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Work from home has become a sort of reality today. If you asked someone 10 years back if they thought working from home was possible, they would say no. But today, the situation has changed completely. Work from home not only helps employees work effectively, but benefits organizations too. It helps cut down costs so that they can pay employees better and as a side effect, it helps reduce the traffic in urban cities too. But the biggest advantage of this culture is for those people who cannot physically go and work. It could be people living in remote areas, people who cannot go outside and people who cannot devote a fixed amount of time daily. These people can now thing of work from home ideas so that they can earn online in today’s age where work from home is the new normal.

Today, almost all occupations and vocations have flexibility that allows people to work from home. If you are looking for work from home ideas, know that there is something out there for you. Regardless of your time commitment or your preferences, you will find plenty of opportunities. Let us now delve into the best work from home ideas for those who want to earn online!

Graphic designing:

If you have a flair for design and love creating content, this is the best job for you. Graphic designing is extremely lucrative today because good design stands out. Brands want to communicate their identity to the audience and a good image speaks a thousand words. Additionally, there are so many designing tools and courses online that help you along the whole process. The best part is that you can work online so you don’t even need to step outside for work. If you’re on the lookout for work from home ideas, this should definitely be on your list.

Digital marketing

The world is going digital today and everything that’s cool is online. What better time than now to venture into digital marketing? Digital marketing is a wide space within which you could build your niche. You could work as a social media manager, an SEO specialist, a digital media consultant- all from the comfort of your couch. To work in any of these roles, you need to be tech-savvy and must keep up with changes in trends and technology. If you believe you can revolutionize the way people function online, this is one of the best work from home ideas for you.


If you love playing with words, but hate writing long content, don’t give up on writing just yet. You are the perfect fit for a career in copywriting. Copywriting involves writing short, engaging content for brands and organization. It usually goes on ad films, posters and banners and it is called ‘copy’. If you can communicate a message clearly in a few words or lines, this is the best job for you. Today, a lot of ad agencies and media firms are hiring copywriters and the best part is that you can work from home! For those who communicate fluently through words, this is one of the best work from home ideas.

Online Reselling with Shop101:

In case you didn’t know already, online reselling is an extremely lucrative space today and there are multiple earning opportunities available here for those who want to earn from home. If you’re wondering how to get started with online reselling, all you need is the Shop101 app!

Shop101 is an online reselling platform for those who want to earn money online while working from home. With Shop101, you can start an online reselling business with zero investment costs. Once you make an account, you can choose from a wide range of products at premium prices. Select what you want to sell and add a profit margin to it. You may now promote the product on social media and every time someone buys a product, you earn a margin which is then credited to your account! Reselling with Shop101 is one of the best work from home ideas!

Now that you know all about work from home ideas, it’s time to get started. So seize the day and make your mark!


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