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Want to know about the best online part-time jobs available in India? Here are 3 best opportunities that you can explore.

Student life is all about exploring the many options one has. Whether it means finding new courses to upgrade oneself, internships or for that matter an online part-time job; students can easily structure their day. However, this phase has a lot to do with forming friendships, traveling, initiating creative ideas and so on. To support this, students are often seen looking for gigs where they can earn a quick buck. Here is where the search for best online part time jobs begins.

Students want to expand their learning not only through the University and courses that they are a part of but also through the real world. By real world we mean, the next step that follows; which is nothing but their career. The whole purpose of studying a specific course is so that they find a job in that related field. Mostly, students aspire to take up courses that’ll help them build a career that they’re aiming for. But what happens when they want to work while studying? What happens when students want to earn extra money may be to pay off student loans or just for the sake of pocket money? Here is where the option of an online part-time job comes in. Usually, a job of this nature does not require any previous work experience. Recruiters often look for candidates who have time, basic skills and good internet so that they can contribute to the company productively. But before we give out ideas for the best online part-time jobs for students in India, let us see how they can balance the student-work life.

5 ways you can balance student-work life when you take up an online part-time job

Plan a schedule

best online part-time jobs

It is going to be quite challenging to work while studying. But this is a concept that is easily doable especially now that everyone’s home. Have a good schedule for yourself as you will be juggling between classes and finishing work related targets. Plan your day based on your priorities. Clashes are bound to happen between tasks, especially during your exams. Find a company that is understanding of the same and can allow some leeway if need be.

Have a to-do list

Along with planning a schedule, prepare a to-do list. This can either be a weekly or day-wise task that you put to practice. This to-do list should be easily visible and accessible so that you’re able to follow it religiously. You can set small reminders to yourself as well. These reminders will actively help you check on the list that you’ve created. To-do lists will ensure that none of your work is incomplete. Balancing student-work life can get terribly confusing so this list will ease it out for you.

Create subtasks

Whenever you’re assigned a task, whether from college or at work, create subtasks! This way, you can finish smaller chunks at a faster pace and then stitch all of them together. Sometimes, a task can seem extremely mundane and long and finishing it will become more of a struggle than accomplishment. At such times, it is better to divide them into parts.

Set goals

Setting goals will help you stay committed to your tasks. Sometimes we tend to delay or procrastinate and don’t get things done in time. A goal ideally helps you remain focused at not just finishing but also helping you helping you achieve your own personal target. Goals help increase productivity. Working from home can get a little difficult because of the distractions, other duties and chores that come in the way. These goals will specify priorities and targets together so that you will know where the focus needs to be.

Time yourself

best online part-time jobs

This is a really good way to assess how much time you allot to tasks. Set a timer or download apps like Calm that cut down the background noise to something more soothing and also help you finish tasks on time. There is a timer wherein the soothing sound continues to play based on how much time you set it for. This can work brilliantly when you’re working on different tasks.

These are the top 5 tips that we can give all the students so that balancing work becomes easy. So, as promised, let’s run through some of the best online part-time jobs for students in India. Remember that these jobs are either skill based or on the basis of qualifications. These are only a few, among the many options that you can find out there so feel free to add any other part-time job from home that you know of, in the comments section below.

8 best online part-time jobs for students in India

best online part-time jobs

Online tutoring

A great opportunity to learn, teach and earn from home if you have 2-4 hours in hand. There are 2 ways of conducting these classes; the first one is by going live and the second one is through pre-recorded sessions. Find a space in your house, which has less distractions for your students to focus on. This should preferably be a plain background.

Pick a subject that you have enough expertise in. You can also prepare short interactive sessions for students. It doesn’t have to be lengthy lectures. Break your classes across the week, in different time slots, into different batches. This way, you can focus on other duties or courses that you’re pursuing.

Create your very own Youtube channel to post all your sessions there. Find a simple tool to edit your videos to cut short the gaps in between. Make each lesson valuable so that your subscribers know what to expect and will be willing to pay for the online sessions. Create an easy payment mode like Google Pay or Paytm, whichever works for you. This is indeed a great way to earn money from home while studying.

Online reselling- one of the best online part-time jobs in India

Another best online part-time job opportunity is that of an online reseller. This is because it doesn’t require any previous work experience. For students, this like a jackpot because they can actually earn without showing any work experience.

There are many apps/websites that allow its users to create an online store. These reselling apps have products readily available in their catalog and the user only needs to add it into their store for reselling purposes. This means that it requires no or low investments from your end. For example, the Shop101 app requires zero investments by its users and yet allows one to create a store. A reseller just needs to pick the products they want to resell, share them on social media and with friends and family. Each products leaves the reseller with scope to add margins. These margins are basically profits that will reflect in the reseller’s account on each sale. The good part is that at Shop101, they release payments weekly. You can earn on every Friday and continue earning more as and when you share your products with customers. This is indeed a great option, not just for students but for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur from home.

Social media manager

In the digital age, there must only be a very small percentage of people who are not on social media or for that matter own a smart phone. But most of us who do, are active on more than one platform for sure. Using social media rightly can help one’s business, can help in networking and can be a great tool to boost one’s growth.

The job of a social media manager is to manage social media accounts, create campaigns, run ads, write quality content; to promote the brand and create a digital presence. Social media tools already make your job easy if you know how to use them. One does not need to know design or specific tools if you know how to use the features of the respective apps, to the fullest. For example, with Instagram, you have stories that last for 24 hours where you can run polls, ask questions and more. Similarly, you have the latest ‘Reels’ which have created waves, giving creators a chance to maximise their productivity within a time limit. If you know the app well, you can really increase productivity and gain profits for the company. Social media manager’s job will be to drive business, build a community and engage with prospective and existing customers.

Digital marketer 

In the day and age of digital media taking over almost every walk of our life, digital marketing is one of the fields that has always given abundant opportunities to people, more so college students. If you are someone who is looking for the best online part-time job, then this option is indeed a good one for you. 

You can leverage your creative, analytical, and SEO skills to ace in this field. If this is something that interests you, then you can take up online courses that require very nominal investment and polish your skills and gain updated knowledge. You can use LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to approach clients and can start cold emailing later. 

To start as a digital marketer, being a college student in India, all you need is a good internet connection. 

Data entry

If you are a college student who has computer and technical skills, proficient typing skills, and communication skills, you can consider data entry as one of the best online part-time jobs and make that much-needed income. In this job, your primary task will be to enter or update data into a computer system. Along with this, you will also be expected to maintain a filing system and protect confidential customer information, perform regular backups to ensure data preservation, respond to requests to retrieve data from the database or electronic filing system.

Attention to detail, accuracy, and an ability to multitask effectively is a big plus. This is one such job that does not require strong work experience. 

Web Development

All the techies in the house, we have some information for you that can help you stand on your own feet even before your college life ends. If web development is your strong suit, you can convert this into an online part-time job opportunity. As a college student who is trying to get into freelance web development, make sure you have a very good knowledge of programming languages. Once you are thorough with this, start creating samples and mock websites that you can present to your prospects as a professional portfolio. Now, start constructing your network through LinkedIn. 

If you have clarity in prioritizing tasks, communicate with others to put your point across, and understand UX, you should be able to succeed in this online part-time work-from-home job opportunity while being a college student in India. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends in the industry and constantly learning and improving your skill set can give you an edge over your competitors. 

Content Writer

If you are someone who has always been helping your friends with Instagram and Facebook captions or can write essays well, chances are that you can fit in well as a content writer, even if you are a college student. Originality, good command of any language, creativity, and adaptability are some of the critical skills you should possess if you are considering this field. 

Leverage your LinkedIn connections and build a portfolio bit by bit. This is one of the top occupations that have the culture of work-from-home for quite a long time. This is known to be a side hustle for many college students as many consider this as an online part-time job. 

Graphic designer

An eye for good design and know the better-looking color combinations? Then you are a good fit for this. If you are also exploring streams of income that can help you while you are a college student, being a graphic designer can help you in ways more than one. 

Excellent sense of design, editing videos and photos, and attention to detail are a few skills that can help you get started. This online part-time job opportunity does not need any work experience as such, but you can build your portfolio. 


These job options are not only meant for students but for anyone who has the time, skills and bandwidth to do these jobs. Students mainly have only their courses to pursue and are devoid of other responsibilities in this phase. These online jobs give them a good chance to explore their full potential and also earn at ease.

If you have any more job suggestions for students, do mention them in the comments section below. In case you have questions for us, please hit us up below and we will be happy to answer.


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Want to know about the best online part-time jobs available in India? Here are 3 best opportunities that you can explore.
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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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