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Want to strike a balance between work-life and motherhood? Here are 5 steps that will help you find that balance and make things easy

More mothers these days are finding their way back to work.  The key to finding a healthy work-life and motherhood is maintaining a balance and utilising that to create a more organised and fruitful existence. While we cannot plan everything down to a second, here are a few things you can do to make life a little bit simpler.

5 ways to balance work-life and motherhood

work-life and motherhood

Plan ahead

The best thing a working mother can do for herself and her family is to PLAN AHEAD.  Planning in advance even by a few days helps in cutting down the workload during the week and helps you balance work-life and motherhood.

Most mothers can get bogged down with work meetings, household chores, meals and keeping the current scenario in mind – zoom classes during the week and it can most definitely take a toll on the mental mindset of a parent. Creating a chart for the week ahead with clearly marked out plans and meal schedules can help parents feel more in control and organised. 

Keep the meals simpler during the week and keep “special request” meals for the weekends. This will reduce weekday efforts significantly and let your little monsters dig into that extra piece of chocolate if it gives you a stress-free 30 minutes.

Remember to stay flexible in these plans and always have a clearly thought out idea on how to make quick changes in case there is an emergency.

Meditate to balance work-life and motherhood

work-life and motherhood

Spending 10 minutes a day to meditate or doing deep breathing exercises helps in relaxing the brain and lessens anxiety. Work-life and motherhood are both taxing so a little calm could help settle the chaos.

Breathing exercises during the course of your workday in short breaks of 5 minutes will help you stay alert, lessen the mental workload and provide better sleep quality at night.

Practising mindful meditation provides us with much-needed capabilities that lead to a more focused and clear mindset, enabling us to better handle stressful and demanding situations.

Waking up even 30 minutes ahead of schedule on a weekday and meditating will help by providing clarity in thought and lowering stress levels to encourage a calmer and productive day. 

Learn to delegate and ask for help

As mothers, we sometimes take on the burden of wanting to do everything ourselves in a manner that suits us best. In reality, doing that only pushes you towards a breaking point and can cause a meltdown or the parent to have a more stressful day.

Learn to delegate basic chores to your kids – making beds, folding the laundry, cleaning their rooms and picking up after themselves when they are finished eating, are things that younger kids can learn to manage. It is amazing how much free time you can create by just delegating these chores on a daily basis. 

If the kids are not in a position to help out with these chores, suggest alternate days for doing chores like laundry and “once a week, one child helps” or simply ask your spouse to pitch in. 

It is ABSOLUTELY OKAY to ask for help when needed. 

If you have other adult family members living with you or nearby, discuss and distribute other doable chores like grocery shopping, picking up and dropping kids to various classes with them.

Write things down

work-life and motherhood

In the main living room, it helps to keep a whiteboard which clearly states out chores, duties and plans for the day or week ahead. This helps in a smooth flow of the day’s activities and children know their schedule as well. Writing out zoom schedules, class routines, food menu for the day or snacks for the day will simplify these herculean tasks.

Writing out notes and even putting a reminder on your phone to take a 5-minute break or having that glass of water will help you relax, focus better and provide clearer thinking towards the tasks at hand.

Put yourself first if you want to balance your work-life and motherhood

There is nothing wrong in saying ME FIRST. Most of us tend to forget that at the end of the day we are all human beings and the concept of looking after our own needs should not take a back seat. More often than not we ignore our wellbeing because of work deadlines, kids and my personal favourite “simply being lazy”. But here’s the thing, why we should put ME first.

Getting those extra 5 minutes of sleep, having that last piece of chocolate and digging into that box of ice cream that we often hide from our children can help our mental stress and emotional levels exponentially. 

One of the primary things that can really bring down stress and anxiety levels is sleeping. Getting 7 to 8 hours helps in recharging and repairing the wear and tear of the body. As a result, when you wake up the next day you are fully charged up.

Sleeping in by even an hour on the weekends can work wonders for an over-exhausted mother.  

Pamper yourself as and when possible and try not to feel that MOM GUILT for spending some much-deserved quality time on YOURSELF. 


For a lot of moms, working from home also provides a great balance between work-life and motherhood since it offers financial independence. If you are looking at getting back to work after having spent time at home no matter what the reason, there are some great articles that offer best ways to earn money online and join the work wagon today. 

A few great options that are perfect for mothers and can easily be incorporated in their busy schedules include blogging, reviewing products or books, writing content for other websites, data entry or even reselling products to earn while being at home. These definitely promise a healthy work-life and motherhood balance.

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You can earn money from the comfort of your home, while also having a flexible work schedule. Take a look at some best ways to earn money online that are safe and easy and do not require you to step out or rearrange your daily schedule significantly.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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