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What is Shop101 Buyer Guarantee in orders paid using Online Payment?
What is ‘Shop101 Buyer Guarantee’ ?
The money is withheld until the product is delivered by the seller and buyer receives an SMS and email, confirming the delivery of the product.
Applicable on stores showing ‘Buyer Protection’ message.
Shop101 Guarantee Period
It is applicable only till 2 days post the buyer receives an SMS and email, confirming the delivery of product.
Buyers need to raise the dispute about undelivered product over email at support@shop101.com. Please note Buyer Protection period cannot exceed 2 working days from order delivery date.
What is not covered?
Product delivered but not happy with quality/product.
Product not delivered because of buyer fault (delivery refused by buyer, buyer address wrong, buyer not present in the address etc.)
Cancellation request after product shipped.
Do’s and Don’ts For Buyers
- Always check the Stores policy before buying.
- Buyers should chat with the seller and clarify all queries related to product and delivery.
- Buyers should take a look at the shop policies to understand how the shop processes payment & delivery.
- Buyer’s dispute will not be accepted if they claim to have not seen shop policies or handling time.
- Buyer should keep all communication with seller on Shop101 chat itself.
- Any dispute requests will not be entertained post expiry of Buyer Protection period and payment will be transferred to the seller.
Dispute Resolution
How can I raise the dispute?
Buyers can mail Shop101 support at support@shop101.com and raise the dispute about non-receipt of order.
How will Shop101 resolve the dispute?
Shop101 will coordinate with seller and give 3 days to seller to either accept or reject the claim.
If seller accepts the claim, payment to be released to the customer with no questions asked.
If seller rejects the claim, buyer needs to submit valid proofs.
Shop101 will then verify the proofs submitted by buyer and accordingly take action within 5 working days of dispute raised date.
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Motorola Spare Battery for GP328 / Gp338 / GP339 / GP329 Radios
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Motorola Spare Battery for GP328 / Gp338 / GP339 / GP329 Radios
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Shop101 buyer protection
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Applicable only on online payment.
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Motorola Spare Battery for GP328 / Gp338 / GP339 / GP329 Radios
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