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International Mother’s day 2021 is right around the corner, and by now, I am sure you have heard it enough. But don’t quit this article just yet, you are so close to seeing this day unfolding in a way that you never expected.

Mother is undoubtedly our rock, the wall, the pillar, and the ground we would seek in any difficulty. She is our safety net, that we often take for granted. But to limit her capacity to be strong only to her child seems a little unfair.

Compassionate as a mother is, bits and pieces of these qualities can be found in people with whom we (metaphorically) walk around.

Different people in which we find the essence of our mom also deserve to be appreciated by us. To keep our everyday lives going, these people do more than they are asked for, which is why they are also the ones who need to be wished today.

Grab a pen and paper, and make a list with me so that you don’t miss out on anybody this Mother’s Day:

1) Single Dad

He has been there for you playing a dual role in your life. While juggling his work, your school, and home all by himself. Your father always tries to provide you care and love in his best capacity, he tries to fulfil both roles in your life.
He has made your life what it is today. Being there for you in two capacities was certainly not a cakewalk.

So, this Mother’s Day on May 9th, make sure you wish him and let him know how grateful you are for his presence, and all the sacrifices he has made for you. The incredible smile on his face will surely make your day.

2) Siblings

No matter how intense your sibling rivalry was when you couldn’t rush to your parents for help, be it school dramas, best friend breakups, or high-school issues, your sibling has always been your safety net.
In times of immense confusion, when you could neither share it with your best friend nor your parents, there was only one person who has always given you a shoulder to lean on, your sibling.

Need I say more? So, as soon as you complete reading this article, go and wish your sibling a very happy mother’s day. They deserve all the wishes, because who would you have rushed to vent your heart out, if not them!

3) Grandmother

Our cute grandma, who would always make a favourite dish as soon as it has been uttered, was definitely going to make this list. And why wouldn’t she? For being there for you and your parents, like a rock, and being the glue that holds the families together, is she any less than our mother?
If not her, who would have bragged about you so much. She made your achievements sound so good, it gave Sharma Ji ka Beta an inferiority complex!
Wish her a very happy mother’s day 2021, and watch her face glow up with happiness!

4) Aunt

Mami, Chachi, Bua, and Maasi, the women in your life who have also taught you small, yet significant things in your life. Their compassion, their love, their affection, and their sweetness, must have helped you reach where you are right now.

Wishing them on mother’s day only makes sense. They have been there for you, if not more, but as much as your mother.

5) Best Friend

Now, as I said earlier, there are a few things that we cannot share with anybody but only our family, similarly, there are certain things that we cannot share with our family, maybe in pursuit of not hurting them, in pursuit of not letting them know. But in situations like these, if there’s anyone who can truly help, are our best friends. They have helped you and supported you without any judgement. They have taken care of you when you were fighting silent battles that only the two of you knew.
Wishing them a happy mother’s day in 2021 will nourish and add value to your friendship.

6) Neighbour

In the times of need, it’s your neighbor who always helps you, because your kin will take some time to arrive.

Each one of us has had some heart-warming experiences with our neighbors, be it Mehta Aunty fixing your salty curry, or Kapoor Uncle, with all might, calming your baby, or Nair Aunty giving you some life tips after you moved to your new home. These everyday instances have helped you ease a difficult day.

So don’t hesitate, and wish all of them a very happy mother’s day. They did exactly what your mother would have done in your difficult time.

7) Yourself

Remember the time you gathered the courage to stand up against your bully or the time you took a leap of faith or given yourself a pep talk before a presentation? You did what your mother does, every day, to you! So this mother’s day, wish yourself a happy one because you took care of yourself!

Let’s make international mother’s day 2021 a celebration for all the mothers, whether or not she is your mother, make sure you wish the person who exhibit any motherly trait!

On that note, if you are also confused about what to gift your mother, this mother’s day, why not help her create her own identity. For all that she has done for you, you owe it to her. Support her dream as she supported yours.
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Poorva Wele

Poorva (she/her) is a Content Writer at Shop101 and Dash101. She writes about tips on reselling, lifestyle, marketing, and so much more. Happy Reading!

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Poorva Wele

Poorva (she/her) is a Content Writer at Shop101 and Dash101. She writes about tips on reselling, lifestyle, marketing, and so much more. Happy Reading!



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