolate hampers and sell them as in individual or family packs.

Fashion & Beauty

Online Stylist

If you have a great eye of creating styles and know the latest trends, then you can easily become an online stylist.

A first impression can only be made once.

This is why a lot of people are now looking at stylists who can help them or provide them with tips of what type of clothes work in what environment, how to pair certain pieces together, and even how to create their own styles that work well with their body style.


This is another business idea that is actually quite cost-effective and easy to execute; especially with a group of creative-minded women. You can take up classes on how to make jewellery and pass on the knowledge to the group. This could be a short-term investment that will have great long-term results. 

Even the cost of raw materials (like threads, beads and metal wires) is relatively low. Moreover, a group of women working together can easily produce a large number of pieces in a short period of time. With a little bit of smart marketing, this could be a lucrative venture.

You can design different types of jewellery and make them by hand. Nowadays, jewellery has become an integral part of everyday attire and we all like to flaunt a great necklace or earrings with every outfit. It’s fair to say that jewellery has become quite popular in the market. Try your hands at anything from making artistic beaded bracelets or earrings, to pieces made with unique materials like shells. 

Start by strining together beads, pearls, stones, and game pieces, you can make earrings or necklace chains and create beautiful pieces of innovative jewellery. You can use heat to bend or mould different materials like knitting needles, glass or plastic to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings. Now is the time to find a local or a wholesale seller or market these items online.

Beauty Products

Organic, home-made beauty, skincare and haircare products are all the rage right now. Everybody is looking for high quality products that are all natural. For women, this is a great way to make money. You can easily grow your own natural ingredients and get your hands on a few good recipes for how to make soaps, face washes and bath oils. 

It won’t take much time to create a catalogue of products to sell at exhibitions or even online. If you are not sure about your abilities to make home-made products, you can always sell branded organic products through Shop101 and earn a commission for each sale. 

Another way is to create a channel and post makeup tutorials. You can have seasonal tutorials, basic, thematic ones and the list is long. For example, check out the video below to get an idea as to how you need to do this.

Painted Footwear

Amongst fashionistas, there’s a big market for beautiful, unique pieces that stand out from the crowd. Hand-painted footwear is one such trend that’s taken off big time and can be a great business idea.

Online Reselling

For women who just want to start a simple business, here is one of the top business ideas for women that don’t involve any financial investment or logistical hassles, reselling products online is the right choice. 

With apps like Shop101, women can cut out the manufacturing, packaging and shipping aspects and just focus on selling. This is a relatively easy task. 

Just find products in the existing catalogue of Shop101, add a margin to the cost of the product on the app and share the links with your friends. For every sale, you’ll make money. It’s a simple way to reap the profits, without any sweat or tears.

Bespoke home décor

Candle making

Selling handmade candles are a good option when it comes to a small business for women. People love high-quality handmade candles, and your candles can become one of the most popular home decor items on the market. The best thing about the candle business is that it is easy, affordable and has a low production cost. You just need some wax, a wick and some creativity to start. 

Use your creativity to make candles of different shapes, sizes and patterns. Try to create different ones like scented or customised candles that target a particular audience. Now you can start to market your candles through gift stores, craft malls, local markets, and even online through various retail and sail websites or outlets.


Some people love to play with clay and ceramics. They have the talent to mould clay into exceptionally beautiful articles like pots, vases, statues, candle stands and the like. If you also belong to this category, why not use your skills to make money?

You can convert a small section of your house into a ceramic studio and get set with all your tools and designs. This top business idea for women at home has very few start-up costs. You can begin by selling your home-made products to friends and relatives and then ask them for references.


If you are good with a paint brush and a canvas, then your work of art could be on someone’s wall in no time.

All you need to do is paint, creative pieces that you think people will like. You can work with a number of different styles such as still life, abstract and even impressionist.

You can even take orders to create custom paintings according to your customer’s wishes. There are very few artists that offer such services, so your contribution could be great here.

Mosaic work

Mosaic Art is a 3D work of art made from hard and solid materials, like coloured glass, tiles, or small stones. This is a very beautiful and popular form of artwork nowadays. In order to do create mosaic designs, you can use tiles of different colours and sizes. You can then glue these pieces onto a surface, creating an attractive picture or a pattern.

You can develop your skills as a mosaic artist and create items like tabletops, trays, baskets or wall art. Once ready, you can click beautiful pictures of your product and list it online and start making sales. People love getting custom work for their home decor, which is why this is one of the top business ideas for women today.


Many ladies enjoy pottery and painting pots as a hobby. If this is your passion, why not turn it into a business? If you don’t want to make individual pots, you can purchase them wholesale at a cheap cost and transform them with your painting skills. Such items are always attractive to ladies as they can be used in crafts, storage, home décor and much more. 

Custom Tailor

If you have a skill for sewing, stitching and embroidery, this is a great top business idea for women who want to start their own small custom tailoring business. People can drop off their clothes at your home and you beautify or alter them, as they wish.

Knitting or Crochet

Crochet is the art of creating textiles with the help of a small, hooked hand needle. It is faster to knit yarn through this style and it is also easy to learn. The designs produced are also appealing and adorable. You can make crochet flowers, lace, mats, hats, baby blankets, scarves and even dresses. The more beautiful your product, the more money it will fetch in the market.

If you can design great knitting patterns in attractive colours, you can even think about setting up a knitting business from home. Keep your knitted articles simple and easy, like sweaters, socks, baby dresses, hats, blankets or hoodies.

This is what makes this one of the top businesses ideas for women because of how easy and simple it is.


If you have a flair for using your sewing machine to make beautiful, multi-colour and trendy quilts, you can convert your talent into a business idea. You can collect appealing fabric combinations and stitch them together to make great quilts, or you can even provide services like the piecing and binding of quilts.

Talk with the fabric and quilt shops in your area to gather information about samples, trends, prices and the market.

Embroidered Cushion Covers

Hand-embroidered cushions add an old-world charm to any home and hence there is always a market for these products. You can get a good price for your intricately-embroidered designs.

Custom Gift Packages

If you have a flair for gift-giving, turn it into a business. You can buy certain popular gifting items in wholesale and then create beautiful, customized gift packages for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivals etc. In fact, you might already be doing this for your gifting-challenged friends – just think of how you can make money from it!

Daycare Service

Young working couples with high-pressure jobs are always looking for good, reliable day care services. Hence, starting a small day care centre is a one of the top business ideas for women for a home-based business for women’s groups composed largely of mothers. 

Such women would already be expert at child care. Since it’s a home-based business, there’s no rent to pay. There may be small business costs (food for the children, diapers, toys) but they will be more that recouped later. And, you can conduct this business from home, while taking care of your own kids and managing your housework.

Top Business Ideas for Women

Tips to Take Your Business to Next Level

Now that you have your top business idea for women ready to go, here are some tips to take this business to the next level. The internet is totally changing the landscape of our society and economy. 

Every industry is impacted and many new types of businesses are popping up. Many women are making their presence felt through small, home-based businesses focused on areas like cookery or fashion. It’s a great time to start a business for ladies with low investment prospects but a great deal of talent and enthusiasm!

Select a simple business idea

This is the first and most important step. It’s easy to get caught up in grand dreams of dominating the fashion world. Who knows? You may some day! But for the first step, just keep it simple. Select a business that plays to your strengths and involves minimal logistical headaches and financial investments. Choose from a list of these top business ideas for women provided above.

For example, jewellery making is a great business for ladies with low investment but more time on their hands. The raw materials are relatively cheap and production can be done entirely at home, by you. You can use messaging apps to market and advertise your products.

There are other related businesses that may involve a more costly inventory, such as customized shoes, embroidered scarves or painted belts. You can consider expanding to these when you have some more investment money. To start with, just focus on your key strengths and don’t over-complicate it.

Analyse the market

Once you have your top business idea for women, the next step is to analyse the market and identify your customer base. This could be as simple as tapping into your existing network of families and friends! In fact, that’s a great place to start. Thanks to messaging apps, you can now reach a large number of people with just a few clicks. Don’t be afraid to expand to new social media platforms and apps. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can reach a large number of people who would want to buy your products.

Plan ahead

Good organisation and efficient planning are often the key factors which differentiate successful businesses from failed ones. Of course, it’s really important to select a business idea that suits your investment prospects and doesn’t drain your personal finances. But it’s also important to implement that idea with efficiency. Do research, talk to people, figure out all the risks and pitfalls that lie ahead of you. Then, make a plan to meet all the challenges head-on. 

As you do this, ask yourself some key questions. How much time can you spend on the business? Will your customers be able to find out about your business? How will you deliver your products/services? Will you require to invest a lot and if so, how much would you need to start the business? How long will it take to see profits? Planning ahead can highlight some key issues and save you many headaches in the future!

Avoid heavy investments

This might seem very obvious but actually, overspending is a big trap that new (and even experienced!) entrepreneurs fall into. Identify your financial limits and don’t exceed them. If your primary business isn’t doing so well, consider paring it down or taking up a secondary activity to supplement the income.

“A big business starts small”

Richard Branson

Every big business started as a simple idea. This is why we created a list of top business ideas for women to help you get started. We’ve done the groundwork for you, all you need to do is bring this top business idea for women to life. 

Follow these golden guidelines for good business to maximise the chances of success in any business for ladies with low investment. 

Yes, anything can happen in business – but luck favours the well-prepared. Keep these tips in mind and watch the money roll in!


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Nikita Mirchandani

Nikita is quiet, sometimes too quiet until you get to know her - then she can be pretty loud. Always been a voracious reader, she reads anything she can get her hands on. 12/10 she would read a dictionary if she had nothing else. Loves writing, but hates grammar. She's an enigma in the making.



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