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There was a time when online selling was a buzzword. Businesses realised that the costs of an offline business are high and consumers were shifting to online shopping. That was when business chose to shift to online selling. This remained a trend for quite some time. Everyone was on the lookout for online selling ideas then. People are still looking for online selling ideas, but for reselling. This is the age of reselling and it is a lucrative sphere which has abundant potential. Today, people are looking for ways to earn money online. While mainstream online selling is great, online reselling offers more flexibility.

Since reselling is mostly involved with wholesalers, the reseller has minimal start-up costs. It also offers a lot of independence and creative control. If you’re someone who doesn’t like taking orders from people, want to pursue your own business and want to do it online, reselling is. great way to go about it. While reselling is done for a plethora of products, some invariably sell more than others. As a new reseller, you might not be able to gauge the best product categories, which may cause some difficulty. Fret not, since you can now know about the best products to begin with as a reseller. Here are 3 online selling ideas for new resellers:

Western wear:

If you’re new to the world of online reselling, western wear is a great way to get started! Western wear is extremely trendy, is always in vogue and is priced in such a way that people are ready to buy it online. Unlike traditional Indian outfits that can often be very expensive and are bought offline, Western wear sells like hot cakes! If you are just getting started and want to learn the intricacies of the online reselling world, you can definitely start by selling Western wear and experiment around with it. Western wear is easy to market, to promote and you can share it with your social network to start creating buzz. Start by promoting Western wear staples like jeans, tops and dresses. Diversify your collection once you have created a good follower base.

Start with Western wear as a product category for your online reselling business and start earning online!

Ethnic wear:

If you are looking for online selling ideas, ethnic wear is something you should definitely consider reselling. Indian ethnic wear is an extremely varied category. It is also extremely affordable and will always stay in style. It is also a fairly easy market to gauge. So even if you’re a newbie to the world of online reselling, you can start by having a go at the ethnic wear category. There will always be a high demand for ethnic wear outfits and people are extremely comfortable buying ethnic wear online. So if fashion is something you are comfortable with, this is a good space to get started.

Start selling those kurtas and earning money from home!

Home linen:

People are increasingly buying home products online, provided they are not too expensive, so the takers for bedsheets, cushion covers, towels, etc will be many. Home linen, is therefore, a great category to start with if you’re looking for online selling ideas. Home linen will always be a need, it can easily be sold online and is very easy to market because more or less, every person needs it. So get started with home linen and see how fast those orders keep coming!

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Now that you have these online selling ideas, go ahead and start your reselling business, with Shop101!


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