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Are you studying and looking for a part-time job? Here are 3 profitable online part-time jobs for students that will help you earn from home.

Student life is definitely the most fun phase of one’s life. You’re exploring opportunities, you’re forming friendships, you motivate each other and you’re constantly creating memories. It is that phase wherein you’re mainly responsible for your studies and in some cases for your family. Responsibility also increases dependency, so being financial independent while studying is liberating and helpful. Students can most definitely use the extra money either to fund their course, for pocket money, to support the family or any other reason. So how can students earn while studying? Are there good online part-time jobs for students? Well, read more to find out.

If students consider working while studying, then they’re definitely looking for jobs that not just pay enough but also offer them the flexibility that they’re looking for. It can get a bit tedious if it’s a demanding job. Also balancing between classes and targets might become an issue. This leaves us with the question that ‘Do companies have online part-time jobs for students? If so, what are the different job opportunities that they can find online? Without further ado, let us tell you the 3 best online part-time jobs for students that will meet their requirements while also adding to their experience.

3 online part-time jobs for students that’ll help them earn money

online part-time jobs for students

Online tutoring

If you want a break from your studies but don’t mind helping others with theirs, then here’s an option that you can consider. Neither does this require any investments nor too much of your time. In fact, if you have a good phone or laptop for your perusal, then you can conduct online classes for other students.

Firstly, you need to identify the subject you have expertise in. Next, you need to figure out how to start these classes. There are 2 ways by which you can attempt the idea of online tutoring:

  1. Pre-record your sessions and post them on a channel that you can create on a platform like YouTube. This is a great way to earn as the number of subscribers and views will help you earn money from your channel.
  2. Conduct paid online sessions and categorise them on the basis of age groups, grade etc. You can charge an entry fee for your students before you conduct these sessions and only permit the ones who have paid you.

Tutoring is definitely one of the flexible online part-time jobs for students as you can do it at any time and with a little planning you can balance it well. It will also help to have a Google Pay or Paytm account setup so that payments can be managed easily.

Online reselling business

While the word business might sound like a lot of risk, online reselling is a business that involves minimum or no risks. In fact, if you’re tied up with the right portal then you have zero investments to shell out too. The Ecommerce industry is likely to boom more in the coming years so having a business online is definitely an online part-time job for students to consider.

Online reselling gives budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to setup their business. Not just them but stay-at-home moms, professionals, students, new mothers and YOU, can explore this opportunity. So, let us tell you how this works.

  1. You can source products from manufacturers or wholesalers and resell them from a platform that you create on your own
  2. You sign up with an online reselling platform, create your own store and start reselling their products

The second option is definitely more feasible for a student as it involves zero investments. This is especially in the case of a reselling app like Shop101; as it requires zero investments and is also a risk free business model. All one needs to do after creating a store is these 3 things:

  1. Pick the products from the Shop101 product catalog and add it to your store
  2. Share them with your friends and family and on social media
  3. Earn the margins you assign to each of the products you choose

Shop101 also allows its users to create a website for their online store brand. They’re also not looking for any prior work experience so you can start from scratch and move up successfully. Definitely, one of the profitable online part-time jobs for students while studying as it pays on a weekly basis.

Content writing

Of the lot, this is a fairly easy job in terms of the setup and process involved. All you need to do is find clients to work for and projects that pay. The job of a content writer includes quality content, good use of vocabulary, knowledge of grammar and basic understanding of online tools.

As a writer, you can either get paid on a per article basis, per word or per project basis. You can also choose to sign up with some online content writing platforms like iWriter, Freelancer, Fiverr that have a host of clients in need of writers. Most content writing jobs don’t require previous work experience. You can definitely apply to these companies/agencies and figure out a schedule that works for both parties.

How can I earn money online as a student?

As an understudy, you can do a ton of things to bring in cash. I’ve by and by done low maintenance occupations after school or during summer occasions to set aside cash for myself.

Low maintenance occupations at food foundations are extraordinary, you can likewise mentor more youthful understudies on the off chance that you are acceptable at contemplating, you can do little random temp jobs for a cost, for example, shopping for food for somebody, cleaning, and so on

Another extraordinary path for you to acquire is on the web. You can take up outsourcing occupations by joining on sites, for example, Freelancer or Upwork.

You can likewise take a gander at internet exchanging as an approach to bring in cash, particularly in the event that you love online media. Internet exchanging is fundamentally having your own eCommerce store without requiring stock expenses or transportation. Peruse the store, share lists from wholesalers, add your own expense to the cost on the application, and you’re finished. When a deal is made, you will keep the edge you added for yourself.

The most awesome aspect of internet exchanging is that it doesn’t need to be an everyday work, rather you can do it as and when you see fit. With only 2 hours, you can acquire a decent sum.


Students, with all your classes being online during this lockdown, you can definitely spend a little more time and earn money online. There are other online jobs from home that you can explore as well. But these 3 are definitely easy to understand, easy to operate and a quick way of earning money.


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Sunaina, a coffee lover, loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. She's a self proclaimed grammar nazi who loves to make memes in her free time.



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