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Has the online reselling business been a distant dream? May be these reseller stories from B.Tech to Business will motivate you.

At Shop101, we take pride in empowering budding entrepreneurs to start their own online reselling business with us. We aim to provide them with a chance to fulfil their impending dream of running a successful business online without having to invest. One such dream is that of Mr. Sairam. Stick around to read about this successful reseller’s story of how he went from B.Tech to Business and pour in your support!

From B.Tech to Business

From B.Tech to Business and How it all started

Sairam is a mechanical engineer from a city called Suryapet in the state of Telangana. Having completed his B.Tech, he used to work at Ultra cement as a site engineer before he stumbled upon his dream of running a business. Sairam, is a family man who always had bigger dreams for his wife and daughter. He knew he wanted to run a business but he wasn’t sure of how to go about it. One day, as he searched for online reselling, he came across Shop101 . He learnt that becoming a reseller online is a booming business that will somewhere fulfil his dreams.

On searching, he also stumbled upon other apps like Meesho, GlowRoad and so on. However, he has found Shop101 to be not just user friendly but a platform where the quality of products speak for themselves. He knew right then that he’d rather be invested in good quality over quantity. The best part is that his wife has also joined hands with him and runs the business as his partner. So, if Sairam can go from B.Tech to Business in a successful way, so can you!

His Experience at Shop101

Once he joined our community, his wife and he decided to sell ‘plain buttoned kurtis’ which are high on demand. They tapped into the right category and are very satisfied with their earnings. When we asked Sairam how he used his margin money, he said “Initially I used to use it for my personal use but now I am saving it all for my daughter”.

He goes on to add that, “Since I received good reviews from my customers, I felt more motivated. The team at Shop101 has also offered me support. I have also been successful in referring more people to join the Shop101 community.”

The Lockdown effect

Since the pandemic came unexpectedly, none of us were really prepared for what was to come. Like all of us, he was also worried about sales and earning during this lockdown. However, he says that there have been orders but he’s promised to have them delivered only when the lockdown is lifted.

We were very happy to hear about this reseller’s story after he started his online reselling business with Shop101. It only motivates us to work harder. Before signing off, here’s a tip that Sairam wanted to share with the reseller’s community- “Hard work ensures success and the time you spend working ensures a good bank balance.”

Another reseller’s story from B.tech to Business at Shop101

From B.Tech to Business

Lakshman belongs to Secunderabad, also part of Telangana. He is a B.tech student and is currently pursuing it and is in the final year. Unlike Sairam, this reseller wanted to earn some pocket money and hence he thought of this transition from B.tech to business.

Lakshman heard of Shop101 because of his classmate, who also happens to be working with Shop101. He referred Lakshman so that he can also find an opportunity to earn money along with studying for his final year. He is happy being an online reseller and he feels happy when customers are satisfied with his products. Although he faced some backlash during this lockdown, he’s happy with the response he received from the Shop101 support team.

In Lakshman’s words, “Don’t waste time playing games on your android phones. It is better to use the Shop101 app and earn money”. Well, that’s an advice we are sure that everyone will agree with!


We hope you all have taken back something from Sairam and Lakshman’s journey. We will be sharing more such reseller stories with you so stay tuned and show some love in the comments section below.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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