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Gone are the days when you had to go out and commute and struggle to get a job. While you still need skills and hard work to get a job today, technology has made jobs accessible for everyone. Today, you don’t even. need to step out to get a job. There are multiple online platforms that offer you jobs, several companies that allow you to work online, and organizations that promote remote working. This not only saves time but also saves the cost of traveling and is especially good for people who are living in smaller towns with less access to jobs that match their skillset. Since there are a plethora of jobs available online, it is not difficult to earn money today. However, finding the right online platforms to earn money can be a task if you are new to the space.

If you haven’t ever worked online before, you might get a little flustered initially. But in this article, we will explore the best online platforms to earn so that you can start putting your skills to good use. Let us now look at the 3 best platforms for you!

1. Freelancer:

The name itself tells you what it does! Freelancer is a site for people who want to take up freelance projects. You can take up projects from anywhere in the world and choose projects according to your preferences. Be it short-term projects or longer ones, you can find them all here. It has projects for freshers as well as experienced professionals, and you can directly get in touch with companies through Freelancer. The best part is that you get to decide your commercials! Freelancer allows you to quote your rates for every project so that you don’t have to worry about negotiating or compromising on your rates. To know more about how Freelancer works, check the site here . This is truly one of the best online platforms to earn money, especially for freshers!

2. Upwork:

If you’re someone with a good amount of experience and expertise, Upwork is one of the great online platforms to earn money. Upwork works in a similar fashion to Freelancer, in that you can connect with clients and get projects. However the main difference is that you need to be approved by Upwork in order to start working. You have to submit your entire work profile alongwith your work portfolio and then your profile may be approved or declined. However, once you are approved, Upwork has some incredible work opportunities, making it great for people with a good profile and more years of experience.

3. Online reselling with Shop101:

If you’re looking for a flexible, convenient way to earn money online, online reselling with Shop101 is the best option for you. Not only do you get to decide how much time to invest, but you can also set up an online reselling business at 0 investment. You get to be your own boss without any extra cost, how cool is that?

All you need to do is download the Shop101 app. Make your profile and choose what products you want to sell. You can choose from a variety of products at wholesale rates. Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, you can add a profit margin to the product. You can then share it on your social networks and promote it. Every time a product gets sold, the profit is credited into your account. It’s as simple as that! You can learn more about Shop101 here.

Now that you know the best online platforms to earn money, it’s time to start earning. So go out there and get down to work!


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