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Gone are the days when jobs were rigid. Today, jobs are convenient and employee-friendly. You don’t need to spend hours commuting to work. If you aren’t ready to work full-time, you can work part-time. If you want to work with multiple companies, you can freelance. Those who don’t want to go to the office can work from home. While the changes to workplace flexibility have increased, the compensation has increased even more. People get paid in a better way than they did, especially for positions that aren’t full-time. Today, a lot of freelancers, part-timers and contract workers also get great perks. If you’re looking to be gainfully employed but do not want to work full-time, it’s time you start looking for genuine part-time jobs.

Thankfully, there are a lot of part-time jobs available today. Earlier, most part-time jobs required you to work a lot more and didn’t pay enough. But today, the scenario has changed. A lot of jobs have flexible working hours, require you to work for just 3-4 hours daily and pay you pretty well. All you need to do is look for genuine part-time jobs. We will now dive deeper into this and explore various niches that offer a lot of part-time jobs. Many of them also require you to just work online so you can stay at home and earn! So let’s get started and find the best part-time jobs for you. Here are 3 genuine part-time jobs you could consider:

Content writing

Content writing is the need of the hour. Most brands want to go online and want to carve a specific brand identity that helps them connect with their audience. Since they need to communicate this effectively, they need someone who is good with words and can convey the brand message. That’s where content writers come in. As a content writer, you will have to write appealing and impactful content for brands and enterprises. Your flair for writing will enable you to work from home and earn money. As a writer, you can write from anywhere in the world and put in as many hours as you would like. There are tons of part-time content writing jobs available online so you can get started. This is one of the best genuine part-time jobs if you want to start earning.

UI/UX Developer

Since we already spoke about how brands are going online, here’s another way to start earning in the niche. Most brands now want to get into eCommerce and digital marketing and the first step towards doing that is setting up a website. Now the thing with websites is that they can make or break the customer experience, also known as user experience (UX). The job of a UI/UX developer is to decide a user interface and user experience that is convenient, hassle-free and user-friendly. A lot of websites and apps are looking for UI/UX developers and you can easily work part-time in these kind of projects so start applying now!

Online Reselling

One of the most genuine part-time jobs is online reselling and if this is something that interests you, all you need to do is download the Shop101 app and get started. Shop101 is an online reselling app that helps you start an online reselling business from home. Since you get to decide everything here, you can work part-time and earn profits.

All you need to do is download the Shop101 app and make a profile. You will then get to choose from a wide array of products at wholesale prices. You decide what you want to sell and then add your profit margin to it. After that, you can share the products on your social network and whenever a product is sold, you earn a profit. With Shop101, you can earn up to Rs 25,000 each month! How’s that for a part-time job.

As you now know, there are so many genuine part-time jobs for you to pursue online. So what are you waiting for? Start working and start earning!


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