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Have you been looking for a career in online reselling? Here are 6 steps to guide you to successfully become a reseller online in India.

With most people looking to work from home, online reselling has become one of the safest and best options to earn money. The field of reselling provides budding entrepreneurs a chance to run a successful business online, with zero or little investments. So, if you want to become a reseller online, now is a great time to start.

The key to finding any job online is to also research about its competitors. This also includes how well this niche does in the market and how much in demand it is. Earlier, the internet was filled with glorified job opportunities for people. Now, it has safer online job opportunities based on specific skills, experience and bandwidth. You can find jobs that suit your field. Based on the number of hours you’re willing to put in, you can find full-time or part-time job options.

Searching for jobs to become a reseller online in India

become a reseller online in India

Your search for jobs becomes easy especially when you sign up with recruitment sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster etc. These jobs recruitment sites in India have provided multiple opportunities for employees. However, in the case of online reselling, you just need to look at an online platform that is willing to support your business. If you want to become a reseller online in India, some of the popular portals for online reselling are:

  1. Shop101
  2. HiBoss
  3. Cartlay
  4. GlowRoad
  5. Shopmatic

You will find other sites as well which promote online reselling and support small businesses. With good research, one can decide the website/app they want to sign up with. Your decision to sign up with the said website is also in accordance with the kind of products you want to resell. If you pick a niche that is all about apparels then look for a market that can promote that. Better yet, let’s help you make this process simple. Here are the key steps to become a reseller online in India.

6 steps to become a reseller online in India

If you want to have a successful online reselling journey, follow these 6 steps now. It will only aim to make your job easier and provide you the answers that you’re looking for. So check out the steps below and tell us what you think:

Study on various options and reseller platforms

become a reseller online in India

The first step to become a reseller online in India is to research about the various platforms that are available out there. As mentioned above, there are multiple online reselling platforms that allow you to run a successful business. The thing to consider here is whether there are any investments involved or no. Any authentic online reselling platform will firstly be risk free. Unlike offline businesses, online business don’t involve risks like investing, business dealings, third party involvement etc. It is all about finding a platform that looks after all business related matters.

Shop101 is a trusted online reselling platform for young entrepreneurs, students, new mothers and so on. It is a risk free and zero investment platform for online reselling where all you need to do is sign up and get started in less than 2 minutes. Once you sign up, you can pick products from their catalog, share it on different social media platforms like Facebook marketplace, WhatsApp and Instagram. You will need to add margins to each product that you pick and based on the sale, you earn that margin. This gets credited into your account every week! Not only do you get quick returns but Shop101 team also supports your marketing journey by helping you share everywhere.

Like Shop101, there are other portals also which we have mentioned above. Depending on the kind of products you want to sell and the niche that you choose, you can take a call about the website/app you want to sign up with.

Identify your niche and the products you like

become a reseller online in India

Speaking of niche, find out what your target audience needs and is looking for online. Get a general sense of their requirements. You should then balance it with what is popular in the market as well. This will not only help you target a specific audience but also broaden your reach by selling the products that are in demand.

Choose products that are always in demand like; apparels, gadgets, kitchen appliances etc. There will always be a requirement for these type of products. With the number festivals we have in the country, all of us want to upgrade our wardrobes each time there is an occasion for us to celebrate. Women’s clothing, men’s suit, children’s clothes etc. are always in demand whether for personal use or gifting purposes. You can pick a niche that generates a good amount of sale not just on occasions but even otherwise. Most of these online reselling platforms have a wide variety of products to choose from, in their catalogs. So, choose from popular categories and create your store.

Check out the features of the app/website

become a reseller online in India

A very important step before you sign up with an app is to check out all the features that they offer. Firstly, you should look into the payment gateway and see if they are tied up with a good platform that handles payments. Next, you can look into the shipping and delivery part of it. For sites like Shop101, their very own logistics product Dash101, assists in all shipping and delivery of products. So that is definitely an advantage for this app!

Other features can include things like if the app allows you to create your very own website. It is definitely a plus point if the app allows you to create a website for your products. It’ll be another place to create a community of likeminded individuals looking for similar information online. Having a website is also like a tick mark to show the legitimacy of your online reselling business. You can find ways to create a bigger community and also earn revenue through a different channel.

Get a smartphone

become a reseller online in India

For any basic online reselling job, you will need 2 things:

  1. A smartphone
  2. Good internet

Unless there’s a good smartphone, having good internet won’t matter as much. Good smartphones are available in different ranges. As long as they meet the requirements of your online reselling job, it shouldn’t matter how much you spent on a phone. It should be able to support the app, be easy to access and have a good battery capacity.

You should also try and get something whose camera is good as you need to take pictures of your products as well. Real time pictures, unless clear, is quite misleading. From the colour of your product, to the angle that you take it in, everything depends on the quality of your phone’s camera. So, search for the best one so that your business can be managed with ease.

Social networking

become a reseller online in India

Once you have an online store for your products, you need a place to promote them too. With the digital age that we live in, what better a place than social media platforms to promote your products?! Facebook marketplace, WhatsApp, Instagram are some of the best places to market your products. You can easily identify your audience there and start promoting your products. In fact if you have a little money to invest, running ads won’t be a bad idea either.

Social networking can also mean getting into collaborations with influencers or nano influencers. You can collaborate with them to get the word out there about your brand. While nano influencers are willing to do it in exchange of a simple shoutout, the bigger influencers might charge an amount to do the same. Depending on the amount you want to spend or what kind of a campaign you’re looking at, you should take a call!

Also, joining different online reselling communities is also a great way to see how they promote their products. You can also create different pages for your brand on each of these social media platforms. The more you promote, the better are your sales. Having a digital presence is very important if you want to be successful in running an online reselling business.

Build a social circle

While social networking is entirely online, you also need to focus on building a social circle offline. Try to meet fellow resellers and build a community that will help you empower each other. Get an understanding of how they are doing things and share ideas with each other.

Not just a social circle of resellers, but you can also communicate your ideas to others around you. Most connections are build on a word of mouth basis so if you’re starting out, don’t hesitate to talk about your business outside and to your immediate circle. Share links on your personal social media accounts too as your followers can understand a great deal about the kind of business you’ve taken on.


To sum it up, in order to become a reseller online in India, it is always better to research the market, pick your niche and then take a call about how and where you want to run this business. Good research will always bring good results.

We hope that through this article, we were able to answer some of the questions that you may have had about online reselling. If there’s anything else that you’d like us to know, feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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