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Wondering how to start work during this pandemic? Check out some of the best online jobs to help you kickstart your career!

It is safe to say that the ‘new normal’ of work from home has somehow been accepted well in the last 3-4 months. Initially, what seemed like a struggle has now become a part of our professional lives. Almost all firms are adopting this new trend which in some way benefits them as well. But do all jobs have the luxury to go online? Not really! So we thought of listing down some of the best online jobs that you must look into if you’re considering working from home.

Before we tell you about the different jobs, let’s look at some of the reasons why this ‘new normal’ is actually beneficial in the long run.

Online Jobs- 3 Reasons to Love The ‘New Normal’

best online jobs

Start now or Start later

One of the fundamental reasons why an online job is a good option is because you can start work anytime. There is no set rule as to when you need to start work. As long as you know why you want to take up an online job, you don’t need to worry about other factors. As soon as you find companies/agencies hiring, you can start applying for the different jobs out there.

Once you have your resume ready, you can start considering new online job options. However, you want to avoid too much of a gap in the resume. So, the moment you are ready to set up your space and start working online, go for it! In no time, you’ll be able to find the right balance between work and other duties. It definitely won’t seem like such a task later on.

Cost effective

Firstly, you save on transportation costs. This is because you don’t have to travel to work every day. Everything you earn on the job will be more of a saving than an expense. Since you will be working from home, even your meals won’t be an additional expenditure. When we go to the office regularly, we tend to order food from outside, out of sheer convenience. But you avoid all of this when you’re at home and you also learn to eat on time.

Also, another reason why it is cost-effective is that you tend to use the resources available at home. At work, you tend to lose count of what and where you’re spending. In all honesty, online jobs are what we need with the economy facing such a backlash due to the pandemic. So, it is definitely something to consider in the months to come.

Opportunities aren’t limited to specific regions

Primarily, the whole idea of an online job is to cater to people from all over. As opposed to a regular job, an online job isn’t restricted to an area or region-specific candidates. In a regular job, the client might prefer someone from the vicinity. But online jobs open up opportunities for everyone. It hardly matters where they are placed, as long as the employee is willing to work during those specific hours and on tasks.

One also witnesses an increase in the number of applications when it comes to online jobs. A lot of stay at home moms, students, professionals, prefer working from home as they aim for a good work-life balance. An online job provides adequate time for your family as also your work.

Which are the best profitable online jobs?

If you actively start looking for jobs online, you’re likely to find a variety of them. But we want to make it easier for you so here’s a list of the 5 best online jobs that you should consider if you want to work online.

best online jobs

Social media manager

Ideally, a degree in marketing and communications will really help for this job but there’s no hard and fast rule at the same time. Almost every job today promotes gives their employees a chance to learn on the job. Of course one does need to know the kind of profile that they will be required to handle. Alongside this knowledge, what will really help is to have a basic understanding of the technology and tools required for marketing. After all social media is all about trends and keeping up with them.

As a social media manager, your primary duty will be to manage social media accounts for the said brand. By this, we mean that you will need to regularly update, engage, promote and improvise each of the accounts. Change is constant and a good change is always welcome. Create topical posts, build thematic campaigns, collaborate with influencers, be responsive and ready to make last-minute changes. Social media trends come without a warning so you just need to be on your toes all the time. However stressful this may sound, it is definitely one of the best online jobs there is.


Blogging is that aspect of content that is a personal space but can be turned into a professional one with some effort. A lot of us love to write down our thoughts or offer tips to our followers on the things we know. How about you turn that into a well paying career? Blogging is not just reserved for people to write for themselves but also for others. By writing for others, you can also capitalize on the demand for your information. You will often notice a very specific type of audience who love reading your content. They’re your target audience and at least 80% of your content needs to be curated keeping them in mind.

Start by picking a good name for your blog. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just effective. Once you’ve done that, register your blog online and start customizing your blog. After you have set up your blog, start posting content daily. Slowly your blog will start getting traffic and people will start subscribing to it. When your blog gets enough traffic, you can create a Google Adsense account which will help you earn extra income from the blog by posting ads on it. With every click, your account will get credited with some amount. This is the best way to make money on your blog and definitely one of the best online jobs.

Web developer

As a web developer one is responsible for the overall look and feel of a website. The whole layout, the design elements, plugins, tools are some of the things you will need to implement on the website. You will need to be up to date on the latest plugins and tools that are needed for the website to function well. A website cannot be loaded with heavy elements because it tampers with the functionality of it. It has to be a user-friendly space that provides customers, access to information while also giving them a feel-good factor while scrolling.

Apart from the visual appeal, you will need to know about how coding works. These days there are tons of online platforms that offer coding programs. There are different levels to these programs so it is always good to start with the basics and move forward to learn more. The website has a different language altogether so it’ll be great to know a bit about that in order to improve efficiency.

Online Reseller

best online jobs

One of the best online jobs these days is that of reselling. For those of you who have always dreamt of running a business, this is for you! The best part is that this business is online. Also, you don’t need a laptop as such to run an online reselling business. All you need is a smartphone and some internet. Better yet, if you want to have a successful online reselling business, you need to have knowledge about the different apps out there. One such app that can help you start an online reselling business is Shop101.

Shop101 empowers small business owners, housewives, students to start a career online. It is a very user-friendly app and can be accessed with great ease. The good part about joining Shop101 is that it requires zero investments at your end. Yes, running a successful business online and with no investments is a dream come true for anyone. All you need to do is sign up with them and choose the products that you want to resell. After this step, you will need to add margins to each of the products that you want to add to your online store. Every time a sale happens, this margin will get credited to your account.

At Shop101, they pay the resellers every week! So you earn a lot of revenue based on how well you market your products. This is definitely one of the budding and best online jobs for anyone looking to work from home.

SEO specialist

best online jobs

Creating a website is one thing but aiming for organic traffic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people create websites but fail to generate the traffic that they’d like for their site to get. In fact, only if the traffic is good, Google will be able to crawl the website and eventually rank it. Here is where the SEO specialist needs to step in. An SEO specialist researches and analyses the website in order to get the desired traffic and improve the ranking. A specialist’s job is to identify the best keywords that can be used for that particular website. Based on the search volume of that keyword, an SEO expert takes a call on whether to use it or not and also where to use it.

By choosing specific keywords for your website, you’re helping search engines find that particular website and make it more accessible to others searching for similar content. The company pays you based on your key roles and duties that will be assigned to you by them. You can either be paid by the hour or on a per-job basis.


We seriously hope that we’ve contributed to you making the switch to an online job. With these online jobs, you’re definitely a step closer to building an online career that is not just fruitful but also adds to your experience. If there are any more questions you’d like to ask us, please mention them in the comments section below.

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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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