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About us

Liltush is a teeny-weeny venture that was started to spread awareness about how convenient modern cloth diapers can be. Being a mother of a year old girl and exclusively cloth diapering her since the last 10 months, I've never faced a day that I repented my decision. On the contrary, it has made me proud of my decision and how my daughter will grow up to respect sustainability.

As humans we all generate waste. How much of it can be decomposed is all that matters. A single child can generate truck load of non decomposable waste in the first three years. Imagine the landfills. Yes, it is shocking indeed! Here at Liltush, I aim to share the best of sustainable practices that have been tried and tested on my very own guinea pig (she's gonna be mad at me when she grows! ;)). Let's make this world a better place for us and generations to follow :)!

9742062159 mamtha.3687@gmail.com
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